Male nurse needed for construction worker

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I had never worked in health care but a nurse friend of mine asked me if I would care for a man who needed some minor help full time. I was out of work and needed a job so I accepted. I arrived at the man’s house at eight in the morning as required to find that he had a bad back due to a work accident. Mr. Johnson was fifty years of age a little over weight and muscular since he worked in construction all his life. The job was easy to start a few odd jobs around the house vacuum, dust, change the bed that type of stuff. Mr. Johnson asked for a male person to help as he said he was shy about exposing himself to women.
My next job was to bath Mr. Johnson; I got him into the bathroom and helped remove his clothing. The first thing I noticed was he wasn’t helping at all! After removing his pants and underwear I could see he was well endowed. I got him into the bath and started washing him still with little help from him. As I started to wash his legs he spread them apart and said ‘Don’t forget my cock and balls’ I looked at him and replied. ‘I think you can do that’. After a few sorry attempts on his part he asked me to do it. I lathered the cloth and started washing his cock as it grew hard in my hands and he moaned at my touch, I moved quickly to his balls and he moaned even more. He then proceeded to rolled over and had me wash the rest of his back and ass.
After I finished washing him I had to lift him out of the tub and I could see why a man was needed for this task. Baring his full weight I lifted him up and out of the tub. I now understood why he needed help as he could not use his lower back mussels anymore. As I was drying Mr. Johnson off and got down to his legs he pushed his cock into my face. I looked up and could see his hard cock proudly standing before me. I toweled it off and cupped his balls as I did so just so he knew that I knew what he was doing and two could play this game.
I got Mr. Johnson back to his wheel chair and made lunch for him. As night came and so my shift was to end I dressed him into his pajamas and got him into bed. Mr. Johnson patted my ass as I turned to leave. ‘You know’ he started to say as I turned to hear what he was about to say. ‘I asked for a gay male nurse hoping to get a little something extra in the deal’ he said. “Only time will tell’ I answered back and left for the night.
Over the next few weeks Dale (Mr. Johnson) and I became closer, even having me give him a hand job at one time. Then after all this time my uniform finally arrived from the nurse’s office. It was a light blue dress with white stockings. I laughed at it as Dale and I unpacked the box of supplies. ‘Wear it for me’ Dale asked me. Now I knew Dale was gay but I was trying desperately not to show him that I was too. Trying hard to keep my distance like a professional would, but every time I saw his cock it grew weak and now the dress. I told him I needed my job and what if someone came to see him from the nurse’s office and he argued that they always called ahead which was true. That night as I was putting him to bed he grabbed my ass and as I turned around he started rubbing my crotch. ‘You know I have enough insurance that I won’t need the nurse’s office to help me, I could hire you full time and give you a large pay raise too’ he said still rubbing my crotch.
My cock got the best of me. ‘How much?’ I asked.
‘Oh I will make it worth it if you do everything I ask’
‘Like?’ I continued asked.
‘You dress the way I want fuck the way I like and I will even leave everything I own to you when I die’ he said now rubbing his pumping his own cock. I looked down at his gorgeous cock.
‘I will give you my answer in the morning’ I said hoping my head would clear before I answered. All night I kept thinking about his hard cock and being able to wear a dress to work would be more of a bonus than anyone could imagine. Letting my sexual feelings lead me I showed up to work in full drag.
‘WOW’ Mr. Johnson said as I walked thru the door. I was wearing a short skirt with garters and stocking and a white top sheer enough that you could see my bra under it.
I walked up to Dale and asked ‘is this the uniform you want me to wear? Dales hand was under my skirt so fast and his finger pushing deep into my ass, now he had me moaning. He had me get his hard cock out of his pants and start sucking on it. It was something I had wanted to do all along. His hands rested on my head pushing my head down on his cock, until he exploded in my mouth. He let out a huge moan.
‘Oh that’s what I wanted to do since I met you’ he said. After that day we had sex twice a day for years and I became known as Mrs. Johnson. With all the sex his back slowly got better but not enough for him to go back to work. Eventually I moved in and even slept in the same bed as him. I could not get enough of his hard cock. It was larger than average and shot a good load each time, but I just could not get enough. He bought me everything lingerie, dresses, wigs, and lots of shoes. Until one day I got a phone call Dales friends who he worked with were all suffering with severe back problems and the company had arranged to have them all in one place. Like a apartment building that has all injured people in it, and they wanted Dale to go there as well and Dale thought it to be a good idea.
Dale and I went to visit the place. There was no nurses, no doctors, just a building with men who had a hard time getting around. After meeting me and Dale telling them who I was they all wanted me to stay with them and fulfill their needs as well. Dale loved the idea as I stood beside Dale his hand up my skirt grasping my ass, we agreed.
We moved in and I went from apartment to apartment helping each or the men soon they wanted what Dale was getting and Dale ordered me to give them the full treatment. Now I am having sex ten and eleven times a day, even in the hallways. Everyone pays me to help around the place as well so I make about thirty thousand dollars a month and all the sex I can have.

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