The Bachelor Party

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My neighbors and I were making the last arrangements for Arthur’s bachelor party. I was the Best man and it was going to be a small party. We were talking about the entertainment and maybe getting a stripper. Then one of my friends, Roy, said to me. “Remember Halloween a couple years ago. You dressed up as Marilyn Monroe, you looked pretty hot, even if your in a wheelchair.

Little did he know I had been a closet queen since high school. I sucked many cocks before finally getting married. I often fantasized but hadn’t been active for several years. Married now but no kids, I had other things keeping me busy. When Roy mentioned the Marilyn story I started to get a hard on. I remembered the adult theaters and meeting strange men and sucking a lot of cock. One thing though, I never got the nerve to be fucked. I did have a great assortment of dildo’s, vibrator’s and butt plugs that I played with. Never had the feeling of a real flesh, hard cock. I guess I was afraid of the possibility of pain. Only my toys had accessed my tight white ass.

I decided I would dress up real sexy in my Marilyn costume. I’d roll out of the big cake box that looked like a Birthday cake. It was a week after the grooms Birthday and decided to act out the John Kennedy birthday scene with Marilyn Monroe. The night of the party I got all into it, my wife even helped me out with my makeup. I was looking pretty hot, garter belt, black nylons and a cupless corset that made my man boobs, which were big, seem huge, I had even shaved my body. The sexy white low cut mini dress was the final straw. This was the best and sexiest I had ever looked. I was so turned on I had to whack off to hide my erection.

So I rolled into the patio and my friends helped put the fake cake box on. I was ready for the big surprise. Arthur and the guys walked out into the decorated patio. Everybody started singing, “For he’s a jolly good fellow” and then broke out into
‘Happy Birthday” Song. I rolled out the side of the cake and started singing Marilyn’s version of Happy Birthday. Everyone was really surprised how good I looked, you can imagine the remarks, then add in the booze and drugs. I was being offered many things, I was so hot when I went into the house to change.

The first thing I took off were my panties, when I heard a knock at the front door. So I rolled out of the bedroom to answer the door. I opened it and it was my neighbor Ben who had recently moved in next door. He greeted me saying, “I Saw the singing scene over the fence, then I realized we had met many years ago in an adult theater. We even dated for several monthes till I moved out of town”. I asked him in and said he must be mistaken, but then he pulled his sweat pants down and said, don’t you remember this? When I saw his cock, it brought back memories. He had a huge 12 inch thick beautiful black cock, that I licked and sucked on a regular basis. He was one of the few that I was always considering fucking, but he was so big. He kept buying me bigger and bigger dildos and butt plugs to break me in, but about the time I thought I was ready, his company transferred him to the eastcoast.

Within minutes my lips were wrapped around his huge shaft, holding it with both hands. I was franticly gobbling this monster in and out, down my throat. I tasted his pre cum and remembered how he use to explode gigantic loads all over me. I loved to eat his cum and now I remembered many hot sessions. We joked how he’d tit fuck me and explode in my face, then rub cum all over my body.

I remembered our first meeting at an adult theater. He offered to help me out of my wheelchair into a theater seat. He was very strong and lifted me into the seat easily. We started making out and soon our tongues were probing each other with vigor.. It didn’t take long to realize how big he was. When I unzipped his pants his penis popped out, he was huge and thick. I grabbed it and barely could hold it in my my hand. Without any thought I was down on it. My mouth was wide open as I tried to suck him. I was stroking him wildly. Only the tip of his cock was in my mouth. I could taste his very sweet semen. Soon I was bobbing up and down on the one eyed monster. I could tell that soon he was going to explode. Eagerly pumping in and out, my fingers felt the beginning of his explosion. His cock was deep down my throat, when his first gush gagged me. I pulled up choking and the second load shoot in my face. I managed to eat the remaining loads but his cum kept dripping out my mouth. I swallowed load after load but couldn’t contain his huge eruption.After cleaning up, we went out for drinks and more fun. I visited the restroom at the club and realized gobs of cum all over my hair. No wonder I was getting the looks as we entered the club.

Here I was, so hot from showing myself to my friends, now reliving hot blow jobs from my past.
Again holding a cock that I’d eaten so many times. Even planning how he’d pop my cherry for the first time. Now tasting him again. I could always till when he was about to cum, he had huge balls that I’d lick. Cranking him with my hands. Then back between my lips, sucking him madly. Suddenly he pulled back and said it was time to finally fuck my tiny white ass, I was so hot I just wanted his cock. I laid back and he spread my lacy nylon clad legs wide open. Then he went down on me and was sucking my cock, then balls and then eating my ass out. Sticking his tongue deep into my ass and spiting into my asshole. He pulled back and said I’m dripping for his cock. He started rubbing his dick up and down my crack, and then I could feel the tip of his monster penis starting to penetrate, slowly pushing his shaft into me. The anticipation of pain was disappearing. I could feel the tip inside me, then further and further I was engulfing him completely inside me and I cried out, FUCK ME, FUCK ME HARD! He started pumping me wildly, in and out. I could feel his balls slapping my ass as he started pounding into me. I was having the greatest orgasm of my life as he exploded inside me. I could feel his warm juice engulf his cock and ozse out the sides. He pulled out me gave me a load in the face before I could take the last shots in my mouth. I was in a fucking trance eating and tasting the first dick. He taught me how to crave cock. That night I was learning the joy of becoming a fucking cum-slut whore.

Right about this time I realized a couple of guys from the party were standing in the doorway . I’m chowing down the last drops of Ben’s sweet semen. Telling him I’d fuck him whenever he wants. “I’ll do anything for that cock.”, I yelled. Ben then looks at my friends and tells me he’d love to see me get gangbanged.

. Needless to say the party lasted several more hours. Just after my first cock, I now wanted more cock. I wanted to do anything Ben wanted. The thought of him fucking me again was making my new found pussy throb. I got back in my wheelchair and ask the two guys in the doorway to strip if they wanted to continue the party. Then told them I’d do them both, but I’d be right back.

I rolled into the patio where the bachelor party was still going on. They were now watching some porno films. Roy said, “I thought you were going to change? “Well, I was taking off my panties and then an old friend came by and me all dressed up. He told to continue removing my panties. Then he started raping me, I struggled for a few moments. After he fucked me I realized how much I liked it. Now since we’re having a party, he wanted me to ask you guys if you could gangbang me. All those that volunteer will not regret it. If you fuck me good enough, I’ll invite you back.

By the next morning I had been gangbanged by 9 out 10 of the guys. Many times two at a time. One guy would pull out and another would fuck me. I found out that I love to suck cocks that have just fucked me. After fucking and sucking the nine guys I told them I’d do them regularly if they would all jack off in my face while Ben fucked me one more time.

I was completely trenched in cum as I was kissing Ben goodbye. I ended up leaving my wife the next week She caught Ben and some other friends fucking me. But that’s fine, now I can live as the slut I long to be.

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