The Bet pt 1

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It is Friday afternoon, and as we often do, my fiancée Laura and I were at our favorite saloon drinking a few beers and shooting pool. I really enjoy spending as much time as possible with Laura because we get along so well and enjoy doing a lot of the same things. We are both competitive in nature and always battle each other in friendly competition in activities such as darts, bowling, pool, and video games. More times than not I win these contests but she is always a good sport and promises I will not win next time.

Usually we make friendly wagers on the outcome of each game. The wagers run the gamut from who pays for the next round all the way up to our favorite, sexual favors. Laura is a beautiful, petite, raven-haired knockout who is my perfect partner in every way including sexually. So, losing or winning these bets is really a no lose situation for both of us. My favorite is the sexual-slave-for-a-day wager, especially since I have not lost one of these yet. I always find new and interesting ways for Laura to serve me. As a result of my wins she has had to do many humiliating, sometimes risky, and always sexually gratifying acts. I have had her bring me lunch at my office made up as a wanton slut wearing only a long jacket and spiked heels. I have had her dress in her sexiest lingerie and then seduce the pizza delivery guy on our front doorstep and then quickly turn him away before he gets too excited. One day I decided to test her limits as I tied her spread-eagled to the bed and kept her in a state of arousal all day with my fingers, tongue, and cock. When I needed a rest I inserted her large vibrating dildo and left her to writhe and squirm as I went to watch TV. The most memorable episode was when I made her go to the costume store and rent a French maid’s uniform and had her wake me wearing it the following morning for a day of her complete servitude including calling me Sir and curtseying when entering and leaving the room. All of these adventures end with great lovemaking and much bonding as we cuddle and whisper our love to each other as we drift off to sleep.

This afternoon was no different as Laura decided she was ready to wager after she felt she was warmed up enough. She stated that if she wins then I would be her maid for a day. I asked her what that entailed and she replied the same as it did for when she was the maid. This was new for her. She seemed so confident that this is what she wanted and we had never experimented with cross-dressing before. She had a sinister smile on her face as I agreed remarking that she has to win the game first. My bet was that she must wash my car if I win and she agreed. So three games later with my car washed, the lawn mowed, and the garbage taken out for a month, I asked her if she had had enough yet. Her reply was just break ‘em. Since her bet had stayed the same in all these games I said my bet this time is the same as hers, she must be my maid again. “Whatever you want honey” came her reply. As I proceeded to shoot my way to the eight ball I asked her if she wanted to cancel since things looked bleak for her and all she said was “shoot”. I lined up the eight and as it fell into the side pocket I was looking forward to another great day until the cue ball banked twice and trickled into the corner pocket. My elation suddenly turned to disbelief as I realized what I had just lost. In a frantic attempt to save my masculinity I pleaded that this game doesn’t count since I scratched. She was jumping up and down ecstatic with her win and saying there was no way I was backing out of this one. Suddenly she had had enough and was ready to go home. Laura’s mood was off the scale as mine was of a condemned man walking to the gas chamber.

On the ride home I continued trying to talk my way out of this wager but Laura just kept saying, “You are mine”. She wanted her day to begin early tomorrow morning so she could get her money’s worth out of me. I had no choice but to go through with the deal. I took consolation in the fact that she wouldn’t be sending me to the costume store this evening, as I had done to her. That is one trip I was not looking forward to, but I was expecting the worse after the humiliations I had previously subjected Laura to. She would give me no clues as to what her plans were for the next day and my continued attempts only resulted in more unease on my part. So Laura prepared us a dinner that night and we just relaxed at home, both of us with different expectations of the day to come. The sinister smile I saw earlier was still there on her face all night. As we went to sleep (without sex because she wanted me to be extra horny on Saturday) she reminded me that I had agreed to do whatever she wanted tomorrow and I could only say, “yes dear”.

Saturday arrived way too early and I was not prepared for what was in store for me. Laura woke me and informed me my day of servitude started now. She wanted me soaking in the bathtub immediately so I went to draw myself a bath. She handed me very girly smelling bath oil to add to the water. I was instructed to soak for a while and then shave every hair from my body that was below my head. She handed me a handful of razors and told me to be careful as she walked out of the room. This took longer than I thought it would and a few nicks later my body was completely smooth. Laura came back when she heard the tub draining and handed me a towel and some scented body lotion to rub all over myself after I was dried off. The lotion felt very good going on my smooth skin, which was tingling from the shaving. I wrapped the towel around my waist and went to find Laura.

