New Skirt

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Stepping out of the bathtub my body from my neck down perfectly
shaved. Sitting on the side of the tub I rub my body with lotion to
further enhance my soft and gentle curves. In preparation for the
next few hours I apply astroglide on my bottom and then squeeze a
few tablespoons of the liquid inside my anus.

The desire that my nipples be sensitive to touch as they need
to be I take out two small alligator nipple clasps. Placing one on
each of my tiny little nipples. The pain is intense however in
minutes numbness replaces the pain as they clasps continue to
squeeze. At the bottom far enough down on my nipples I am assured
that over the next fifteen minutes each will be sensitive to touch
and very pointy.

I sit down and slip on my bra and a half slip. Next go on my lace
panties then I pull my sheer nylon open bottom pantyhose up my legs
and high over my butt. Stepping into my new pleated skirt I lift it
up and fasten the clasp in the back. Snapping the final button on
my blouse I look in the mirror at myself and I am so horny.

Fastening a shoulder length modern shag cut wig with soft flipped
layers and wispy bangs. I am still a brunette. I gently remove my
nipple clasps and then spank my sore nipples with a hair brush five
times on each side. My pointy nipples are red and stinging. The
back of my rubber boobs are little metal clasps for me to attach to
my nipples. These don’t hurt as bad the first ones but still

I look great and my bottom is slippery and feels wonderful. I am
already wet. I am ready. I walk back into the entertainment room.
The three guys were doing shooters at a bar near the sound room.
Lou, Jim and Joe had waited for my return and once they heard the
bathroom door open they turned and all smiled as looked at me.

My new outfit fits me great. My new padded bra-cups with my small
rubber boobs with raised nipples showed through my blouse. My first
pleated skirt fit my bottom just perfect. My bottom stuck out just enough and in the mirror in the bathroom it looked inviting. My erect cock tucked between my legs between my cheeks towards my ass. No silly
bulge from my cock and balls.

Jim and Joe left the room and Lou leaned back on the couch. I was
able to see his erect cock easily once he opened his legs. He was
smiling as he finished his third beer tapping on the couch for me
to join him. My new heels hurt the top of my feet as I walked to
him. As I knelt down he lifted up and pulled his pants down below
his knees. His thick cock flopped to the side of his leg. It looked

Leaning forward I stroked his long hard cock just for a minute. I
was so excited that I began to lick the tip of his cock head then
I sucked him cock deep into my mouth. We both moaned as I let it
slip deep into my throat. I sucked him like there was no tomorrow.
Lou gently caressed my shoulders and grabbed at my boobs then to my
hips. As he squeezed and played with my boobs the clasps attached
to my nipples pulled at me. My nipples were pulled and pushed from
side to side. He said “baby its time to fuck” and he pulled backwards and I stood up.
Once again he tapped the couch and I stepped back towards the couch.

Lie face down baby he said.

Down on the couch Lou pushed a large big pillow under
my stomach lifting my ass in the air. Keeping my legs together Lou
pulled my panties and hose down my legs. He ended up wrapping my
panties and hose around my ankles. I wiggled and wasn’t able to
move my ankles apart. I felt him grabbing my cock and balls and he
pushed them underneath me. “No reason to see that baby” he said.

Lou began to caress my hips, legs and now touching my bottom when
he realized I was already wet. I heard him make a yummy sound. He
should have been able to see the shine down the crack of my ass
from the astroglide. Suddenly he pushed a finger into my bottom.
“yea baby” “your wet and ready to fuck”.

“Want it bad don’t you?” Lou asked me.
“Yea I want it bad I want you to fuck my ass slow and deep” I

Lou climbed onto the couch and quickly mounted my backside. I felt
his cock between the cheeks of my ass. Now the head of his cock was
pressed firmly against my greasy slippery ass hole. He leaned
forward and he began to push his hips down. I squeezed my
ass muscles tight as he pushed then for just a second I relaxed my
ass muscles and the head of his cock entered me.

I reached around and pushed his hips back as his cock was only an
inch inside my tight ass. I begged him to be easy as he gently
pushed down and his cock sank deeper in me. I moved my hands to my
sides and relaxed. He was in full control as my ass hole opened and
invited his thick cock into me. My ass stretched open as I took all
of his cock in my ass.

Lou took two minutes to bury his cock in me. His balls laying on my
legs as he rested. He rocked from side to side and then he lifted
up and we once again both moaned as his cock slipped out of my ass.
Just as I thought he was going to pop out of my ass he stopped. He
held still for a few seconds and he once again pushed down onto me.
This time my well lubricated ass hole accepted his cock and I was
able to take all he had in one fairly fast thrust.

He put his hands under my chest and into my bra to find the clasps.
Taking the clasps off my nipples and he began to pinch and flick
his fingers over the tips. So sensitive I told him as he continued
to play with them.

