Lust 2

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When I opened my eyes this morning, the first thing I did was grin with anticipation. I didn’t have to worry about the man next to me seeing my grin–he was still securely blindfolded, as I had left him the night before. He was also still dressed in the darling outfit– the silk shirt (now rather wrinkled), skirt, and even the garter belt, stockings and panties I had put him in for the first time last night. I figured that by now the whole situation must be driving him wild. I had plans for today. There was something else he was going to have to do for me before I would allow him to release all that built-up tension. For now, I would enjoy watching him struggle with his unfulfilled desires as much as the fulfilled ones. After all, it had been his desire to be dressed up and tied to my bed that led him to his current state, wanting so much to have a chance to release his pent-up libido.
As I got out of bed, he twisted as far as his restraints would allow, trying to follow me despite being unable to see or move very much. I schooled my expression into something more stern than the little grin which kept trying to show through, and removed his blindfold and called out cheerfully–and a bit cruelly, I admit, “Good morning! Sleep well?”

The look he gave me said that he knew that I knew he hadn’t slept a wink, wiggling around in bed, full of desire and emotion. But all he said was, “No, Mistress.”

After a moment, he smiled slightly and added, “Thank you, Mistress.”

I reached out and released his wrists. “Better get up and fix me breakfast. I have plans for an interesting day.”

He swallowed and, trying to hide his disappointment at getting out of bed–he had clearly hoped that my plans for the day would start off by allowing him some relief–he headed towards the kitchen, then paused and turned to ask me what I wanted for breakfast.

“Make me a chocolate mint latte–and don’t forget the whipped creme. I don’t really care what you prepare to go with it. Eggs, perhaps.”

While he was busy with breakfast, I grabbed his overnight bag and selected some clothes from it, and some from my closet for him to wear. I showered and got ready for the day myself, emerging to find breakfast laid out on the table waiting for me. Next to the table, my rather rumpled girl knelt, holding my latte on a saucer. Smiling, I took the latte and indicated that she was to sit and eat with me. She had taken my suggestion of eggs and created an omelet. I nodded to myself, pleased that she could take an instruction and elaborate on it to please me.

Over breakfast, I told her that we would be going out for a bit, so she needed to shower and put on the clothes which I had laid out for her on the bed. After she had cleared off the breakfast dishes, and was starting towards the shower, I pursed my lips and called her back. At once, she came and kneeled before me. She looked up at me, a little confused and scared, afraid that she had done something wrong. I ran my hand reassuringly along her cheek. “Before you go, let me remove the ribbon I tied on you last night. You should not ever remove that yourself. Stand up and turn around. And take off your panties.”

She stood and turned, pulling her lace panties down, allowing me access to until the silken cord I had attached to her garter belt. I pulled the cord down between her legs and unwound it, allowing her penis to once again flop about in a most indelicate manner. Indeed per penis, responding either to the sudden freedom, or to having her panties down around her ankles, seemed to be getting more alert by the moment. I swatted her gently and sent her off to shower.

After a brief moment, I joined her in the bathroom to keep an eye on her. I have no doubts about her devotion, but she is far from fully trained and I would hate for her to have a lapse and release all the tension I was trying so hard to build up.

I took Tina along with me, shopping for more clothes which she could wear. For the most part, I allowed her to pretend I was shopping for myself. At a few stores, I left her outside and went in alone, allowing her to wonder what I was buying. Some of the purchases where relatively harmless, but there was one in particular which I wanted to surprise her with later.

At the last store, a leather store which carries a lot of fetish clothing, I left her outside at first, then came out and got her, “I have something which I need for you to try on this time. I have to make sure it will fit right.”

Her eyes got wide, but she came along. This wasn’t a cheesy mall store and these people had undoubtedly seen it all before. Still, when I handed her the leather skirt and indicated a dressing room, she gave me a pleading look. I frowned at her silently and she sighed and went to try it on. I glanced over towards the counter. The store was mostly deserted and the man behind the counter looked only slightly amused.

After a moment she called out that it seemed to fit.

“Well, come on out and let me have a look, then.”

There was a brief pause before the door slowly opened and she emerged about half a step.

“Further than that! I want to see you walk.”

Reluctantly, she moved out a few steps.

The skirt I had her modeling was a tight leather number which came down to mid-calf. There was a slit all the way up each side with a series of buckles, making it fully adjustable. I tightened some of the buckles and told her to take a few more steps. She did so, this time being forced to take tiny steps with her thighs held tightly together, almost loosing her balance once. I grinned.

