My Thai Trip

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I met Layla on my holiday in Thailand. She was at my hotel bar. We danced a while at first. We were kissing a lot. She had long dark hair at nice looking boobs. I got her up to my room though later and she obviously had sex on her mind too as she touched my hard on a few times on the way to my room. We got into my room and got drinks and on returning with them she said “let’s get comfortable” and took off her white boob tube type top, releasing her gorgeous boobs. She then proceeded to undo my fly and release my already stiff cock. Layla then teased and sucked my cock beautifully almost to bursting point. “Let me fuck you Layla” I said. “Yes” she said.
I got up and removed all my clothes. Layla lay on the bed, still in a garter belt, white stockings and panties. I moved to between Layla’s legs and put her feet over my shoulders, kissing and sniffing them as I did this. I then pulled of her white panties. To my absolute amazement releasing Layla’s nice cock. Layla is a Lady boy. Still reeling from surprise I began to suck on Layla’s cock and then sat Layla on my lap as I fucked her in the ass whilst jerking her cock too. I shot my cum into Layla’s ass and Layla too came over us both shooting her cum everywhere. We then both licked our cocks clean in a 69 position. We had many more similar nights before I left Thailand.

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