My Summer Vacation part 4

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As we prepared to leave Jane told me to dress in my guy clothes but she told me to wear the new pink satin panties she had bought me underneath my pants.
Later we arrived at a remote mountain property surrounded by a fence and a security guard booth at the entrance. The guards waved us in and we passed a small sign which had arrows indicating “Ranch. Hotel. SPA, Gymnasium.” We followed the sign to where the arrow indicated “Gymnasium.” The bus pulled up in front of the building which looked like a combination gymnasium and swimming pool.
As we entered the building seats were set up on the gym floor and there were already about fifteen people seated, five women and the rest men. As we took our seats a group of people entered. A man dressed in a black suit, two men dressed in jeans and cowboy boots and western gear, and three women dressed in blue pencil skirts with matching jackets with an embroidered flower logo on the breast pocket, and black pumps. The man in the black suit approached the microphone and began to address us.
” Welcome all of you to the Hidden Valley Resort. My name is Major Johnson. I am the director and this is some of our staff whom you’ll be meeting shortly. Hidden Valley is an exclusive 5 star vacation property with distinction. Everything is provided for you here and you really need no luggage. Sports gear, action wear, and evening clothing, everything is provided. Some of you will be assigned to the ranch, others to the resort hotel, and others to the Spa. The ranch is run by Tex and Buck over here, Madame Colette and Miss Fanny are in charge of those of you assigned to the hotel, and Miss Castro and Miss Cox are in charge of the Spa. Our aim here to help all our guests enjoy their vacations, fulfill their wishes, and satisfy their expectations. Shortly we will be giving you a tour of the property but first we will be issuing you your gym uniforms. Fitness, diet, conditioning, and grooming are all important here and you will be leaving in tip top shape. So now please strip down to your underwear and line up, men on the left, women on the right to get your gym suits. Just leave your clothes on the floor in front of you.”
As everyone began to remove their clothes I pondered my predicament–when I dropped my trousers everyone would see my pink satin panties. I was very anxious until I noticed the guy next to me had already removed his pants and was also wearing pink panties (and everyone was noticing). I went ahead and stripped and took my place in the men’s line. The women were lined up to our right and there was considerable giggling and pointing at those of us (there were five) who were wearing pink panties. One guy on the line was completely naked and caught the attention of Major Johnson who approached him and slapped him hard across the face. “Why are you naked?” The man replied, “I wasn’t wearing underwear.” Major Johnson slapped him hard again and walked over to the pile of clothes left where the guy had been standing. “These are yours. These pretty pink panties are yours! Put them back on and stand in the front, and don’t ever lie to me or anyone here again.! ” Major Johnson then announced, “Men don’t wear pink panties. All of you five over there who are wearing pink panties should not be standing in the men’s line. Come up to the front and stand here with this disobedient sissy. This is the sissy line.” We moved up to the sissy line and took our places while both the men’s line and women’s line snickered and giggled at us.
Distribution of gym outfits then took place. The women were issued black tank tops and shorts. The men were given navy blue gym outfits. Those of us in the sissy group were given white tank tops and pink gym shorts. All were issued simple cheap white sneakers.
We began our stroll around the grounds passing the pool, tennis courts, various athletic activities until we arrived at the hotel which was splendid. Lots of expensive cars and limos in the parking lot. Madame Colette spoke, “Ladies, Fanny will now escort you to the front desk and get you your accomodations. The five women, including my wife Jane followed Fanny and Madame Colette inside.
The rest of us continued our tour of the grounds and shortly we arrived at the ranch. There were guests riding around on horseback and Tex and Buck announced, “Men are assigned to the ranch. Follow us. The men, along with Chuck and Paul, left with Tex and Buck.
Those of us remaining included all of the pink and white clad sissy group along with Miss Castro and Miss Cox. We walked a little further until we arrived at a pretty pink building with a small but understated little sign on the front door. It bore a logo-a little flower and read, “Welcome to the SPA, the Sissy Princess Academy.” Miss Cox opened the front door and Miss Castro said, “Go on in girls. This is your new home.”
As we entered I noticed the very feminine atmosphere of the place. Flowers everywhere and mirrors, sheer curtains, pastel colors. The logo was everywhere. It was the same little flower logo on the breast pocket of Miss Castro’s and Miss Cox’s jacket. We entered the salon and Major Johnson was already seated there. Miss Castro told us to sit down.
Major Johnson spoke in a low and soothing voice. The SPA is the premier establishment of its kind in the world. Our graduates are recognized internationally as the best-trained and most elegant sissies the world over, and let here be no confusion. That’s what you are here for–to be trained as sissies. We only have one rule here–Do as you are told. To make it simpler remember one word–Obey. When I leave Miss Castro and Miss Cox will be in charge. You will obey and follow all their instructions. If I should have to return here for disciplinary reasons you surely will regret it. If you should disobey you will be punished and ultimately you will wind up obeying anyway. So make things easy for yourselves girls. I’ll see you later in the week. You may carry on Miss Castro.”

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