my frist time

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My story is 100% true, I have been wanting to touch a big penis for a long time, im addicted to looking and watching guys play with there’s on web cam. One day I decided to search for a nice big cock on facebook, when I came across a tranny. She was black but not too dark, long black hair, and had sexy pictures posted on facebook, she was very popular in the gay community as she did drag shows and traveled to many different cities. I loved chatting with her it turned me on but because it was my first time ever doing anything with someone with a penis I was very shy and unsure if I wanted to go through with it.

It was christmas day and I went to visit family, having a great time drinking and having fun. I came back home around 930 and was feeling horny. I decided to send her a message and see if she would want to hang out and see what happens. She answered the phone and I went down to her apartment, it was about 15 minutes from my house but I didn’t mind, Before going up I was quite nervous so I decided to smack a line of coke before I went up to see her. I find that when I do drugs that I become to have gay thoughts and enjoy viewing guys stroke it.

As I went to the 12th floor and knocked on the door I didn’t know what to expect. She opened the door wearing nice tight jeans showing her bulge. We sat on the couch and had a couple glasses of wine, I was feeling more relaxed then when I first entered her apartment. I asked her if she wanted to hit a line with me, and she said no, so I decided to hit a big line by myself. When I was finished she started to compliment me ” your so hot” ” ” your very muscular” she was starting to look even hotter and my gay instincts were starting to kick in.

We moved into her bedroom, it was dark and there was a big bed, she started kissing me, she was soo hot it turned me on, i started to rub her bulge, She said ” get on your knees and suck my big black cock” So I did as I was told, I went on my knees and undid her zipper, out popped a huge black cock, I asked ” how big is it” and she responded with ” 9 inches and she said roughly 4.5 inches thick” I was stunned in amazement by how beautiful her cock was, I started to get hard. She laid on the bed and told me to suck on her nipples as I was told. I was stroking her big black cock, but just a little too rough she told me to be more gentle. I worked my way back down to her cock, It was the first time I have ever touched and sucked a cock, It was pretty fun, I was gagging and i was only going half way down her shaft. I was getting her cock wet with my saliva and she was loving every minute of it, I was now hard and i was lying on top of her both our cocks hard touching each other making out. I asked her if I could do a line off of her huge cock she said yes, it was always a fantasy of mine to do this, I did a huge line off her cock and then continued to suck her cock gagging and getting watery eyes.

She told me to get on all fours on the bed and I did as I was told with my ass in the air , she left the room and came back with a condom and some lubrication. She started to finger my ass and he felt good, she said ” she asked me if it was my first time” and i said “yes” she told me that it will hurt, and that it will slowly feel better. She shoved her big cock into my ass, I screamed in pain as it hurt so much. ” you like that bitch” she said as she aggressively fucked my whole spanking my ass. She slowed down her pace and it started to feel better, She then had me lye down on the bed as she lifted my legs in the air and began to fuck me again, It felt sooo good and I was stroking my cock at the same time ” You going to cum soon baby” she said , I felt myself about to blow, she said it was fine if I did, I blow a huge load on my chest, she continued to screw my tight ass, it still hurt but not as much, she really stretched my hole. I then climbed up onto her cock and started to ride it driving her cock deep into my ass. she asked me where I wanted her cum, and I told her in my mouth, I went on my knees, and she blew a huge load on my face and in my mouth, it was warm and didn’t taste bad, I actually enjoyed it, We lied around for a bit, then we called it a night and I went home, I never saw or talked to her again, I walked funny for a couple days but it was worth it, I often dream of her big fat cock.

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