My Summer Vacation

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My Summer Vacation

It was my wife Jane’s turn to pick our vacation spot and make all the arrangements. She chose to rent a cabin by a serene lake in the mountains since we had gone to the seashore the previous year. It was a quiet lake colony with eight secluded cabins and a general/liquor store within walking distance.
On arrival she said, “Mario, why don’t you go to the store and get some vodka and ice and some tonic. I can unload the trunk of the car.” When I returned it was already nightfall and we sat near the lake having a drink when she said, ” You know, honey, there is something I have been meaning to discuss with you.” I thought, “Oh no, this is going to ruin our vacation.” I was wrong.
She continued, ” I know all about your secret hobby. I was hurt that you hadn’t shared it with me and have been wondering what to say to you.” I acted puzzled when she forged ahead. “You are a sissy transvestite. I found out about 2 months ago when you went on that business trip. I used your car and when I got a flat tire a nice guy stopped to help me and I found the little gym bag under the spare tire. You know what I’m talking about. the one with all your lingerie and stockings and make-up.”
I was shocked speechless. She went on, “It’s ok honey. I was initially upset but, thinking it over, it’s fine with me. If you like it you may continue to dress up and it’s fine with me. You don’t have to hide. In fact, I brought the little bag. It’s in the bedroom. Why don’t you go get dressed now. I’m dying to see how you look.” She gave me a big kiss and started re-filling our drinks.
When I came out I was wearing my hottest red dress, spike heels, wig and makeup.
“Oh my!” she exclaimed. “You really look like a girl. Sexy and attractive. I have a surprise for you.” She gave me a little box which I opened to find a gold ankle bracelet and gold ear rings. “They are just going to look so darling on you,” she said. “Let me help you with the anklet. There, very cute, but I really think you should wear pantyhose because it gets chilly out here in the mountains.” I went inside and put on my sheerest black pantyhose and came back outside to the lakeside where she was waiting. We sat there under the stars drinking vodka and chatting. She started to caress my thigh and worked her way up to my throbbing cock. Rubbing the front of my pantyhose with her hand she kept telling me how sexy I looked until I finally came.
The next day we swam in the morning and then she told me she was going to drive into town and buy some groceries and shop. When she returned around 5pm she was carrying shopping bags and I knew she done some serious shopping. “Honey, they were having a sale. Look what I bought.” She showed me two new dresses. One was blue and the other black. “The black one is for you Mario. I can’t wait to see you try it on.” So we went inside and got dressed up together like two girls. “You look fabulous. I’m going to fix your makeup real nice. Glamour makeup for my pretty sissy girl.” When she was done I looked hot enough to fuck and she said, “I can’t call you Mario looking like that. I’m going to call you Marianne.” I’m sure I was blushing. I suggested drinks and we retired to the lakeside to have our cocktails. As we sat there a car entered the cabin colony and drove by to one of the other cabins about two hundred yards away. Two guys, obviously fisherman, began unloading their gear for the weekend. We continued enjoying our drinks.
I was thoroughly enjoying myself crossing my nylon-clad legs in my new dress in front of my understanding wife. That’s when the biggest surprise of all came.
She said, “Marianne, I also have a secret I need to confess to you. I hope you won’t be angry.” I replied, “Of course not.” How could I be angry after all that had transpired in the last day?
She dropped a bomb, “I have been having an affair. One of those guys who just pulled up at the other cabin is my boyfriend. I have been sleeping with him for about 2 months. Since the day he changed my flat tire.” I was flabbergasted and said, “How could you?” when she interrupted in a starkly different tone, “C’mon Marianne, you can’t expect me, a heterosexual woman with desires, to resign myself to the fact that you are a lingerie-wearing secret sissy. I needed a real man to satisfy me. The thought of you in high heels just didn’t cut it for me anymore. Now, seeing you all dolled-up looking like a sexy chick with lipstick and ear rings is fun but it’s not a sexual turn-on. I’m not a lesbian, you know.”
I didn’t know what to say so I just listened as she went on. “His name is Chuck. He knows you are a tranny. Don’t worry he is very discreet and won’t embarass you. It can be our secret.”
I got up and went inside the cabin leaving her outside while I pondered the situation.
It didn’t take long for her to come into the cabin followed by Chuck. “Marianne, this is Chuck. Chuck, meet my husband Marianne.” Chuck extended his hand to me and said, “It’s a pleasure to finally meet you.”
We sat down and Jane asked me to make a drink for Chuck, which I did. When I returned from the kitchen I was taken aback considerably. Chuck was naked and Jane was sitting on his lap. “Marianne, this is going to be the best vacation we ever had. Chuck here is a real man.” As she fondled his cock she said, “and this is a real cock, not like your little piece. I just love this cock. It drives me crazy makes me go wild. I love it and you should too since Chuck is taking care of your husbandly duties by giving me such satisfaction. C’mon over here. You’re going to be our little Preppie.” “What’s a Preppie?” I asked. Jane replied, “You’re going to take care of preparations for us.” With that she lifted her skirt. She was wearing no panties. “I want you to lick my pussy and get me hot and aroused.” I knelt down in front of them, being very careful not to run my nylons and began licking her pussy. She began to moan a bit. “Marianne, I want you now to kiss Chuck’s cock, lick it and suck it until it’s nice and hard for me, but don’t make him come or I will have him spank you.” I never sucked a cock before but began doing as Jane directed. Chuck was enjoying the scene and said, “Oh Marianne, you suck just like a woman!” Jane added, “Honey, I never knew you were a cock sucker but I’m really glad you are. I think Chuck is very hot now. I think you have prepped him enough. I don’t want him coming in your mouth.” With that she pulled my head away from Chuck’s cock and straddled him.
She was bouncing up and down on his cock and moaning, “Chuck, fuck me. Fuck me good. I love it ooh.” At that point she told me to go outside and leave them alone.
A while later, Chuck left and went back to his cabin, giving me a slap on the ass as he passed by. When I went into the cabin Jane was still on the bed spreadeagled and said, “Marianne, why don’t you come here next to me and lick my pussy. That way you can find out what a real man’s love juice tastes like.” As I licked her wet pussy tasting Chuck’s cream, Jane said, “You are such a sissy and a cock sucker too. This is so fun. This is going to be the best vacation we ever had.” We still had the cabin for five more days.

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