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The next morning i got up early showerd shaved and got ready, My Master would be by. My ass still very sore from the punishment i got the night before. I wasnt sure what Master had in mind for me. I went out front to grab the paper, their was a bag there also i picked it up and brought it inside before anyone could see me. I opened the bag and there was the leather choker and the wrist and ankle restraints, and the ball gag. The note read i will be there at eight my slave will be waiting as she was last night.
I finished getting ready, the final touches were the restraints the choker and ball gag. I kneeled in front of the couch and waited, Master was right on time. He set his bag down and pulled out these matching leather straps, he hooked them to my wrist cuffs, then hooking my left wrist to my right ankle, and the same thing on the others, so my hands were now bound. He lifted my skirt and pulled my panties to the side, spreading lube into my man pussy, and inserted a large butt plug. Keep that in place slut. He stood in front of me unzipping his pants, his large cock falling out, pulling my ball gag out of my mouth, he sat down, Now get to work slut. I did as told taking my Masters cock into my mouth sucking him down, trying to please him, in fear of one of his punishments. My heart raced as my clit grew in my silk panties, i so hated this man yet loved the way he treated me. Like he owned me, and i knew he would do what ever he wanted to me, because of it. I never relized how much this turned me on.
As i sucked Masters cock he told me i would be cleaning his house once a week, and that i would dress as a french maid. I would also be entertaining the lawn boy. Oh god i thought i know that boy, he is like twenty and lives around the corner. Master then pulled his cock from me, placed the ball gag back into my open mouth. He untied the straps, I was told to bend over the coffee table ass up. My butt plug was removed, and Master used a paddle on my sore ass. I was then told as Master sat down to bring my slutty ass over and ride his cock. I did as told, his hard cock slipping into my open lubed ass. I tried to scream but it was just muffled by the gag. I loved fucking him, god his cock felt great and the names he called me as i fucked him turned me on so much. I was then orderd to rub my clit till i came and i was to cum on Masters cock. I rubed my clit till i spurtedmy hot cum all over Masters cock. He smiled and then said well slut see the mess you have made.Clean it up with your tongue. Yes Master is all i could say once he removed the ball gag. There i was in my own living room licking my cum off my neighbors cock, then taking him into my mouth till he exploded all over my face…
I will need you Friday night slut i have big plans for you.

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