The Beauty And The King

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Abbey Brooks:

Sex: Female
Age: 23 years
Figure: Soft-contoured, smooth-toned, voluptuous, hourglass type and perfectly feminine
Complexion: White
Voice: Musical
Face: Nymphish, rounding in contours and innocent in looks
Eyes: Heavy-lidded, long-lashed, large and deep blue
Hair: Silken, soft, abundant, honey-blonde and curls down to waist
Bust: 38DD, round, lop-sided and firm
Nipples: Pink and puffy
Areolae: Pink and large
Waist: 26
Hips: 39, wide-curved
Ass: Soft and massive
Thighs: Creamy-soft and rounding in contours

Joseph(ine) Presley:

Sex: Female
Age: 31 years
Figure: Skinny, mannish, poor in curves and mostly flat
Complexion: White
Voice: Deep-pitched
Face: Philosophically profiled
Eyes: Slightly slanted, small and dark brown
Hair: Short, close cropped, straight and black
Bust: 31A, almost flat
Waist: 22
Hips: 30, narrow
Ass: Almost flat
Thighs: Straight and long
Orientation: A lesbian drag king

Joseph Presley was staring through the open window of her bedroom at the orange-red hue of sky. The fragrant evening breeze felt intoxicating to her as she inhaled deep into it and then closed her eyes. She smiled to herself memorizing her passionate way of making love to a busty and curvaceous brunette in the very bedroom two nights back. Surely, Joseph got totally involved in the steaming hot sex with the divorced mother of two; because Sharon Williams was so sexy and erotically a hot babe. It seemed apparently normal for the two to be introduced and get friendly with each other at a mutually shared table in Jack Steel’s local bar. Joseph seemed frank to make Sharon a generous offer for the drink and the lovely brunette showed no reluctance to accept it. She sipped on the red liquor and smiled gracefully at Joseph in their hearty chat without realizing that she was being drugged by her companion. To Joseph’s joy, Sharon was intoxicated and steamed up shortly. Whether it was due to the powerful dose of the drug or the effect of an aggrieving past on her, Joseph couldn’t deduce. By all means it was going well in her favor, because she could take the brunette babe to her home with ease.

In the bedroom, Joseph stripped Sharon naked before pushing her gently on bed. Without taking off her own shirt and pants, she mounted atop the voluptuous beauty and pressed her mouth unto the woman’s full lips. The brunette was heated up more and hugged Joseph around the shoulders to finger through her close cropped hair. They continued to suck each other’s mouths in a lip-locking kiss, until Joseph slid over Sharon’s hot body to stroke playfully on her 34DD tits. The busty woman moaned as Joseph pinched on her engorged nipples before taking them into her mouth one after the other. While licking and sucking hard on Sharon’s one nipple, she pinched lovingly on the other teat causing the lovely brunette to melt and shudder in rising lust. Joseph held Sharon’s huge tits to press them together and licked on the deep cleavage before pulling the nipples alternatively into her hungry mouth.

After sucking on Sharon’s massive tits, Joseph showered a trail of hot kisses on her soft-toned belly and continued to lick her way on the inner tones of fat thighs in longer strokes. The musky smell of the ripe pussy proved to be an appetizer. Hence, her mouth pressed hard on Sharon’s gaping cunt and she rubbed her lips over the wet petals in an attempt to pull on them. Sharon moaned aloud and shuddered in extreme pleasure as Joseph was sucking hard on her engorged clit. The brunette came under convulsive waves of pleasure, rewarding her lover with a treasure of rich salted cum for an untiring oral service.

It seemed to be a straight, yet passionately hot sex. Nothing went unusual about it until Joseph decided to get up and fish out a 10″ rubber phallus from the night stand. Sharon stared at Joseph in pure amazement, who was strapping that crooked thing around the slim hips after unzipping and taking off her pants. The thing which amazed Sharon was the shaven pussy instead of a cock between Joseph’s thighs; because she had mistaken her companion in the bar for being a man. She said nothing of utter disbelief for the figure that was leaning above her. It was a figure which being feminine in real used to dress, speak and behave like a man.

Yes, Joseph was a drag king. A woman whose orientation to present herself as a man, made her an unusual being. The bemused brunette stared at the lesbian crossdresser, who was positioning the lifeless cock at her vaginal entrance. Joseph smiled at the funny look on Sharon’s face, as she touched the bulbous tip unto her ready cunt. It seemed to the short-haired lesbian that this lovely mother of two had never been with a woman; especially with a woman as queer as her.

