Queens Gone Wild

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Who am I, i get so hot when i’m dressed up, the sexier the better, when you see me, all you want to do is FUCK. I believe I give a great blowjob, call me the Human vacuum. Notice that cum is in vacuum, and thats what I like. Cum cum cum, i want a belly full. Thats a lot of cocks. Help me out here, How to give a perfect Blowjob, well first I like to fondle the genitals. I’ll first spread your legs so i have access to the whole area, pun..? Then I’ll clean the area with a warm washrag. Then i nibble on the area behind your balls and engulf your bag in my mouth, sometimes, if you let me I’LL eat your hole, please be clean, no surprises. After I’ve work your balls, I like to lick your shaft starting at the base by your balls. Working my way up to the head, constantly stroking the shaft with my hands. NOW i fill my mouth with your cock. I love to try to swallow the complete cock, now I start the stroke faster and faster, the more you cum, the more I’LL do anything to fuck you again. Now this is the perfect blowjob, probably in a bed or furry rug. Sometimes when I’M out in the bar parking lot, I can’t do everything properly. I haven’t gotten any complaints. I love that explosion of cum and all the additional gushes I can get. FILL my tummy and I’D be your whore. I love to lick guys the just fucked me. A friend told me that if someones fucking me my cocksucking goes up a level. The truth hurts, line em up. How long does it take to suck six guys?

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