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Craig and I were salesmen for the same company and on a trip together to woo new clients. The last thing I expected was that we would woo each other.
It had been a long day and we went to our rooms to relax and unwind. After I had my room service and wanted to go over the proposals I realised Craig still had them, so I went over (in my boxers and a tshirt) to get the file.
I knocked on the door and a nervous sounding voice called out “who is it?” “its Rob Craig I need the proposal files”. The door opened slowly and the room was lit only by the light by the bed. I wlaked in and the door closed behind me. As I turned around I saw Craig in a pair of red lace panties, garter belt and stockings and wearing a red lace bra with a made up face (lipstick, eyeshadow, etc). He was always one with delicate features but with the make up and the sexy clothes and the fact he had no body hair exceot a trimmed pube region he really looked like a women. “WOW” I said “I know he said its a little shocking but this is how I unwind, what do you think?”
I stood looking at him for a second turning things over in my mind, then decidd to go for it. I walked up to him and stood less than six inches away and looked him up and down. “i think I need to confess something” I said as I began stroking his arm ” I…..I….am so turned on right now that I can barley stand it!” I pulled him to me and kissed him letting my hands fall to his hips and pulled him to me as he put his hands around my neck. By the time we embraced we had our tongues in each others mouths. ” Your married right” he said as we walked to the bed. “yes but I am also living a double life i am Bi-sexual, so is my wife” “cool”.
We said very little after that as he sat me on the bed and took off my shirt then slid off my shorts and I laid down in the middle of the bed. Next thing I knew I was looking at hs balls and pulling the panties to one side and licking those cum filled bad boys as he started deepthroating me. It was my first 69 in a while and I was loving it, I took his cock into my mouth and at the same time rubbed the panties on his hot anus whyich totally drove him nuts. He was getting into it big time as he began to hump my mouth I could taste the precum so I stopped and went backto licking and sucking on his balls. “tease” he moaned I knew he needed to come so I started licking my way down his seven inch shaftfinally taking it all back in just as he shot a hot sweet load down my throat, I got most of it but ended up with some on my face, just as I returned the favour and came like thunder in his mouth. He turned around and laid on his side beside me and had my come all over his face, so we kissed and licked each others faces clean.
We continued to make out and cuddle for a while, until I felt his cock grow again. ” still hungry stud” He rolled me onto my side facing him” call me Candy, thats my name when I am relaxed” ” okay Candy I am going to fuck your brains out” I moved my hand to between his legs and rubber around his anus. He stopped me briefly as he rolled over and grabbed a tube of lube “here hot stuff rub this in and then pound me” So I did, I put lots on my fingers and spent a long time rubbing, and putting my hand inside him all the time he french kissed and he fondled my sack. Finally I was ready and sat up on my knees ” on all fours bitch, you are going to get whats cuming to you” Candy got to all fours and looked back “do not be gentle if you want me fuck the hell out of me”
So I did as wished. As I held his hips and pulled aside the panties I shoved my cock into him deep he scramed in delight. I took one hand and pushed his head to the bed, and held his shoulder and put my other hand on his other shoulder and started to pound his ass. I just hammered him for a while then decided to get some leverage all the time he is maoning and groaning his delight. I raised one leg and planted the foot in the bed then did the same with the other foot so I was more crouching than kneeling. I guided his legs around my waist with some trouble but got them there and still in the crouching position leaned forward and grabbed the headboard for leverage and began pounding him again. It wasn’t long before I felt the burn of orgasm, and shot a hot load inside his ass I came so hard, harder than the first time. I pulled out and noticed my jizz seeping from his ass so I licked it clean thrilling him evn more.
He rolled over and sat up pushing me down on the bed ” your turn” he said as he squeezed the lube all over his hand. I put my hands on his face and pulled him to me and kissed him “just libe it and get in there: I said as he was greasing up his member.
I laid back on the bed and spread my legs as he positioned hinmself between them and with one poke entered me. He put my legs over my shoulders and pushed forward. ” I love to french while I fuck” he said so as he drove deep inside me we kisses and kissed and kissed. He stopped kissing me leaned sat up and took one of my legs off his shoulder and turned me on my side while still in me. he leaned back over as he continued to fuck me and we began kissing again and it wasn’t long before I felt his come explode into me and he just groaned, fell down beside me so we were spooning and we fell asleep spent and satisfied.
In the morning I awoke first went back to my room and showered and got ready fpr the day. We nevr really talk about what happened but every now and then he will come by my office and flashe me a pair of lacy panties under his pants and we usually end up spending lunch at a cheap motel.

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