Sharon hissed when Joseph slid the phallus into her juicy cunt. The drag king began to push and re-push that rubber thing into her lubricated love canal and continued to increase the tempo with each fucking thrust she made. The brunette moaned out of lust and hugged Joseph around shoulders, who was pounding into her cunt forcefully. The hot fucking episode continued for some minutes and ultimately culminated with the two screaming out their profuse release. Sharon left Joseph’s home an hour later, who surely knew that the curvaceous beauty was pleasured well up to the peak after another session of oral service and steaming hot fuck.

Joseph liked to do surprises but more than doing any surprise, she liked women; who might preferably have pretty faces, huge tits and ample bottoms. Satisfying her lesbian tendencies in a queer way was really a fascinating idea. The easiest thing she did in that regard was to drop “i-n-e” in the actual spelling of her name. Attiring herself into male outfits wasn’t a big deal either. The real challenge that lay for Joseph was to mask certain feminine features about her such as the swell of bust. But thanks to the sports bra, loose hair, liquid latex and mascara, the problem was overcome shortly.

She opened her eyes as that delicious reverie faded away into her mind by an impeding idea. Therefore, Joseph turned around and stared into the life-size mirror of her dressing stand to check if she was made up finally. In pure satisfaction she smiled at her reflection, which smiled back at her as a slim man with sideburnt handsome face. There was no chance for anyone to recognize the real of this figure covered under the grey silk shirt and navy blue pants. So Joseph and the man in mirror winked at each other simultaneously.

After enjoying a thirty minutes long drive to Jack Steel’s bar, she managed to park her ford by the big trash can. Joseph got off the car and walked straight to enter the big hall. She looked around casually and observed that most of the tables there, were occupied by two or more chatter boxes. It wasn’t for Joseph just to stand like a statue and watch that riff-raff of people making funny gestures at one another. But failing to find a lonely chick like Sharon Williams at any table, she resumed to walk more into the hall. Without any difficulty she located the pot-bellied, balding bartender who was busy dealing with a couple of customers.

“Hiya Jackie!” Joseph called the bartender aloud.

Started at first, Jack wheeled around and blinked at her as if he was trying to look into suddenly illuminated light, piercing through his pouchy eyes. A moment later, he showed a welcoming toothy grin.

“Hey dude!” croaked Jack, “Still lookin’ fer a fresh meat?”

“Nay, I’d prefer to kill a bird than filling up my mouth here.” Joseph said, frowning at the bartender.

“Hark! What got ye say like that, buddy?” said Jack, croaking louder than before.

“Plain enough. You come here. Find nothing special at this hour. Then go on asking a bully like you for a sizzling drink.” Joseph spoke crisply.

She heard Jack making a wheezing laughter and smiled back at him.

“That’s the way ye make yerself here shark!” Jack spat out jovially. “Night’s always fer me guests. What would be fer ye to spue on?”

“Huh! I know you are best at soda in the neighborhood.” replied Joseph.

“Naught soda! Suit yerself, Martini’s the best.” Jack gestured her to a table and turned swiftly to go round his long reception desk for getting the drink.

Laughingly, Joseph accepted Jack’s offer and walked over to sit at the table pointed by him. For some minutes she sat silently, looking around the hall and listening to a funny argument going on between a couple. She stifled an urge to laugh, when the old lady jumped suddenly spilling red liquor down the table, for her hubby’s hiccough had started her.

While the crossdresser was sipping on her drink, an alluringly beautiful blonde entered the big hall. Joseph’s eyes stopped their casual roaming to stare attentively at the new comer. Putting her glass on the table, she continued to look at the centre of her attention. The blonde, who was dressed in a green party dress, had stood at the entrance for a while to look around the hall before making her steps towards the reception desk. Joseph’s gaze followed her and she calculated instantly that the chick was in her twenties.

The blonde walked over to the reception desk swaying her wide hips. Joseph gazed at the lovely girl, whose ample curves were accentuated by the tight hugging apparel. That dress was as silky as her honey-blonde curls, and therefore it seemed to be an elegant choice. The girl said something to Jack, who nodded to her showing his toothy grin. She turned around to walk towards a vacant table and behind her, Jack winked at Joseph. “The bastard knows what I’m thinking about the chick…” thought Joseph, smiling at the bartender.

