My Summer Vacation part 3

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After I had wiped the cum off my chin and fixed my lipstick I went back out to the deck to find them in conversation with Paul saying, “So it’s decided then.” With that, Paul and Chuck got up and left walking in the direction of their bungalow.
Jane turned to me and said, “You know Marianne, I think we are entering a new phase of our relationship. For the last few years you were Mario my husband but now, you’re Marianne my sissy. I think we are at a new level. After what I saw today I just can’t think of you as Mario anymore. Watching you suck Chuck while getting fucked by Paul is an image that stays in my mind when I think of you…as a girl. After that display I certainly can’t take you seriously as a man anymore. Chuck and Paul are coming back. I meant to tell you what we decided. Chuck and I want to be alone. So Chuck is moving in here and you are going to move in with Paul. I know you wouldn’t object since you’re his bitch now.”
Chuck and Paul pulled up chairs and Chuck said, “Well that’s it all my stuff in the duffel bag.” Jane turned to me and said, “Marianne why don’t you run along and round up your things. Paul is waiting.”
I packed my suitcase and returned to the deck where Paul took the suitcase out of my hands, grabbed my hand and said, “Come Marianne.” He held my hand and arm like a gentleman assisting his lady to negotiate the dirt path in her high heels. When we arrived at his door he opened it for me and we went inside.
Paul spoke, “Marianne, I rent this cabin to entertain my business accounts. A day of fishing , dinner, entertainment. I’m sure you will be able to provide a lot of entertainment.”
For the next three days I served and cooked and sucked and was fucked by each of Paul’s guests. There was Phil and Tom and John and Andrew. Each one fucking me while Paul watched baseball on the television.
At the end of the week Paul and I were invited to Jane’s place for dinner. Paul was telling Jane about all my skills and accomplishments as a girl. Jane was proud and said to me, “Oh Marianne, you are such a girl now. Paul says you’re a natural slut who pushes back to make it go in deeper and Chuck has already told me how you suck cock better than a whore.” Jane then said to Paul, “So let’s settle up. You have four at 250 which makes a grand. That will be five hundred. Thank you Paul.” Paul then replied, “Oh, and there were tips for Marianne eighty bucks.” “Thanks.” Jane said.
I just then realized that Paul had pimped me out to his accounts and that they had paid him and that Jane was a 50% investor in the enterprise. Was I now their whore? It didn’t look promising.
Jane confirmed my worse fears when she said to Paul, “You know Paul, you had a great idea and I think we will be prosperous in this new endeavor.”
She looked at me and said, “Marianne, you made eighty dollars in tips. That’s not bad at all girl.
Paul then broke the news. “With this extra money that Marianne earned I was able to make us reservations at the Hidden Valley Resort for the upcoming week. It’s only a forty-five minute drive from here.” Jane responded, “Oh Paul, that’s great. I have heard of that place but in my previous situation with Mario I never thought I’d actually be going there.”

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