Our Sissy Slave 2

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Would you be our full-time cross-dressing lesbian boislut?

Of course you would. I knew that from the moment we’d made you beg to be fucked whilst dressed in a red corset, knickers and stockings ensemble. Your clothes matched those of me and my new student girlfriend, and your makeup was messed only by our juices.

It was easy to make you submit after that. A hard fucking does wonders for a sissy’s attitude. You moved in a week later, and I knew you were ready for the next step. We teased you about your slight build when you moved in, and as the three of us sat watching a makeover programme on TV together she asked if she could put lipstick on you. You blushed, but agreed, and I felt myself wetten as I sensed your submission. She playfully painted your lips bright red. I suggested we find some more makeup for you, and instructed you to wait on the sofa.

We went to my bedroom, and changed. As we returned, your sissy-red lips opened in surprise and pleasure. The black satin demi-cup bras were touched with pink lace, matching the full-cut knickers we wore. Our corsets were black with pink lace piping, and our sheer black stockings were bisected by the pink seam at the back. Heavy, dark eyeliner complemented our thick dark eyelashes and the pink lipstick we had applied went perfectly with the detail on our lingerie. We were quite a sight, and your obvious desire was turning me on.

But what caught your attention were our dildos. Black straps hid our internal and clitoral vibrators, whilst the pink shafts hummed under the control of a small remote I’d tucked into the top of my right stocking.

I told you to go to the bathroom and strip and you eagerness to submit as you scampered off made me even hornier. We walked slowly into the bathroom behind you, fondling each other’s arse, trying to turn each other on even more before we turned you into our boislave again.

She shaved your legs, while I took care of your upper body. She smeared hair-removal cream over you, and I rinsed it off with the shower head as she rubbed the freshly-smooth skin. I saved shaving your balls for myself, savouring the erection that built under my gentle touch. We helped you out of the shower and patted you dry. She rubbed moisturiser into your smooth, supple skin while I fetched your outfit.

The pink bustier corset was fringed with black lace, a motif continued on the knickers – frothy, frilly lace affairs in matching satin. I knew they’d drive you mad as they rubbed against your cock, and the wide lace bow on your arse would untie – revealing an opening over your pretty arsehole – at the first sharp tug. Pink stockings with black lace tops were clipped to the eight wide straps of the deep garter belt. She zipped black knee-boots of soft leather onto your legs as I busied myself perfecting the lie of the pink wig I wanted you to wear.

Your cock was as stiff as I’d ever seen it, and you were visibly blushing. I was completely turned on, and had to crush my lips to yours in a heated kiss. She seperated us gently as she moved in to put your makeup on. Full black false eyelashes were thickened further with mascara, and she quickly rimmed your eyes with liner.

Our hands ran over your silk-covered body, lustfully groping and rubbing you. I moaned as I stroked your legs uthrough your stockings, and you echoed me as she gently touched your now throbbing satin-clad cock.

Leading you into the bedroom, I blindfolded you. I didn’t want you to know what tonight’s plan was or spoil your kinky surprise.

We lay you gently on the bed and fastened your wrists and ankles to the posts using fluffy black restraints. Face down, you were helpless as we pushed a satin-covered pillow under your groin. I pulled the tie on your knickers, and they moved apart, exposing your hairless pink arse. With your satin-slad buttocks in the air, it was all I could do to refrain from raping you right there. My girlfriend was more rational and began to smear strawberry lubricant onto your tight opening. I knelt behind you and started to run my tongue over your cheeks, while my girlfriend massaged the lube into you with her finger. Your breathing changed, coming in starts as she varied the pace of her finger fucking. I moved in closer, and ran my hot wet tongue around the opening her digit was penetrating.

She moved her mouth to your ear and softly began describing what we were doing to you, her husky voice drenched with lust. You started rubbing your cock against the satin material of the pilloe, as you bucked against her fingers.

I knelt up and moved in with my lubed dildo. I turned off the vibrations and pushed it against your sphincter, smoothly replacing her finger as I slid it into you. You weren’t as tight as the first time we’d fucked you, but the sensations obviously felt just as good – the long drawn-out moan of desire told me that.

She moved in front of you and you opened your mouth for her sweet-tasting dildo. As she started to fuck your face, I made sure you didn’t forget about my cock. I worked myself into a faster and faster rhythm, slapping your buttocks and calling you every filthy name I could think of. To my delight, your submissive nature meant you reacted strongly as my girlfriend joined me in telling you what a fuck-happy boi-slut you were. We promised to have all our lesbian friends come round and fuck you into degraded slut-hood. As I told you how they’d dress you as their personal femmy boi slave before taking their turns ramming their strapons into your arse while the rest of us watched, I felt you spasm.