For a fleeting moment she felt that the blonde was looking directly into her eyes. Stupefied by the stunning beauty of the girl, Joseph watched her making a few steps to occupy an empty seat at a table nearby. Either it was for the current fashion or the blonde liked to show much of her assets; that green dress seemed too short to hide the huge swell of bust, bigger mounds of bottom and smooth contours of rounding limbs. The v-neck was cut low to reveal the cleavage deeper than the one Joseph had licked a couple of nights ago, and the hem seemed to slide up the chick’s thighs when she walked.

Joseph’s heart was beating faster and her hands trembled as she took the drink. Wondering at her own anxiety, she emptied the glass in a draught. The warming effect of martini was a great help to recover the smartness and agility in a few minutes, which happened to be her real talent. Making up her mind finally, Joseph turned her head to look at Jack Steel. She had a hunch that the bartender was no problem when it came to the reception of mind-to-mind signals. At his nod, she got up and took a few steps to the table where the blonde was seated.

“Hi.” Joseph said to the girl, showing her a wide grin.

The blonde turned her head to look at the slim man, who was dressed in a simple-fashioned style. With the elegance of shining black hair, his sideburnt face looked handsome. She replied him a “Hi” with a look of curiosity on her beautiful face.

“It may look odd for me to disturb you ma’am,” said Joseph carefully choosing her words, “but if I’m not wrong, you don’t have any friend here like me. One may feel bored for drinking alone in a place like this. Would you mind if I share this table with you for some chat till we’re here? But I do believe it’s a lady’s privilege to turn down such a request, if she’s expecting some friend to come.”

The blonde thought for some moments, then smiled at Joseph, saying, “I was wondering that too when I saw you there. There won’t be any friend to follow me here. Ummm… I think we can have a good chat for the moment.”

“That’s really nice of you ma’am.” said Joseph, taking a chair facing the girl. “I’m Joseph Presely.”

“I’m Abbey Brooks.”

“Your name’s as beautiful as your face.” Joseph said, with a faint smile on her lips.

“Thank you.” Abbey flashed her a beauteous smile.

“Welcome. You’re new to this city, I presume?”

“No. I’ve been here some months ago. For three days now, I came at my big sister’s to celebrate her wedding anniversary.”

“Great! That looks like a refreshing reunion. You came here to enjoy the eve, then?”

“Yes. It’s fine today. Thought to get some drink after doing shopping for a couple of hours.”

“Nice to hear that. One mustn’t miss a chance to double the joyous moments for sure.” Joseph said jovially. Abbey merely smiled at her.

“I always miss such things.” Joseph resumed. “Bet for one who lives miles away from his home, may do crazy things here like hitch-hiking. But I’m not that crazy to kill time except for going on long drive along coastals. You seem to like long drive, don’t you?”

“Yes I do. At school, me and my friends went to watch movies and had parties to enjoy our weekends.”

“Interesting! I too believe one mustn’t feel this life a drag. It ought to have the colour. And speaking of the colour, what’s your choice? I guess rose suits your charm or what!”

Abbey laughed at this. Joseph felt herself be intrigued by the tinkling melody she just heard. “So innocent! So lovely!” She thought, gazing at Abbey’s flushed nymphish face.

“It may be my favourite, but I like green most.” The blonde said with a hearty smile on her face.

“Wow! That has to be the colour of your dress, then.”

Abbey said an “ummm”, giving Joseph a nod.

“Lovely thing. You’ve green for favorite. As for me, I feel I’m now liking the honey-blonde.” Joseph said leaning slightly forwards. At that instant a waitor, who had come to their table, served two glasses of sherry.

“You feel, you like what?” said Abbey looking at Joseph questioningly.

Joseph took her glass as the waitor strolled away. “Honey-blonde. It’s the colour I like now.”

“What do you mean?” Abbey pressed on, reaching at her glass to take it.

“Oh, I feel stupid to get things mixed up some times. That’s the colour of your hair.” Joseph said sipping at her drink.

Abbey laughed at this. “You are an interesting man, Mr. Presley.” she said, smiling on Joseph’s comment.

“Let me say this ma’am, you look lovely in those curls. So I had an impression, honey-blonde must be my favourite when I saw you.”

“Thank you again. It isn’t the compliment for my hair then.”

