Sweet for Chocolate

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I met this friend that love to have me fuck multiple men to get him up to fucking the shit out of me. What I learned was it turned me into a nasty slut. one night he took me to a gay club in a black neighborhood and he announces that i want to be equally treated as a white slut thats fuck a lot of white and latino’s and i’d like to have a bunch of big hung black guys. I now am a big fan of big black cocks and i believe i’ve now had more black meat. I named their cum chocolate milk. How some Nestle’s Qwik. Needless to say it only took me one shot and 15 minutes before I was doing 2 at a time on the pooltable in the backroom. This was a monsterfest of black cock and i’ve never been fuck that good by so many men. I had that many at a time, but the quality of penis never before. Later that week I moved into the neighborhood.

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