Hardworking For Hard

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I was getting all dressed up to visit a friend whom I had recently met at a TV/CD friendly club, Her name was Tina, a beautiful crossdresser, that was a complete nymph like me. She loved to dress very slut-like, also like me except she like to wear panties. Now the fact that I’m in a wheelchair and disabled may have something to do with it. Access problems, I like to make sure guys know they can fuck me anywhere anytime. I’m that slut you meet right before the bar closes and some guys will fuck anything at that hour. They really get hard when I whisper in there ear that I don’t wear panties. Tina was going to introduce me to her pimp friend Ray. She had arranged for us to meet a local gay club. I rolled into the bar and Tina was already there dressed in a cute pink mini dress, white nylons a red six inch heels. My outfit a black lacy crotchless body suit and white mini skirt and also red heels. I told her all the whores are wearing red heels tonight. She said they don’t call them pumps for nothin. She told me that she told Ray that I’d fuck him when he got there immediately. Then her cell rang, she could tell it was Ray from the ringtone so she handed it to me, is this the big boss, I answered, I here you want to try me on. Yeah meet me in the parking lot, I’m a block away and what Tina’s told me about you is making me and my buddys rock hard. By the time I was out the door a nice black van was parking, as I rolled up to the side of the van to door opened out jump a big shaved head black with no pants and a huge, at least 10 inch fat cock, I’m Henry and this is my friend Carlos, also pantless, Ray wants us to fuck you while you suck his cock. Henry picked me up outta the wheelchair and laid me down in the van. Before I could say hello to Ray, I was taking turns sucking both there cock, then Henry pulled his dick out of my mouth as spread my legs and started penetratting my will lubed ass with his wet penis. I hadn’t fucked many cocks larger then his but Carlos had my mouth full and by the taste of his pre-cum, was about to explode in my mouth. He was just as big but maybe not as thick. All the sudden I could feel Henry had slowly buried his monster inside and started pumping it in and out and pounding it back in, CARLOS pulled out of my for a second and I yelled FUCKK me, pound thaat cock into me. I heard Ray tell Carlos to get ready to fuck me and then I Saw it, Rays cock was at least 12 inches and so thick. Then as Henry was pounding in and out of my ass, I could feel his huge balls slapping my ass as he drilled his cock into me violenting. I was having my greatest fuck and two more bigger cocks were to follow. I felt an incredible warm sensation as Henry started giving me his load. Two pumps and he pulled out and shot the third load in my face, I was quick enough to gobble the next two loads, the second load i ate made me choke a little since it exploded when his cock was completely down my throat, he pulled out and shot a load on my tits, I tried to cough but Carlos was now starting to stroke me harder and we were both in hard fuck motion. then Rays cock was right over my mouth and I grabbed it with both hands and started sucking him. I could now feel Carlos’s warm cum inside me as he started ejaculating. He kept pounding in and ouut giving me his complete load in my now pulsating manpussy. But couldn’t wait to have Ray inside me. Tina knows I go crazy when she works me with her big dildo’s and vibrators, now i was getting some real flesh rock hard cocks and now Ray was going to make his whore, as he pulled out his whale out of my mouth, my lips stretched around him, he asked if I was ready to be his whore. I’ll do anything and anyone for that cock. Then he me how much he loved nasty sluts. Fifteen minutes later I was being gangbanged by a bunch of guys in the bar. $5.00 a piece til closing time. Finally around 3:30AM Ray fucked me and while he was fucking me all the guys were jackingoff on my face,,,All I can say is now I’M his gangbang party girl and his hardest working whore. He tells me not many of his troupe can take his complete dick inside them not alone eat a complete load.

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