“Bet it’s the compliment for a pretty girl now I’m chatting with.” Joseph said, smiling at Abbey.

“Do you always say such things to pretty girls you meet?” Abbey asked, taking a sip of her drink.

“Oh, I did that so often until some one stopped me.” Joseph said, with a casual look on her face. When Abbey looked at her questioningly, she resumed, “My girl friend.”

The two laughed together at this. Joseph continued to spice up their chat by telling Abbey some interesting stories about her girl friend and then switching it to hilarious jokes. Inwardly she felt content to see that her plan to keep the lovely blonde seated with her had not been unsuccessful. It was important that Abbey should drink four glasses at least; otherwise the dose won’t be that effective to heat her up. No doubt, Joseph was a best actress and she knew well how to hook the delicious pussies.

After about forty five minutes, Joseph fell silent when she realized that Abbey’s face had flushed well under the effect of drugged wine and therefore, she reached under the table. Putting one hand on Abbey’s right knee, Joseph began to feel up the smoothness of her thigh. The crossdresser stared intently at the lovely blonde as she stroked her leg further into the dress.

Joseph felt relieved to observe that Abbey offered no resistance. Instead, the darling girl was breathing heavy. A soft moan escaped from her full mouth as Joseph’s hand had managed to reach at the vertex of her thighs. Hooking a couple of fingers into the elastic panties, Joseph pulled at them and continued to stroke on the steamed centre of Abbey’s passion.

Abbey was indeed a sensitive babe. She sighed as Joseph continued to touch and stroke on her pussy. The crossdresser resolved assuredly that it won’t be long for her to taste Abbey’s cunt. The blonde was indeed one of those chicks who grew wet in no time, once they were felt between their thighs.

Joseph looked around for Jack and located him at the reception. For an answer to the questioning look on bartender’s face, she gave him a nod. Showing her a toothy grin, he turned round the desk and walked towards Abbey’s table.

Joseph slid her hand out of Abbey’s dress. She raised it before her eyes and smelt a waft of feminine pungency about it. Satisfied to see that her fingers were coated by a thin film of girlie wetness, Joseph opened her mouth and sucked it off them.

“Enjoing her pudding ye devil! Seems delishus aye!” Jack croaked at Joseph.

“Positive.” Joseph said, as she got off her chair and stuffed some bills into his fleshy hand.

Jack grinned at Joseph in his toothy way and instantly reverted to his desk.

Joseph turned to Abbey. Taking the girl by arm she said, “Let’s go, honey.”

Abbey said nothing. She merely turned her head to look at the man standing by her right.

Joseph pulled Abbey on feet. She knew that the lovely blonde would no longer object to her ministrations.

Together, they walked out of Jack Steel’s bar to the trash can, where Joseph’s ford was parked. The drag king fished the remote from her pocket and pressed a button to unlock the car. She helped the drugged girl to get in before taking the pilot seat herself.

It took about fifteen minutes for Joseph to reach her home through a short-cut. Being an agile person as ever, she took Abbey out of the vehicle and walked her into the bedroom.

Joseph gazed at the dreamy looking blonde as they stood close to each other. She reached up and stroked some golden curls off Abbey’s face. The girl looked back at her with a faint smile on her full lips.

“You look so innocent, darling.” Joseph whispered her endearing words to Abbey. “Your exotic beauty made me fall for you. I’d like to love you forever. Yes, forever…”

“Ummm…” Abbey moaned as Joseph’s mouth pressed unto her lips. Hugging the blonde nymph in a tight embrace, she kissed on them and opened her mouth to suck their sweet softness with intimate passion. Abbey responded to Joseph’s lip-locking kiss by hugging her around the shoulders. The girl could feel a pair of hands roaming down her back to stroke and cup the bigger cheeks with affectionate regard.

Joseph didn’t intend to linger her hands on Abbey’s huge butts. While kissing the nymph, she stroked up her back to reach the straps at top. Before pulling them off Abbey’s shoulders, Joseph kept on sucking and licking her lips. Their kiss was a perfect presentation of passionate love, which seemed to lock the two mouths together for ages.

The drag king kissed on Abbey’s cheeks and hooked her fingers into straps to pull the dress off her ample chest. Joseph’s deft hands undid the pink bra and Abbey raised her arms again, letting her lover to take the silk material and throw it away.