“Perfect. We’ll take it.”

When we returned from our shopping trip, I decided to set a precedent immediately, “Take off your male clothes and give them to me.”

I took the male clothing and, putting it with the other clothing in his overnight bag, put it all in the back of the closet and locked it, “From now on, when we are here along you will not have access to any male clothing until I release you from my presence.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

Going into my bedroom, began unwrapping all my purchases, setting some of them out for this evening, storing others away for later events. As I opened everything I tossed paper and packaging freely about. Tina looked at me dubiously, knowing that this was hardly my usual neat style. I didn’t give her a chance to ask anything, though. As soon as I had finished I turned to her, “All right, I want you to strip completely.”

As I watched, she ran her hands over the cute little panties, then reluctantly pulled everything off.

I handed her some crotchless pantyhose and ordered her to put them on. I could tell she would have preferred the garter belt ensemble, but she obeyed readily.

Next, I took a length of pink silken cord that I had picked up at a fabric store and stood in front of her, wrapping it around her waist and tying it in front. I grinned in anticipation. I walked around her and she started to turn to watch.

“Stop that! Eyes front.”

She stood rigidly–in more ways than one, I noticed, as her poor clit stirred to life again.

I scooped up a bottle of lube and a brand new butt plug. Lean forward, and spread your legs a bit.

I heard her take a deep breath as she followed these instructions. I put some lube on one fingertip and reached down, rubbing her virgin ass. She moaned softly. I worked the tip of my finger inside her and moved it around in a circular motion, relaxing the tight muscles. When I judged she was relaxed enough, I took the flexible little plug and, rubbing a bit more lube on it, forced it all the way in with one quick stroke.

Tina gave a choked gasp as I slid it in.

I held it in place with my knee while I reached around her and grabbed the trailing ends of the silk cord. I ran these straight down and tied them together in a kn
ot which fell right where the end of the butt plug was. I then brought them up and tied the ends as tightly as possible to the cord
around her waist.

Stepping back, I admired my handiwork.


“Thank you, Mistress.”

Tina seemed to be having some trouble speaking without her voice breaking.

I picked up the cord which I had used last night to restrain her little clit and again wrapped it and pulled her back, this time carefully tugging on her scrotum so that one of her balls poked forward on either side of her pulled-back clit, forming the semblance of labia. I tied this cord to the band around her waist, too.

Next, I picked up the leather skirt which had been our final purchase and pulled it over her head, tugging it into place and again tightening the buckles down so that her thighs were forced tightly together.

I put a little padded “A” cup bra on her and stuffed it to give her just a hint of breasts.

“You will have a chance to grow and fill out later,” I said with a wink.

Over this, I added a darling little ivory knit shirt which clung to her new curves.

I admit, I was rather in a hurry to get her dressed and get on to what I had planned, so I skimped a bit on her make-up, doing a quick base and some bright red lipstick.

Stepping back, I regarded my creation with an evil grin.

“Now you may pick up this room. Take each piece of wrapping paper, plastic, box, and bag individually to the kitchen and throw them away.”

She looked around and swallowed hard. Each tentative little step she took forced the butt plug to move in and out slightly, and tugged on her tightly bound clit. Her inability to part her thighs at all kept her from having any relief from either of these tortures. Since I had thrown most of the packing materials on the floor, she also had to bend over or somehow kneel and I knew that any attempt to do so would drive the butt plug even further inside her.

Oh, and pour me a glass of wine while you are in the kitchen, won’t you, Tina?”

“Yes, Mistress,” she said. Her voice had definitely gone up in pitch, but I don’t think she was aware of how much her tone revealed of her deep submissivesness, her simultaneous desire to please and even to feel the torture I had just imposed, while at the same time she dreaded it.

“Such a good girl,” I purred.

I curled up on the bed to watch.

The highlight, as far as I was concerned was the look on Tina’s face when she tried to pick up the first of the pieces of paper on the floor. I almost choked on my wine.

Finally, after seventeen carefully minced trips back and forth, she was finished. With a sigh of relief, she stood carefully in front of me, her eyes pointed downward. I lifted one bare foot and ran it up her leg, along her skirt, and rested it on her tightly bound genitals. Even through the leather I imagined I could feel her pulsing with heat.

“You have been a very good girl today, Tina. I am proud of you. I know you must be so frustrated, being all dressed up and looking so cute and not having had any chance for relief at all.”

A hopeful, almost pleading look crossed her face, and she started to raise her eyes, but caught herself and kept them pointed downward and whispered, “Yes, Mistress.”

