My Secret Life

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After placing an ad on an internet web site,I received numerous responses.Some didn’t really appeal to me,but a few turned me on.I prefer those that are genuinely receptive to what I am into and are intersted in me as I am.I relate myself as I really am with intent to be deceptive about my appearance.I am a non-passable crossdresser.Only, I prefer to refer to this as dressing up.After corresponding with Gene for a couple of weeks,we agreed to meet at a service center parking area one saturday night.The only problem was I forgot to ask what sort of truck he drives.So,when a white pick up pulled in beside my van,I was very nervous as to whether it was him or someone else.I made that mistake once before.Well,twice really.Anyway,after sometime of glancing over occassionally,I caught sight of him stroking his cock.Which was the method I chose to know he was who I was to meet.It also turned me on as when I see a cock,I want to suck it.I then stepped out dressed up,opened his passenger door and got in with him.We chatted for a bit until I could not resist leaning over and down to suck his cock.He related to me that he has never ever cum in a persons mouth.Meaning that females would always do something that prevented him from cumming in their (or her)mouth.Well,for me,I enjoy sucking cock and what I related in the e-mail messages to him seemed to make him feel I would be able to bring him off in my mouth.We had agreed he was to tell me what felt good and what might not.He moaned and groaned alot,telling me that feels good and to keep going or sucking him.I admit that after slurping and sucking his cock for some time that my jaw began to ache and I had to stop sucking his cock.Only I licked around the tip,up and down the sides fluttering my tongue in a teasing way.He tried to get into my panty’s a couple of times,only he was not very successful.I had related to him that I sometimes like to take a cock up my hole.Only,if a person eases their hand over my behind,slowly pulls up my skirt, slips his hand down into the back of my panty’s,rubs my hole in a gentle way that feels good.Then slowly eases a finger into me and gently finger fucks me in a way that turns me on to wanting more than his finger in my hole.I must admit that I really enjoyed sucking his cock and have fantasized many times of taking his cock in my hole.
Once the ache in my jaw went away,I was back bobbing my head up and down,slurping and sucking on his cock.After sometime he asked me if I wanted him to cum.With my mouth full of his delicious and lovely cock,all I could do was to mumble an mmph hmmph and nod my head up and down a bit to indicate YES ! A short time later I felt his cock throb and pulse in my mouth.A bit of his cum oozed into my mouth as he started to thrust in and out of my mouth. I began to bob,suck and stroke his cock more vigorously. Followed by his cock erupting and squirting his cum into my eager sucking mouth.I gulped and swallowed each burst of his cum as it shot out of his cock.As the flow subsided,I slowed my sucking motions to a more gentle and slow sucking,alternating with licking around the head of his cock.This made him jump a little and he told me it sort of tickled when I did that.I was and am very pleased that I was the first to make him cum in my mouth.Time was a bit short that night,as he had to work the next morning.Otherwise I would have wanted to suck him off again.I was hopefull that he would bring his digital camera and take a few photographs of me,as I related to him that I would pose in any way that he would want.The picnic area of the service center was not open at the time,which would have made for a more secluded spot or place for me to pose.The next time we meet I am looking forward to posing for him and sucking his cock again and more than once.

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