Staring at the pair of naked melons in lusting stupor, Joseph licked her lips and reached at the mouth-watering jugs to stroke on their lop-sided roundness. They presented a beautiful sight with white tan lines in the shade of bikini bra. Joseph couldn’t hold back the urge to pinch on Abbey’s puffy nipples, which were set gracefully into large areolae.

The blonde nymph bit her lip. Her breathing grew heavier with each pinch. For a moment she found herself looking directly into the eyes of man and smile with him, who was touching her tits lovingly.

Joseph was so close to Abbey that she could see her pupils get dilated in the deep blue eyes with rising heat. The firm flesh of huge tits felt intriguing on her palms. So she moved her head closer and took Abbey’s right nipple into her mouth.

Abbey closed her heavy-lidded eyes. The man seemed to know how to steam up a woman. Reaching into the close cropped hair of her lover, she began to brush it with her fingers. The blonde bit her lip again feeling a twitch of pleasure between her thighs as the guy sucked on one nipple and pinched on the other with great fervor.

Joseph licked and sucked on Abbey’s right nipple; then turned her head to pull the left teat into her mouth. The nipple slid out in a pulling smack, but Joseph pursed her lips over it again. She reached at Abbey’s free tit and began to pinch on it. Hugging the heated blonde at waist, she darted her tongue to lick on the pink areola. At that time, Joseph observed the girl closely. She looked so takingly vulnerable with her half-open mouth and closed eyes.

Joseph sucked on Abbey’s puffy nipple before kissing her on mouth. The blonde nymph responded to Joseph’s kiss by sucking and licking on her hot lips. They could have continued to smack each other for long, if it wasn’t for the drag king to break their oral contact. Of course she had more ideas to follow.

After sucking on Abbey’s tits again, Joseph took her to the cushioned bed. She helped the lovely blonde to lie there on back and then, knelt herself on floor pushing those creamy thighs apart at the edge of mattress. The hem of Abbey’s dress slid up to her hips and Joseph savored upon a good show of pink panties, which seemed skimpy to cover the treasures underneath. The mannish lesbian stroked on Abbey’s thighs along their inner tones, until she reached the silk material between them. It required a little effort on Joseph’s part to pull the panties down her sweetheart’s thighs.

Joseph pushed Abbey’s thighs more to raise them up and licked her lips in lust as she gazed hungrily on the shaven pink pussy between them. It wasn’t for a voracious lesbian like her to remain calm, if she was served a fresh tasty cunt. Feeling unable to hold herself back, Joseph leaned forwards and pressed her mouth unto Abbey’s snatch.

The blonde nymph hissed as she felt a warm, wet tongue licking on her womanhood. She closed her eyes in the pleasing sensation that rose into her loins due to the lingual massage of her ultra sensitive cunt.

“Aahhh… Aahhh… Ummm… Aaaaahhhh….” Abbey moaned in pleasure as Joseph continued to lap on her twitching petals in upward and downward strokes. The mannish crossdresser opened her mouth and pressed it hard to suck on Abbey’s pungent slit. Darting her tongue out, she licked the delicious cunt and then resumed on sucking its sensitive folds.

“AAAHHHH… AAAHHHH… OH YEAAAHHHH… UMMMM…” the blonde nymph moaned louder, squeezing and pinching her own tits. She shuddered under the waves of rising lust while Joseph continued to pull on her cuntal folds.

Joseph kissed, licked and sucked on Abbey’s cunt before stretching it open. She darted her tongue to locate the engorging clit in an upward lick. Probing the tongue-tip into the pink entrance, Joseph pursed her lips on Abbey’s throbbing love-morsel and began to suck it.

“AAAHHHH… AAAAAHHHH… AAAAAAHHHHH… OH YEAAAHHHH… YEAAHHHHHH… FUUUUCKKK… YEAAAAHHHHHHH…” Abbey screamed as the heat of intense pleasure rose from her cunt. Joseph was eating her snatch in passionate hunger, mostly sucking and licking the delicious clit. The darling girl writhed and twisted her voluptuous body as she was hit into convulsions of heightened lust. The forceful suction and quick-stroked lick on her clit brought Abbey more and more at edge. Soon, the orgasm rippled through her vaginal walls and she came into Joseph’s mouth, showering her sucking mouth with profusely oozing girlcum.

The drag king wiped her face with the back of her hand before eating the spent girl again. Abbey lay close-eyed, savoring the sensation of Joseph’s oral service on her cuntal folds and erectile morsel. The mannish crossdresser licked into Abbey’s labia and sucked on her clit to clean the remaining cum traces for a couple of minutes.