Lou then said” alright baby your ready to fuck. Now just close your
eyes and relax. This will be wonderful for both of us”.
I closed my eyes and relaxed as Lou began to pump his cock in and
out of my ass for the next twenty minutes. He screwed me good. Deep
thrusts every time. Lou fucked me good. He jerked and squirted a
hot burning load of his lumpy sperm deep into ass hole. The instant
he began squirting my insides burned and I squeezed as tight as I
could around his cock. He loved it. He laid still for five minutes
with his cock buried in me and let his balls continue to drain his
gooey load into me.

Lou told me He was done and as he slowly pulled out of my ass my
somewhat still tight anus forced the balance of his cum out of his

Lou backed up and moved off of me. I reached around and felt my ass
hole was wet, gooey and loosened. I relaxed as he put his jeans on
and left the room.

Not two minutes later Jim was behind me stroking his cock with the
lubricant. He said don’t move. I’m ready to fuck you stay like
that. Jim mounted me and fucked me slow deep and for the next
twenty minutes and spewed his load deep in me as his buddy.

He help untie my ankles and I stood up. I needed to pee. My ass was
loose and I leaked some of their cum on my legs as I walked to the
bathroom. I put my hand on my bottom as I walked and still was
leaking their goo. I sat on the toilet and as i peed their cum
sprayed out of my loose sloppy ass hole.

I wiped my bottom off and cleaned myself. I used lots of lubricant
on my bottom before I got up from the toilet. In a minute my outfit
was fixed and I was still looking good.

Opening the door fifteen feet ahead Joe was laying on the bed on
his back naked. He was stroking short thick stubby cock. Standing
in front of him he suggested I turn around and lie down on my back.
He sat up and he tugged my hose and panties down. He then pushed my legs back towards my head and he w
rapped my panties and hose behind my head.

Relax he said and as I did I laid there with my ass hole opened
wide. He put his hands on the back of my legs and his cock laid
against the crack of my open ass. Now he positioned his throbbing
fat cock against my slippery
hole and as he got in position. My ass
was open as he leaned forward and pushed his hips down against me.
Joe’s cock slipped into my hole we both moaned at that moment and
he never didn’t stop. Still gently pushing his fat cock opened me
wide and even though he wasn’t that long he was certainly thicker.
There was no doubt he in my mind he opened me more. He fucked me
slow and steady for the next twenty minutes.

Joe enjoyed letting his cock pop out of my ass hole then entering
me again. Almost every time he pulled out his cock came completely
out then I was wet and loose enough that he quickly pushed and
slipped in me again. each time he did this we both moaned with
pleasure. His cock felt wonderful in my ass. He worked at loosening
my ass hole. My ass muscles grew tired and I wasn’t able to respond
as I had been doing. Now relaxed my eyes closed, arms to my side he
just continued to fuck my ass.

He wore me out. I tried to tighten my ass muscles after a while and
it was tough to do as he kept fucking me. I let go and I begged him
to come in me as he just kept fucking me. My eyes were closed most
the time as he fucked me. Joe’s thick fat cock opened me the
widest. Not the biggest of the three but easily the thickest.

He told me he was about to come and gave me the choice of in my
ass or my throat. In my throat I wanted to swallow so he rolled
back and I began suck him and seconds later his cock began to
flinch. I deep throated him and just as he was about to cum he
pulled back and squirted his load onto my tongue. I wanted you to
taste it and not just swallow it this time. I want you to know what
it tastes like Joe told me as his cock head dripped his strong thick tasting salty load.

I gently sucked the head of his cock as the final few drops leaked
out of his cock. I gagged as I swallowed it all. Lick your lips
baby he said and I did as he asked me to.

Good he said as he left the room. I relaxed and stayed in the same
position. I did move a towel over my bottom as I laid there. I felt
my greasy hole and it was open. The thought of getting fucked again
and again excited me. Today was my first real ass fucking and I
wanted more. As long as I’m lubricated really good I want to be
fucked again.

The door opened and Lou was back. He was naked and erect. Stroking
it as he stood in front of me. His cock was hard and he was ready
to fuck. He said yea baby my balls are empty so I’ll last longer
this time. Lou knelt down and put his knees near my bottom. He
placed his hands on my legs and his greasy cock landed on my

You look like you’ve been fucked pretty good today he laughed. Lou
dripped some lubricant onto my hole and he positioned his cock to
my hole and he easily entered me and then fucked me nice, slow and
deep for the next twenty minutes.

Dumping his load in me. It felt good. He helped move so that I was
on my stomach with the pillow under me as i was at first. He tied
my panties around my ankles and stuffed the pillow under my hips
once again.

Joe returned in and fucked me slow and deep. This continued all
afternoon and into the night. The three guys fucked me over and
over. My ass hole never really was tight ever again. It seemed that
the cheeks of my ass were a little open and my ass has always
looked like it has been well fucked.

This began years ago and the three of them still fuck me once a
month and occasionally they bring friends.

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