I found her sitting on the bed waiting for me. She handed me a pair of panties. They were a black thong and I knew I must put them on. As they slid up my smooth legs I was wondering how far this was going to go, not even realizing I had not seen these panties on Laura before. After I had them in place with the thong part uncomfortably in the crack of my ass, I was handed a bottle of bright red nail polish and instructed to paint my toes with two coats. I thought this was a little overkill not to mention embarrassing, but once again I had no say. As the second coat dried on my toes, Laura sat me at her vanity and started gluing false nails onto my fingers. This worried me, but I accepted my fate silently. The nails seemed extremely long to me but in reality were only a half-inch past the tips of my own. After the glue had dried I was now incapable of doing anything for myself. Laura ordered me to lie down on the bed and she expertly applied the first coat of red polish to my new claws. As this coat was drying she told me to not move a muscle or I would be sorry. She got something out of her dresser and brought it to the bed. When she opened the package I realized exactly what it was, breast forms. Now I knew this was going too far and it must have shown on my face because Laura just sternly told me to not say a word. She rubbed adhesive on my smooth chest and then placed one breast in place and then the other. She again told me not to move as she applied the second coat of polish to my nails. I just lay there on my back looking at my new breasts, which seemed huge, waiting for my new nails to dry. Realizing my predicament at the moment, I decided I could take whatever Laura could dish out.

When everything was dry I sat up and the weight on my chest was incredible. My new breasts moved and jiggled with every movement of my body. Now that I was standing up these breasts were very large and my shocked expression was answered by, “you will get used to them”. Laura now went back to her dresser and came back with a leather item I did not recognize. She told me it was a Victorian corset used to give me an hourglass figure. I knew what a corset was for and was in shock that she was going to put that thing on me, not even thinking where she had gotten such an item. She wrapped it around my torso and secured the hooks in front. As she turned me and started to tighten the laces, I studied the gar
ment and noticed how it we
nt from under my arms all the way down to the top of my hips, cupping and lifting my considerable breasts. The corset started to squeeze me and it wasn’t too bad I thought. But Laura was just beginning to tighten. She worked her way down from the top and tied those off. Then she worked her way up from the bottom and tied those off and started pulling on the top laces again. She completed this process three times, constricting my body more and more. I felt as though my ribs would be broken and I could not take a deep breath at all. After the fourth time through the laces she said that would be tight enough for now. I could not bend or breath, but I certainly now had a female shape with large, round breasts protruding from my chest. Laura was still working on something behind me and I suddenly heard the unmistakable snick, snick snick of padlocks being closed. She informed me the corset has a cover, over the laces, which locks in place so it cannot be removed until she removes me from it. Now I knew I was in trouble.

Now Laura ordered me to sit on the bed, which was very uncomfortable in the corset. She brought out a pair of black stockings and explained to me how to put them on. Since my nails would run the nylons she rolled them up on her fingers and then had me insert my painted toes into the stocking and she rolled them up my leg. After attaching this stocking to the six garters on the corset, she did the same with the other leg informing me, “nails or not, you are going to have to do this yourself from now on”. In my mind I was thinking, “Like I’ll be wearing stockings ever again”. Little did I know!

It suddenly dawned on me that nylons feel great on newly shaven legs. I couldn’t believe the sensation on my legs and I realized that I had an erection growing in my panties. Laura brought me back down to earth when she mentioned that these stockings have a seam up the back that I must keep straight all day or else my time in the corset would be extended. She now noticed the bulge in my panties and asked me why I was getting excited? I replied, “It must be everything; the nylons on my smooth legs, the tightness of the corset, maybe even the idea of having to serve you all day dressed as I am”. She said, “That is good to know” and she knelt down in front of me and pulled my panties down and took my raging hard on into her mouth. Laura loves giving head and she is great at it. She was sucking for all she was worth and running her hands all over my legs. I was in heaven thinking about being a girl for the day and almost ready to explode in Laura’s mouth when she abruptly stopped and pulled my panties back up. When I groaned she said that if I was caught touching myself or even thinking about jacking-off that I would be sorry. I was getting more rules thrust on me than I could remember, but at this point all I could do was go along with her plan.

I was now ordered to sit at the vanity again. This was not easy with the corset’s tightness and my raging hard on. As I sat there Laura told me to pay attention as she did my makeup, as I would have to learn this also. First she pulled out her tweezers and starting plucking my eyebrows. She thinned them down a lot and arched them slightly. I couldn’t believe she was doing this to me. Then she started with the foundation, smoothing it all over my face, forehead, and neck. It was a dark tan color that gave me a slightly suntanned look. Next she powdered over that and added a pinkish blusher to my cheekbones, making them appear high and thinner. Now Laura took out a black eyeliner pencil and traced my eyelids top and bottom giving my eyes a teardrop look. After that she used three shades of eye shadow to draw attention to my eyebrows. Now she lengthened my lashes with thick mascara and I was watching all these changes the whole time in the mirror. After the mascara, Laura showed me how to hold my lips as she outlined them with lip liner and then coated them with a creamy red lipstick that matched my nails. Next she placed medium-sized clip-on hoop earrings on my ears stating that I will get them pierced soon. Finally, out of the closet she brought a long, dark brown wig and set about fixing to my head with pins. She then brushed and styled it until it framed my face and completed the illusion she was creating.