After cleaning Abbey of the honey, Joseph stood up and pulled her to get on feet. She stripped the voluptuous beauty naked and pushed her backwards on bed in gentle deliberation. The lesbian drag didn’t get nude herself. She had a surprise in store for the darling Abbey and it had to come later.

Joseph lay atop the nude nymph and began to suck her full lips. Abbey kissed her lover back and opened her mouth to receive the lingual invasion. Their tongues danced together, salivating the two mouths locked in a deep kiss.

The mannish lesbian rubbed her mouth on Abbey’s lips to suck them and then kissed on her smooth-toned throat. The blonde doll lay close-eyed under Joseph, who continued to slobber down her marvelous chest. Pressing Abbey’s boobs together, she licked on her cleavage in longer strokes.

Joseph kissed Abbey’s tits before licking her left nipple in upward strokes. She pursed her mouth over the pink teat but it slipped out of the sucking lips in a forced pull. The blonde nymph sighed as her sensitive bud was lapped by the mannish lesbian in longer strokes.

Turning to Abbey’s right jug, Joseph darted her tongue to lick the sensitive nipple and quickly took it in her mouth. Just as before, Abbey’s nipple merely escaped the closing lesbian lips in deep suction.

Joseph lapped and sucked on Abbey’s mouth watering melons before kissing down her soft toned stomach. After licking her belly button in twirling strokes, Joseph continued to lap on Abbey’s fleshy legs alternatively.

The drag king put her hands on Abbey’s thighs to splay them and gazed at her juicy cunt in lusting hunger. The pungent smell wafting from those labial folds intoxicated Joseph to stoop down and dart her tongue out. She licked on Abbey’s cunt in upward and downward strokes. Joseph pressed her open mouth on blonde girl’s snatch to press her lips unto it.

“Aaaah… Aaaah… Ooooh… Ummm… Ummm… ” Joseph heard Abbey’s sighs and low-toned moans. She increased the lingual speed and oral pressure over her twitching cunt. The salty taste of that yoni felt so delicious to Joseph that she rubbed her mouth over its pink folds. She pulled hard on them and in an instant they slid out through her sucking lips.

Abbey shuddered and moaned aloud as Joseph’s mouth glued voraciously unto her ultra-sensitive pussy. She grew wetter in a matter of minutes. The darling girl shut her eyes tight. She squeezed her own tits, pinching on the puffy nipples when her love canal vibrated at edge. Joseph pressed her mouth harder unto Abbey’s twitching pussy as it spat gushes of salted cream into her face. Passionate to drink Abbey’s cum, she licked all the juice off her cunt and sucked the labial folds in smack.

Even after licking it clean, Joseph continued to eat Abbey’s tasty cunt. The blonde hissed as Joseph stretched her labia manually. She licked on Abbey’s pink entrance and her tongue-tip stroked over the uncovered clit. She pursed and closed her lips on the erectile morsel.

“OOHHH… UMMM… AAAHH… UMMM… UMMM… AAAHH… YEAAHHH… YEAAHHH…” Abbey screamed out of extreme pleasure which rippled through the walls of her twitching cunt. Joseph’s hungry mouth rubbed, pursed and sucked on her clit. Abbey pinched her own nipples as her canal was filled with lust up to the brim. Joseph licked her lubricated entrance before sucking the clit again; harder this time. Abbey screamed aloud, hit by violent orgasm for the third time. Joseph sucked the salted juice, pressing her mouth on Abbey’s spent pussy to pull at it.

After licking the blonde clean, Joseph crawled over her golden body. She pressed her mouth unto Abbey’s lips and let the girl suck her own taste as they kissed passionately. Lying in intimate embrace, they sucked and licked each other’s lips.

Joseph moved her hand to explore into Abbey’s curves. She squeezed one of the mammas and reached further down to touch the sleek cunt eaten by her a while back. Her fingers pushed through the labial folds to locate the ultra sensitive clit before pinching at it. Abbey made an impulsive attempt to raise herself under pleasing tweak but her response was subdued by Joseph, who was kissing her in deep passion.

“Do you like what I did darling? Will you let me show some more?” Joseph whispered to Abbey, looking at her in erotic stupor.

