My Summer Vacation Part 2

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I awoke the next morning to the smell of coffee. Jane was not in the cabin but there was a note on the table. It said,

Honey, There’s fresh coffee on the stove. I promised Chuck that I would go fishing with him and his friend. I should be back around one. When I return I want to thank you for being so understanding about Chuck. You were really a good sport last night. Why don’t you go out on the deck and take some sun. I left some real pretty nail polish on the table. It dries quickly in the sun. Why don’t you wear the new black dress (with appropriate lingerie and make-up, of course) and we can spend some fun time together this afternoon. kisses Jane.

After reading this I couldn’t wait for her to return. I poured some coffee and sat down at the table to drink it when I noticed the little bottle of nail polish, a bright pinkish red. As I sipped the coffee I realized I was getting a hard-on thinking about the nail polish and couldn’t wait to paint my nails.
I spent some time painting my nails and the polish did dry pretty fast out in the sun. I decided to get dressed as Jane had suggested. I chose a black satin bra, panty, and garterbelt set with ultra sheer sandalfoot stockings to show off my newly painted toenails and a pair of open-toed black pumps with spike heels. Walking around the cabin in my lingerie, heels and nylons was a lot of fun. I put on my makeup and dress and shortly after Jane arrived.
“Wow!” she exclaimed as she entered the cabin and caught a glimpse of me. “You look hot, girl. Sincerely, you look really sexy. I’ll have to do some work to stand next to you. I’m going to shower. Why don’t you make some drinks for us? I’ll get dressed and we can have lunch.”
When Jane came back she was fabulous, looked like a million bucks. She embraced me and we kissed, very hot, like two lesbians. She was being aggressive and stroked my nylon clad thigh and I loved it. Just then there was a knock on the door. My heart raced. It was Chuck and his friend. I hid in the bathroom. After a few minutes I didn’t hear any voices and Jane came to the bathroom door and said it was cool to come out.
As we returned to the kitchen Jane said. You know Marianne, you look fabulous and have everything a girl could want. Nice clothes, nice perfume, everything except one thing. You don’t have a boyfriend. You don’t have a man. We both know you need one so I have invited Paul, that is Chuck’s friend, to join us for dinner. He’s a bachelor and I just know he would want to fuck you, any man would…you look so hot! What’s that? You don’t want to? C’mon Marianne are you sure? Wouldn’t you just do it …for me? Very well then. You don’t have to but at least be polite during dinner. Paul is a nice guy he’s a sportsman, outdoors type.
All during dinner I was polite and demure and it was pleasant dinner conversation until about dessert, when Chuck said, “You know Paul, Marianne here is a boy. In fact she is Jane’s husband.” Paul was dumbfounded, but since he had been eyeing me up and down all evening he replied, “I don’t care, Marianne, I would like to fuck you no matter what you are.”
With that Jane interrupted , “Marianne is just for looking. I’m the one around here for fucking. She then grabbed Paul’s crotch and kissed him. Chuck looked on approvingly. Jane looked at me and said, “You just sit there and be quiet. I’ll talk to you later.” Jane began sucking Chuck’s cock and Paul began probing Jane from behind. I watched in awe at the heat, as Jane was being ravaged by the two men. When it was over all 3 laid back on the bed.
Paul broke the silence. “I can’t believe a woman so hot would be married to a guy who lets 2 guys fuck his wife while he sits there in lingerie, stockings and lipstick and says or does nothing. to stop us. Chuck replies, “It makes him feel pretty and doesn’t bother me as long as I get to do Jane.” Paul responds, “But look Marianne is all hot and aroused. Look she has a hard-on. She actually gets off on this scene.”
Jane gets up from the bed and walks over to where I am sitting and slaps me in the face. “They’re right. You’re aroused. My, my, my. Then she whispers in my ear. I’m sad that you wouldn’t sleep with Paul. I had to have sex with him or our guest would have been very disappointed. this evening. I was hurt that you wouldn’t do it, even for me and that you embarrassed me in front of my boyfriend Chuck for not having you under control.” Jane returns to the bedside and says to the men. “You know what? Marianne is so jealous. She told me she wants you to do her the same way you did me.”

Paul exclaims enthusiastically, “OK” and picks me up and throws me on the bed, turns me over and begins plunging into my ass. Meanwhile Chuck positions himself with his cock dangling before my face. Jane grabs my head and forces my mouth onto Cuck’s cock while Paul continues to drill me from behind. Jane encourages the guys. “Chuck fuck her face good. Pound that slut Paul.”

When the guys were finished with me I lay there exhausted and feeling humiliated. Jane was all talk. “You know Marianne, even though I forced you into this you really behaved like quite the slut. Not only are you Chuck’s cocksucker, since Paul fucked you doggy-style you are now officially his bitch. Isn’t that right Paul?” Paul nodded agreement.

“That businees you gave me about getting in touch with your femininity is crap. You are a cocksucking, take-it-up-the-ass transvestite fairy sissy girlyboy, aren’t you? Well, aren’t you?” she raised her voice. I nodded yes. She continued, “Now go wipe that cum off your chin and fix your lipstick and meet us out on the deck.”

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