open sore and dripping

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i have woundered for a long time what it would be like to dress as a girl so one day when i was alone i thought to myself why not.i dressed in my girlfriends things and after a while was finding myself wanting to dress as a girl whenever i could.I started buying my oun things which normally was short skirts and stockings ect.After doing this for around six months i was finding myself asking the question i wounder what it feels like being fucked.I joined a sex site and looked for people in my area and found a few but one stood out reading “im looking for a sub male slut who dose what hes told”so i sent a mail saying im interested in meeting to have my virgin tight ass fucked.he replyed and we arranged to meet in a carpark near by at 20.00 and exchanged mob numbers.He said to dress up before i got there.i turned up at the carpark wearing red high heel shoes,white stockings,suspender belt and white panties with a black top,red wig and full makeup.wasant there long when my phone rang.He told me to park by the tree and walk accross the carpark to his red 4× was a large carpark and a group of men were talking by there cars so i got out and put my head down and started to walk accross to him in my very short skirt.I got in the jeep and pulled down my skirt as it had rose up and my stocking tops were showing.he said “im going to enjoy fucking you”and with that he pulled out his cock and told me to stroke it and keep it hard.he started the engin and 10mins later we stopped in a dark lane.we got out and he made me get down on my knees and suck his cock.i could taste his pre cum which tasted horrible.after a while he pulled me to my feet and kissed me while pushing his cock against mine which made go hard and really want him more.He then turned me around and bent me over and started to spank my ass which hurt but when i told him he was spanking me to hard i got told to shut up.I then had to suck him again and with his hard cock at the back of my throat he says “its time to fuck you” and made me get up and lean over the open boot of the jeep and spread my legs apart.I told him i only wanted safe sex and gave him a condom to wear so he made me put it on his nice hard cock.I turned back around and he lifted my short pleated skirt up and i felt a liquid being rubbed around my tight hole and then a huge pain as he pushed very hard to insert his cock in my tight virgin hole.With every out stroke he would then push a little harder and insert more of his cock inside me untill it was all the way in and he started to fuck me faster.As my hole started getting use to haveing a hard cock in it i started to enjoy being fucked and relaxed a lot more as his cock was sliding in and out of me pounding me hard and being called a slut and a whore and at one point for a few mins he was fucking me so hard i could feel his balls slapping my cheeks almost like i was being spanked.Just after this and when i was breathing heavy and moaning with pleasure i felt his cock grow a little bigger and i knew he was going to cum and with that he pushed his throbbing hard cock really deep inside me and gave a big sigh as i felt a really nice warm sensation running inside was like nothing i had ever felt before and it felt so good.I then realised he had cum inside me but i didant care as his cock was still inside me and his cum was so nice.after he pulled his cock out he told me to stay as i was,bent over with my skirt around my waist and my legs wide open.Then i found out why he wanted me to stay like that.I could feel his cum moveing inside me and then felt it run out of my well fucked and sore hole and started to trickell down my leg.after a while he said i could move as he has finished with me.I wiped his cum away with my hand and pulled down my skirt.Beside me on the ground was the condom.i looked at him and then he said “I took it off before i fucked you as i wanted you to have my spunk inside you”i smiled and said “im glad you did it felt so nice”he then took me back to my car and kissed me goodbye and all the way home i was smiling and could feel his cum against my ass as it trickeled on to my panties.

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