“Ummm… Yesss… Yesss… show me… Ummm… ” the dreamy blonde heaved her reply while she was pleasured manually by her lover.

Joseph got on her knees and told the darling girl to turn over. While Abbey complied with her, the crossdresser flung at the nightstand to fish out her 10″ toy. Before strapping it on her slim hips, she stroked and squeezed the splendid ass cheeks presented before her. Abbey smiled savoring upon Joseph’s touch on her fleshy bottom. She hissed when her butts received a sharp slap. “Raise your bubbles, sweetheart. I can’t wait for long.” Joseph spoke at her back.

As Abbey was raising her bottom, Joseph began to take off her pants and underwear. After strapping the rubber cock on, she resumed to stroke the twin globes and stooped down to press her face into pillowy ass. Intrigued by Abbey’s moans and sighs, the lesbian drag began to lick her along the deep ass crack.

Joseph pushed Abbey’s huge cheeks apart to get a clear view of the puckered anus and darted her tongue out for licking its sourness in swift strokes. To lubricate Abbey’s rectum, Joseph spat at it and pushed her index finger through the tight hole. Satisfied with the progress, she slapped on the big bottom and slid her hands around its mass to hold the girl at hips. Joseph’s rubber cock stood ready as ever to pass an entry and therefore, she rammed it into Abbey’s ass hole following an instant resolution.

“Aaahh… Ummm… Ummm… Ummm…” Abbey moaned, enjoying the assault at her rear. Joseph bit her lip and slapped on Abbey’s huge cheeks, continuing to impale the length into her slippery rectum.

“OOHHH… UMMM… FUCCKKK… YEAAHHH… OHHH…” The blonde nymph cried in rising lust. Her moans quivered as Joseph made savage thrusts into her. She held Abbey’s wide hips tight and slapped her firm butts to keep on the fucking pace.

Abbey screamed and her tits squashed over the mattress when she was pushed forwards by the hardest of Joseph’s thrusts. At the very moment, the mannish lesbian shuddered inwardly. It wasn’t the aftereffect of Abbey’s screams, but the strap on had pressed unto her own pussy when she pushed hard into the girl.

Abbey stopped crying when that hard shaft slid out of her rectum. She felt a cold hand pulling at her left arm. Instantly, the darling girl was flipped on her back and she found herself staring at Joseph’s smiling, handsome face.

“I’m about to come darling. It’d be better if I fuck your pussy. Just see how my member longs for this.” Joseph said softly, without taking her eyes off the voluptuous loveliness.

Abbey’s eyes fell down. She stared in amazement at the length which was being stroked by Joseph in a deliberate way. That thing was as crooked as a real cock. Abbey looked incredulously at the rosy-white phallus which was strapped on Joseph’s hips and in an aweful moment, she realized who was kneeling before her.

“You… You aren’t a MAN!!!” Abbey spoke, wide-eyed.

Joseph laughed. “Yes. I’m more than a man.” she spoke, enjoying the amazed look on Abbey’s pretty face.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Inquired Abbey, making an attempt to rise on her elbows.

“Because I was afraid you’d reject me.” Joseph said moving closer to the blonde.

“Reject you! What do you mean?” Abbey pressed on her question.

“I fell in love the moment I met you in that bar. Wanting to show my love and dressed like man, I took you here.” Joseph answered, keeping her voice soft as before.

“But you are a fake. Can’t believe I’d been with a…”

“…crossdresser.” said Joseph, interrupting Abbey into her sentence. “So I was right. You are one of those heteros who frown at lesbians.”

“NO!!! THAT’S NOT TRUE.” The awed girl retorted.

A smile curved into Joseph’s lips. “Bet that’s a good thing to hear, darling.”

“Why are you calling me darling?” the blonde inquired; her tone firm under the hint of anger.

“Because I love you.” Joseph said, putting her hands on Abbey’s shoulders.

“Get your hands OFF ME!!!” Abbey writhed in disgust.

“Oooo!!! Wanna be difficult, ain’t you?” Joseph spoke coldly as she frowned at Abbey with a menacing look about her.

The intimidating expression on Joseph’s face had an effect on Abbey. The girl just opened her mouth but could say nothing. For some tense moments, they stared at each other in silence until Joseph made an unexpecting move. Abbey sobbed as she was hit to fall on her back. A clever person like Joseph could easily deduce that she had done a right thing to keep the situation in her favor.