Instantly, we pulled out, leaving you heaving and panting. You were so close to cumming, but it wasn’t enough for me. This time I wanted to break you utterly, to reduce you to a simpering gurly whore.

She brought in the machine from her room, and slid it into place behind you. You were begging to have our cocks back inside you as I lined up the dildo and the spanking arms. The velvet-covered seperators drew your cheeks apart as she plugged it in and switched it on. With the blindfold on, you could only imagine what sort of contraption it was. I knew, because I’d spent hours watching my girlfriend submit to it as I ground my wet cunt over her face.

With your buttocks held firmly apart, I lined up the dildo and pressed the very tip to your waiting arsehole. A touch of the controls, and it thrust into you – making you cry out in surprise and pleasure. Another switch and the two gloved hands on either side of your cheeks began an irregular spanking. You tried to grind back onto the invader, desperate for more sensation. And I admired the cocksut I’d created.

I’d brought myself off dozens of times when I tested this on my girlfriend. It had taken just fifteen minutes before she’d been a sobbing wreck. I’d had to satisfy myself with a vibrator when she lost control and couldn’t lick me any more. Another fifteen minutes with the device and she’d passed out – as had I when my orgasm hit me. I love to see my submissives fucked beyond their peasure limit, and tonight I was going to find out where yours lay.

As the machine fucked you, the vibrations ran through you and I could see the thrills runnign across your painted face. I couldn’t bear it any more. My girlfriend pulled off my panties and I positioned my sopping hole in front of your face. As your tongue lashed my clit, my girlfriend straddled you to face me. We began rubbing our dildos against each other as our cunts moved over your talented, lipsticked mouth.

You took it like the little boi bitch you’d become under my lusty control. Your arse full, your cock rubbing against the silk knickers and satin pillow, you looked and sounded as though you were in heaven.

You did well, given it was your first time. But I knew we’d have to improve on the ten minutes it took to bring you to turn you into a shuddering sissified wench. Your helplessness only added yo my excitement, and my clitoris felt hot and stiff as your tongue ran over it. I knew I wasn’t far, and I could tell from the heat flooding my girlfriend’s body that she was close to the edge too.

I came first, my juices soaking your face. As the stars began to flash in front of my eyes, I could feel my girlfriend tense and pull me to her, crushing the fake cocks between us. Her cum was just as wet as mine had been – she was as turned on as I was about having a smooth, femmed little boi toy to dress and fuck.

I pulled the machine away and she took its place, sinking her cock inside you. I pressed a button on my remote and suddenly you were full of buzzing, humming cock. I’d promised her your arse, and in return for the chance to pump her shaven cunt against your smooth girlish plumpness, I’d demanded a similar price. As she fucked you deeply, I slid my cock into her arse. She gasped at the unfamiliar sensation, but soon gave herself over to the feeling of having my thick penis stretching her.

I asked her how she felt as I matched the fucking rhythm she’d established with you. She panted and gasped for breath as she told us how good it was to take my cock in her arse. She asked you how your arse-fucking felt, and spanked you sharply when you didn’t reply. You were gasping for breath as she asked whether it felt good to be her sissy fuckslut, and she spanked you again for not responding. She was almost incoherent with lust – as were you. She asked you whether you like to be dressed in frilly girly lingerie and have two women fuck you in the arse and mouth, whether such an obviously filthy boi whore deserved an orgasm, and finally whether you wanted more.

I couldn’t understand your reply, but I saw your response as both of us began rubbing your hot cock, stocking tops and upper thighs. With the fucking and the erotic interrogation and of course the feeling of being dressed in smooth silks, you started to cum.

But my girlfriend wasn’t finished. She asked whether you wanted us to train you further. Train you to be our pimped-out sissy anal slave who could take cock like a pro. Train you for a very special day when our lesbian and bisexual girlfriends could fuck us while they forced us to watch you being pounded in the arse. You exploded into the knickers, drenching our fingers with cum as you agreed, yelping as each wave hit you and you clenched your ring around the vibrating dildo. I watched my pink-clad lover shoot his cum into his satin prison as I fucked the woman responsible for his orgasm, and felt myself fall into space as the crest of my own climax hit me. She came fast behind me, babbling and groaning.

Later, after several post-orgasmic quakes of pleasure, both of you fell asleep with still-humming cocks inside your arses. And I lay awake, fingering my clit as I formulated the next step in my plan. Suddenly I was in control of the finest little femmed and prissied boi whore I’d ever violated, and I knew my knicker-wearing boyfriend was sexier than any my friends could produce. I’ve always had a competitive streak, and my friends could offer some very interesting stakes when it came to betting on their sissy slaves.

But are you ready for it, my painted slut? Will you be our beautiful, sexy cock-hungry boi whore?

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