I was speechless at the beauty Laura had turned my face into. I could not recognize myself at all in the mirror. Laura was also amazed at how I turned out. She said she knew I would look good, but this is better than she had hoped for. She went to her closet and showed me the high heels she expected me to wear. They were black patent pumps with a four-inch heel and a strap that went around the ankle. They looked impossible to me but I had no choice and I might as well go along (as if I had a choice). As I was lusting over my reflection in the mirror I felt Laura lifting my foot and sliding it into the shoe. She buckled the strap and proceeded to the other foot and did the same. I felt my feet and calves arch in unfamiliar ways. Suddenly, I heard the telltale snick, snick as I realized that I was now locked in these high heels as well as the corset. I looked at Laura in horror and she just said, “That’s a little insurance policy to make sure you behave”. At this point she pulled me to my feet and she steadied me as I wobbled in the heels. When she was satisfied I had regained my balance she let go and told me to walk across the room to the full-length mirror. My first steps were very shaky but the shoes were not as uncomfortable as I thought they would be. I didn’t know what women were always complaining about when they wear heels.

My first look into the full-length mirror almost knocked me back two steps. Looking back from the mirror was a gorgeous woman with a body to die for. Except for the bulge straining to break out of my panties there was no way of telling that the image was anything but all woman. Laura asked what I thought and I was still so stunned nothing would come out of my mouth. She said, “I see you do like it” as she started rubbing my rock hard erection. I thought I would explode right then but she said, “enough of that, we aren’t finished yet”. From the closet Laura pulled a garment bag I had never seen before. She unzipped it and pulled out a black French maid’s uniform. Not one of the costume store uniforms, but a real maid’s uniform. Suddenly it dawned on me that this was all planned. It all started to sink in that everything fit me too well to be Laura’s clothes and that she must have been planning this for some time. Before I could say anything about her plot, she held out the ruffled lace petticoats for me to step into. Dazedly I stepped into them and she pulled them up and secured them around my new reduced waist. Next she was holding the dress open for me to step into. Before I did, I checked the back of the dress to make sure there were no padlocks visible. There wasn’t anyway of locking the dress on as far as I could tell, even though it didn’t matter at this point if there were. So I stepped in and Laura pulled the dress up so I could put my arms into the sleeves and then she settled it around my body and the petticoats before she zipped up the back.

The dress was low cut in the front showing more cleavage than I preferred. The sleeves were long and ended in lace ruffles at the wrists. It was tight around my waist and fit around the corset like a second skin. With the skirt puffed out by the petticoats the hem ended above mid thigh, almost at the top of my stockings. My breasts looked huge in the tight outfit compared to my small waist. Laura then wrapped a white apron around my waist and tied it in back with a big bow. She had me sit down and she pinned a small cap to my hair and then sprit zed me with her favorite perfume. And now I was declared done.

Laura pulled me to my feet and took me to the mirror again. Now there was a very sexy French maid in the mirror, who no one could ever tell was a guy. Laura had me turn around in the heels as she inspected my stocking seams and then checked
me over from head to toe to
make sure everything was just as she wanted it. Now she told me this is how a proper maid must be attired at all times and any variation from what I see right now would be dealt with severely. She asked if I understood and if I had any questions. I said I understood and then asked how this had come about and how long she had been planning this? She replied, “Well, when you had forced me into this outfit and then treated me as a servant all day I knew I had to get even somehow. That whole day while I was at your beck and call I was plotting my revenge and this is what I came up with. I have slowly been buying everything you now wear and been putting together my plan for the rest of the day. I always thought you would make a pretty girl and I wanted to always try to persuade you to let me dress you up, but I didn’t think you would go along so I came up with this idea. Now that I see you all made up I know I made the right choice because I like what I see and think I will really enjoy having a maid around the house. And that will not end today when your wager is paid off. I plan on having a maid here at least four times a week and guess which one of us is going to be taking on those responsibilities? Yes dear, you are correct. Not me! Don’t even think that you will not be my maid from now on, as I have a plan to insure otherwise. Who knows, maybe you will get to like it.” My head was spinning from the tight restriction of the corset and from all the information the love of my life had just dropped on me. I was really worried she was serious and was going to go through with this. I started to think that I didn’t know my fiancée as well as I thought I did.

To be continued……….

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