Slavery with a Twist Part 1

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Hello. My name is Becky and I would like to tell you the story of how I became a shemale. Let’s start at the beginning. My name used to be Tim and the age of 19. I was an average person, going to colledge and preparing myself for the real world. Unfortunately that came sooner than I expected.

One day I was waiting at the bus stop all alone at night. I missed the first bus home so I had to catch the midnight one. Then something happened that changed my life forever. A black van pulled up and two masked men came out and pulled me into the back of it. I screamed and tried to fight back, but the two men overpowered me and slammed me to the floor of the van. Pain shot through the back of my head and everything started to get blurry. The two men started to laugh and started to talk to one another. “This one was even easier to capture than I thought.” Everything started to go black and I fell unconscious.

When I awaken, I found myself laying in bed. It is completely dark and I started to feel cold. I smile and start to pull up the covers. “It was just a bad dream.” As I pull up the covers, I feel something big and round on my chest. At first I thought it was just some clothes bunched up, but as I try to throw them to the floor, I realize they are apart of me and that I have grown breasts. “What the hell are these?” I get up and try to turn on the lights to my room. When I try to reach for my night stand, I realize this isn’t my room, but someplace else. I get up and stumble through the room, then I finally find a switch on the wall. I flip it and a light on the ceiling turns on illuminating everything.

I look around the new room I was in. Inside it was a queen sized bed with a small canopy on it. There is a small window next to the bed and with shades covering it. There is a also a small dresser with a mirror on it. But what surprised me the most was that everything in the room was painted pink.

I then remembered the first place I got out of bed. I looked down to see that I am wearing a light blue night dress and have mysteriously grown double D breasts. I start to freak out and go over to the mirror on the dresser and then pinch myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming from what I saw. My hair was now black and long. My face was shaven, my eyebrows plucked and I had red luscious lips. My waist was now skinny and my hips were wider. I looked like a hot woman.

The door in back of me then opened and someone came into the room. I turned around to see a gorgeous blonde with blue eyes. She is wearing a petite black dress. Her breasts are smaller than mine. She smiled and looked at me. “So do you like your new body?” I stare at her, still in shock, I finally get enough courage to ask a question. “What did you do to me?”

She let out a small giggle. “Well I made your body complete aspects so my guest can have something to please themselves with.” “What do you mean by that?” She walks over to me and she pulls me by my new long hair and tosses me onto the bed. She gives me an evil smile. “You will now find out and you will experience the full extent of my gift my new slave.” She tears off my night dress, to reveal my body.

I look down at myself and see that my body has been shaven all over and I am wearing some panties. I turn away and start to blush as a sudden budge starts to appear, pressing upward on the panties. The woman smiles as she looks at me. “Excited are we?” The removes the panties to reveal that my 9″ cock is hard and erect. My head is still turned away and my eyes are closed. The woman gets up and pulls me up by my hair and pushes my head down to my waist. I feel like I am a lot more flexible than before. “Come on look. You haven’t seen the best part of you yet. “

I am afraid to open my eyes, but she continues to hold me down. “You know I will keep on holding you down until you see it. I want to see your face when you open your eyes.” I know I would have to open them sometime so I slowly open my eyes. A look of shock and surprise appear on my face. I see that I have a new pussy, right in between my cock and my asshole. “Why…?” She lets go of me and I fall back onto the bed. She then sticks one of her fingers into my new cunt. I then let out a moan. “Because this will be fun, for me and my friends.”

I look up her worried and frightened. “I want to go home.” I try to get up, but she slaps me and pushes me down. “You aren’t going anywhere. Lets get this started, before my friends come over to play.” She ties my arms and legs to the posts on the bed. She then undresses herself. Her hairless body has silky smooth, creamy white skin. She crawls up on the bed and uses her tongue and circles the tip of my cock. I try to resist and pull on the restraints and they tighten. She smiles and then swallows my cock in her mouth and starts to suck on it. I struggle more, making it almost impossible for her to give me head.

She frowns and stops sucking on my dick. “Well you know, it isn’t very nice to reject my services. I guess we will have to try something else then.” She goes to the dresser and opens up the top drawer and takes out a small silver dildo. I look concerned. “What are you going to do with that?” She smiles and walks over to me and then rubs it against my pussy. “What do you think that I am going to do with it?” She then stops right over my entrance. She then quickly shoves it into me before I could say anything. I close my eyes and wince as crapes against my un lubricated pussy. I pull harder on the restraints and scream out.

She looks at me and smiles. “It wasn’t that bad. You know you will have to take in things 3 or 4 times this size.” She starts to move the dildo in and out of me. I continue to resist for a while. Then it suddenly starts to feel good a little bit and I stop pulling on the restraints. The good feeling starts to get better and better. My pussy starts to get moist allowing the small dildo to slide in and out of me with out any effort. The woman then speeds up, moving it in and out of me faster and faster. I got hotter and wetter every time the dildo goes in and out of me. It finally gets so good I reach my climax and my pussy and dick cum at the same time. This was one of the most weirdest experiences in my life and I loved it.

She removed the dildo from me and I let out a small sigh of protest. She laughed at me a little. “At first you didn’t like it but now you want more. Am I right slave?” I blush and nod, finally submitting to her. “Well then we are going to have a nice time soon when every one else arrives.”

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