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One thing I like to do is apply for sexy jobs all dressed up. I’ve noticed That once I tell them that i’m extremly qualifed in my dictation skills and a long list of referrals. Before I fill out the application i asked if i could demonstrate. I advise them all I NEED is their hard dick in my mouth. All my previous employers said that when i suck their cocks it relaxes them and then i suggested I could also fuck them if that helped. They always thought that was a good idea. I learned how to multi- task with them.

will I was all dressed up black lacy waist chincher, garter belt and black, lacy nylons, no panties, mini skirt and I went in office of porno production to apply for a cd porno film. After filling out the aplication, I was called for an interview, I went in a said they were doing scene and needed a cd who is willing to gangbang and bukakke, i said i’d love the job and thought I should fuck the boss and then film . I got a lot more then the job and gave a bunch of jobs.

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