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I knew I was out to get laid it was that simple. What I didn’t know was with whom. I sat quietly near the front of the bar in my skin tight red dress and stilettos, and a red ribbon in my hair. (really a wig) So that was what everyone could see what they couldn’t see was the butt plug deep inside my ass, my matching red lace bra and panties and a lace garter belt that held my red fish net stockings. Truth be known I am attracted to larger men and if he just happens to be on the dominate side even better. As a transvestite I have some parts of both sexes. I have a cock and I have grown breasts. Born a male I crave the sexual action of a woman. My dream would be to be a man’s owned woman and used for his enjoyment. But I have never found such a man.
The local men’s league football team came into the bar all pumped up from a win and they sat at a table made up in an instant for the team. I talked to few as they came up to the bar and went and could see they were married so I did not turn on the sex show. Just as the team was getting ready and the few that were left were leaving one of the team members stood beside me to pay for his drinks. He was a big black man, lots of mussels and no wedding ring.
‘I guess you won’ I said turning towards him and uncrossing my legs then re-crossing them again so my dress would ride up and show some skin above the stocking. He looked at me and smiled.
‘Oh ya, and it was a good game too’ he said. We talked for a bit while the waitress rang his card through the machine. ‘I’m going to buy something to eat, care to join me?’ he offered and I did care. After dinner we had a few drinks and I let it slip that I was submissive but I don’t remember how I did that. He then told me to come back to his place. ‘Let’s go to my place’ he said. We walked up the stairs to the front of his house and into his house. I stood by well he turned on a few lights and returned back to me. He moved close to me, my head reaching his chest, his hand moved under my chin and he rose up my chin and kissed me. In truth I had nowhere to go. Both his hands wrapped around me as we kissed and my legs bent at the knee somewhat wrapping around his leg. He then took hold of my waist and lifted me up off the floor and into his large arms. My arms wrapped around his neck as he carried me up stairs to a bedroom where he laid me down on the bed and moved his hand from under me to up my dress and between my legs. Nervously I opened my legs for him to feel what I had to offer. His large hand moved feeling my cock then around and under my ass and his thumb pressed my butt plug into my ass.
‘Everyone told me I didn’t have a chance with you. You were to hot and I was out of your league, But now I see you have what I want and I have what you want’ he said pulling away to remove his pants. When his pants hot the floor my jaw must have hit it as well when I saw the massive cock he toted around. ‘That’s right you’re going to have it all’ he said undoing my dress and removing it from me. He then removed my panties and the butt plug and my bra. He sucked on my tits making my nipples stick out as he moved his hard cock between my legs. ‘Raise that ass up and take it’ he said and as I did as asked he pushed his hard throbbing cock into my well lubed hole. He was much bigger than I had ever taken before but somehow it felt great. His cock was no less then eighteen inches long. It felt amazing at he pushed his cock in to me and then pulled back. With each thrust it went in further until I was taking the hole thing. I moaned even yelped with each forceful pushed that led deeper but my legs wrapped around his body wanting him to use my ass for his pleasure.
All two hundred and ninety pounds fucked my ass with such force that only made me want more. It was how I imagined fucking a horse would be like and I could only hope his load was a large as his cock. He kissed me and sucked my neck and pinched my nipples all the while he fucked my ass then I could feel him starting to get ready to blow his load. His thurst was bigger, harder, deeper and he pulled harder on my nipples, then I could feel his cock explode and my ass was wet beyond belief as his seed ran out of my ass like a stream down a waterfalls. When he was done he pulled out of my ass and went into the other room telling me not to move. He returned with a collar that also had nipple clamps on and put it on me. The nipple clamps were cold but turned me on and made then erect as he kissed my belly button. After a few drinks I left with a ass full of his seed and the collar and nipple clamps.
A few days later I bought myself another dress that was off the shoulder and I wore the collar and clamps as it made my nipples stick out immensely. With no bra everyone could see what I was wearing in the bar. Once again I put in the plug and sat at the bar, one man quietly asked if I would give him a blow job in the bathroom. I did and was hoping he would have fucked me too but he did not.
The football team came back in but the man who I went home with was not with them. Another big black man started talking to me right away and soon one thing lead to another and we started talking about sex as the place died down. ‘I bet you like to be tied up and fucked roughly’ he said to me. I did not answered but just smiled and said nothing. After a few more drinks he said ‘do you like rough sex. You know fucked hard and used like a whore?’ now the drinks were making me more easy to talk to and the answers came swiftly. ‘I love to be tied down fucked by a bunch of guys who just can’t stop having orgasms” I said. He put his finger under the chain from my collar to my breasts and gave it a slight pull. ‘come on were going to my place’ we left the bar and walked around to the back where he had parked, he grabbed my hair from the back and turned me to face him. ‘The front seat or the trunk? He asked as he popped the trunk. He moved me to the back of his car and pulled my dress down to the ground. Both my hands hung onto his arms, he then tore my panties off me and pushed me into the trunk and closed it. We drove for a bit and I could hear the garage door closing when the trunk opened he had rope and tied my hands together and pinched my nipples along the way. He removed my butt plug by simply pulling it out without any concerns for pain. He dragged me into the house and tied me to a kitchen chair so my feet were spread apart and my hands were reaching for the floor over the chair.
He tied my hair so my head was facing upwards then he showed me his large dildo he had and pushed it into my ass. He then began spanking my ass and with each hit pushed the dildo in deeper. He then made me suck his cock hard and he too was large as he gagged my throat with his cock. After he came shooting his large load into my mouth and pulling my hair making me swallow his load he moved around me and started fucking my ass after removing his dildo. His hands pulled on the nipple clamps I was wearing. When one came off he reach around and pulled on it with great force making me yell out in pain.
‘Oh I am just starting with you babe’ he said and pushed his hard cock deep into my ass, when this did not get a reaction from me he began fucking my ass hard and deep. He stopped and pushed in a hose and forced water into my ass, enough I could feel I was full, and then he pulled the tube out and forced his hard cock back into my ass. With each fuck I was over filled and pre-cum started to seep out of my cock. He would fuck my ass over and over and every time he would cum it was shot all over my face and hair until I could not even open my eyes from all the cum.
‘Whores should look like whores’ he said attaching weights onto my nipples and stretched them. ‘whore should have big nipples for real men to suck on them’ he stated. He began to play with my cock getting it hard and the water played inside my ass; I could not hold both and shot a load all over his hand and water all over the floor. After that I was tied with my wrists to my ankles and hanging from the ceiling. My legs spread far apart as he fuck my ass time and time again. I could not open my eyes for all the cum and when I heard others come into the room and fuck me I didn’t know whether to be aroused or ashamed. As man after man fucked my ass and left load after load inside my ass they filled my ass full of seed. Then a gas mask was put onto my head and a tube placed into my mouth. The mask was so tight I could not open my mouth. The other end of the tube was placed into my ass. ‘When you finish swallowing all the cum from your ass I will give you a gift and let you go home but for every hour you do not finish empting your ass I will fill it some more. As I hung there I could feel him shoot his cum onto my face as the eyes holes were missing. I swallowed every last drop and he licked my ass then untied me and gave me a towel. He gave me ear rings one said ‘whore’ the other said ‘willing’ and they matched the collar and chains. Before I was to leave he made me suck his cock untied unforced. My ass was sore but I wanted him to fuck me one last time so I hiked my dress and slid myself onto his hard cock and made him cum again inside my willing ass.

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