Amusement flitted over my face, “Such a slutty little girl, aren’t you?”

“Oh, yes, Mistress!”

“You want a chance to…release some of your tension, girl?”

“Oh, yes, Mistress!”

I smirked.

“Have a seat on the bed, Tina. I must prepare myself.”

Tina looked at the bed as though it was her sworn enemy, but carefully settled herself on the edge, emitting a stifled sound that I could not quite classify in the process.

Picking up one of the purchases Tina hadn’t seen, the one I had been thinking about all day, I headed into the bathroom. When I emerged a few minutes later, I was wearing nothing but my new, 7″ long strap-on. Tina gave me a startled, wide-eyed look.



She paused, warring with herself, trying to find some way to object to this turn of events without compromising the relief I had alluded to.

Finally she said, “It’s awfully large, Mistress.”

I smiled with no hint of compassion, “I don’t recall you being too concerned about that when you were on the other end.”

Tina gulped, obviously remembering very clearly the time about a month ago when she had suggested that I might allow her to penetrate my ass…and the dildo I currently wore was only a tad bit larger than her natural equipment.

“Yes, Mistress.”

She looked as though she was thinking about bolting, but in her current state I didn’t think she would get too far.

I walked over to her, feeling the unaccustomed bobbing in front of me.

“Kiss it.”

She looked at me for a long moment. I didn’t remind her to keep her eyes down, because I was enjoying the look she gave me far too much. She leaned down and kissed the end of my new shaft lightly, still looking up at me, then she took the head in her mouth and suckled gently. Looking at her mouth wrapped around my strap-on, and seeing the desire in her eyes, I nearly moaned myself.

I pushed her back onto the bed and unbuckled her skirt most of the way up. I reached underneath her and untied both knots, releasing the butt plug and her slit, which promptly sprang forward, straining vainly to touch something. I threw the cords aside and grabbed the bottle of lube. Looking into her eyes, I poured some in my hand and rubbed it up and down the shaft of my strap-on.

I hooked my elbows under her knees, lifting them up and spreading them to give me access to her ass. I moved forward till the tip of my 7 inches rested lightly against her puckered hole. I wiggled it around there for a moment, teasing her. With a deep moan, she wiggled around, though it was hard to tell if she was trying to avoid the tip or capture it.

I reached down and guided just the head into her ass, then stopped for a moment and held still. It was too much for Tina, who frantically tried to force her ass further onto the shaft, taking more of me inside. Slowly, frustrating her and filling her at the same time, I slid bit by bit into her, sliding 6 of my 7 inches inside before slowly pulling back out.

Tina whimpered and tried to moan at the same time. I slid back into her, faster this time, stopping at the same point, “Do you like this, Tina? Do you like getting fucked?”

“Oh, yes, Mistress!”

“Are you a little slut, girl?”

She gasped as I slid out and back in again, picking up a bit more speed.

“Mistress, yes, I’m your little slut-girl, Mistress!”

I started moving steadily in and out, pumping 6 of my 7 inches into her over and over. As I did so, I reached my hand forward and wrapped it around her hot little clit. I squeezed, then slowly ran my hand up and down her shaft. After a moment, I got a rhythm going where I pulled down on her clit as I pushed into her, and pushed my hand up to the top of her clit as I pulled out.

“How does it feel to get fucked, girl?”

“Ohh, thank you, Mistress! I’m such a slut, Mistress!”

“If you cum in my hand, you are going to have to eat it, girl. Do you want to lick up your own cum?”

“Please, Mistress, please let me lick up my slutty cum, Mistress!”

I took my hand off of her and held it to her face, dripping with pre-cum.

“Do you see what a slut you are, girl?”

Tina moaned and licked my hand clean, “Thank you, my Mistress.”

I resumed pumping up and down and in and out, building steadily.

Tina groaned, “Mistress, may I cum, please, Mistress?”

I grinned fiercely, “Yes, girl, cum on my hand and lick it up, you slut!”

With that, I pushed forward all the way into her, forcing the last inch further up inside her than I had eve
r penetrated before. Tina writhed helplessly beneath me as she exploded into in my palm, “Thank you, Mistress! Ohhh…”

For a few seconds, I let her lay there panting, as I slowly pulled out of her, then I lifted my hand to her. Loo
king into my eyes, she tentatively licked at it, then sucked my hand clean, licking between my fingers to get every drop.

“You are My property now, understand, Tina?”

“Ohh yes, Mistress. Thank you, Mistress,” she murmured in a tired and contended voice.

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