never again

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I went on hol to London by myself at the weekend for a few days as whenever you look on the net for people to have sex with there always in london.Im a x dresser so before i went i looked up some gay clubs and done a bit of research to see if x dressers went there and finally found one.So booked into a b+b and off i went.On saturday night i shaved off all my body hair and put on my sexyest stuff.A pair of pink knee high heel boots,pink stockings,suspenders,pink see through panties,short pink leather skirt,white blouse and blong wig and full make up.Around half way through the night i was approched by a guy a little older than me and ended up chatting.I told him im from cornwall and up here for a few days looking for loads of fuck fun.He then made a phone call and said we were leaveing.We arrived at a small flat which was a bit grubby and had around seven or eight people in it.He took me in a bedroom and didant say anything just told me to get on my knees.4 men came in and held my hands and legs down while the bloke i met pushed his cock into me with no lube and fucked me hard.It hurt like hell.I lost count how many times i was fucked by different men that night and was crying with pain but they didant seem to care and just kept saying “Well you wanted to be fucked you cornish slut”.When i was released i got a cab to the b+b as walking was hard and found i was leaking blood and a lot of cum from my sore fucked hole.I came back home the following day and im still off work.stopped bleeding now but still sore.going to docs tomo as something isant right.Never going out to get loads of fucks again.

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