“Wh…What do you want?” Abbey asked the fake man; her voice hinting fear.

“Just checkin’ how difficult you can be.” Joseph said, flinging herself at the blonde.

“I HATE… UMMM… UMMM… ummm… ummmm… ” cried Abbey trying to push off the mannish lesbian, but Joseph succeeded in silencing her with a lip-sucking kiss. First, the girl twisted her body feebly; then she had to give up because the fake man had held her wrists in a tight grip.

Abbey’s reluctance was replaced by acceptance to Joseph’s embrace, who had moved a hand down to stroke her thighs and pinch on the steamy cunt between them. The crossdresser had realized Abbey’s softened response in a jiff. So she broke their kiss and slid down to pull the puffy nipples into her mouth.

Abbey closed her eyes as she sighed in the pleasure of that tit-suction. Joseph licked the pink areolae in quick twirls before shifting on her knees to push Abbey’s thighs apart. The lesbian drag had to stop the oral service on Abbey’s tits before directing the 10″ shaft to her entrance. The blonde nymph hissed as the bulbous tip touched her pulsating labia. With a gentle push, Joseph impaled the rubber cock into Abbey’s cunt, who moaned at the sliding sensation between her splayed thighs.

With a slowed pace, Joseph began to push her cock into Abbey’s juicy cunt but in a few minutes, she increased her momentum with each fucking thrust. Abbey’s beautiful face contorted in lust as Joseph’s impaling hardness searched into her depths.

“Ummm… Oh yeaahhh… yeaahhh… Ohhh…” Abbey moaned when Joseph picked up her pushing pace. The strap on was rubbing into crossdresser’s pussy as she moved her hips. Biting her lip, she sped up the tempo to fuck Abbey hard with each thrust.

“AAAHH… AAAHH… FUCCKKK… OH FUCCKKK… FUCCKKK… YEESSS… ” Abbey cried aloud. Her voice cut into quivers as Joseph pushed hard into her. Raising her tempo to fuck the voluptuous beauty, Joseph shut her eyes and bit her lips under stress. The pleasure vibrated through her own canal as she increased more of the fucking speed.

Abbey hugged Joseph tight and grabbed on her shirt under the pleasing stupor. Soon, her cunt got filled with the lusting heat that radiated to her tits. The pleasure pulsated as a strong wave that rose to its peak through her honeyed passage.

“FUUCCKKK… FUUCCKKK… YEAAHHH… FUUCCKKK… I’M… AAHHH… I’M… I… AAHHH… CUMMMMMMING… AAAAHHHHH… ” Abbey screamed as she reached her edge. Joseph was on verge too. With one mightiest push, she cried aloud and her release oozed under the lifeless cock in an instant. Abbey raised her voluptuous torso and shut her eyes tight, as she shuddered into violent explosion. Her quivering pussy spat out thick gushes of cream.

Much of their vitality was lost. Spent at the same time, the couple collapsed into each other. Joseph slid off Abbey’s laxed form to lie with her in a warm snuggling hug.

They lay together in the close embrace, searching into each other’s eyes. Silence prevailed over them for seemingly longer moments, till Joseph said Abbey’s name.

“Yes.” Abbey answered. Her voice gave a hint of affection and regard.

“Do you still disgust at what we’ve done tonight?”

“Disgust for being with you…” Abbey said, rolling her eyes thoughtfully before she resumed with a smile. “No.”

Joseph smiled back at her. “You sure?”

“Yes I am.” said Abbey.

“Bet I’m a fake buddy. You know that.”

“Fake, but an excellent lover.” Abbey said, flashing Joseph a beauteous grin.

The mannish woman laughed. “If you say so, I’m obliged. One thing remains to worry me most.” she said.

“And what’s that?” asked Abbey. Her tone as soft as before.

“I think we can’t make it again. You’ll be moving to your place shortly.”

“Ummm… how about tomorrow night?” suggested Abbey.

“Tomorrow will be ok. It’d be for a couple of hours, then.”

“No! It’ll be overnight.” Abbey’s melodious voice echoed decisively.

“What?!” spat Joseph. An incredulous look stole over her sideburnt face.

“You heard me. It’ll be for overnight.” The blonde nymph repeated her words with an air of assurance.

“Let’s wish it may go forever then.” whispered Joseph as she leaned over Abbey.

The couple smiled at each other before their mouths locked into a lip-sucking kiss.

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