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The Men’s Club

Although the rain was falling very hard, it added excitement to my errand. Usually, there are fewer people shopping when the weather is as bad as it is now, especially at the end of the workday. Sure enough, when I parked, there were very few cars in the lot near the lingerie boutique where I decided to shop; it was my first time at this particular store.

As soon as I entered, I saw the panties rack and that’s where I headed. After selecting three pretty pairs, I noticed another gentleman approaching. He smiled and said, “Your choices are very nice; I also selected one in lavender, just like the pair you are holding”. I thanked him for the compliment. He then asked, “Are you shopping for someone special?” A bit nervously, I answered, “Yes, I am.” Realizing my nervousness, the gentleman said, “Please excuse me but it is a joy for me to see men shopping for lingerie. I am also shopping for a special person, me!” With that comment, I smiled and said, “I too am my special person.” We shook hands and he introduced himself as Ivan and I gave him my name, Ben. Ivan then said, “You must not be nervous, several men shop for themselves here and belong to a special club.” Just as I was about to speak, another gentleman, a friend of Ivan, who was introduced as Arnold, approached us. Ivan said that Arnold and he are members of the club. Ivan then said, “In case you are wondering, our club is restricted to married men, over the age of 50. We meet monthly to enjoy wearing panties with each other.” Arnold added, if you are interested, we would have to interview you with at least one other member for you to be approved.” I agreed to the interview and a date was set for lunch the following Monday.

As I drove home with my new panties, I thought about the two men I met. Like me, they both appeared to be business executives and were very comfortable with their fetish, just as I am. I was now full of anticipation about the interview.

Following dinner, I put on a pair of my new panties and asked my wife Lenora to join me as she often does, also wearing panties. As we relaxed in the den, I told her about the meeting in the boutique and the interview. She paused a moment then said, “If it’s for mature, executive-type men, it could be very enjoyable for you.” I promised that if the group members were not my type, I would decline an invitation to join. Lenora and I spent the remainder of the evening in our panties.

On Monday, I arrived at the restaurant early, still anticipating what it would be like. As I noticed the two men I met, I was almost in a state of shock when I noticed that the third person with them was none other than my neighbor from across the street, Stan. Stan said, “Well, isn’t this a wonderful surprise?” All I could say at that time was, “This is about as good a surprise as I could ever dream.” Stan said to his fellow club members that we have known each other for over eight years and that our wives are also friends. Following that, Ivan said, “This is perhaps the shortest interview we will ever have. Ben, I hope that you will join us at our next meeting; it’s scheduled for this Saturday, at noon. Will you join us?” Stan said, “If you should decide to come, I’ll be happy to drive.” I said, “I am looking forward to the meeting.” Arnold said that the average age of the group is 60, each member is married with all wives supportive of our taste and each member is a business professional. He said also that there are two members who attend from out of town. Following that, we enjoyed our lunch and returned to our offices.

When I got home, as expected, Lenora was anxious to hear about the interview. When I told her that I would be joining the group, she was very happy that I would have the joy of socializing with others like me. When I told her that our neighbor Stan belonged to the group, she was surprised and also glad that there was someone I know well. Lenora then said that it would be so good to know what happens at the club. She also said that when the time is right, she and Jane, Stan’s wife could talk about something they have in common.

At last, Saturday arrived and Stan pulled into our driveway. I got into his car and we left for my first meeting. As soon as we drove away, Stan asked what I was wearing. I told him I had on the lavender panties I bought the day I met Ivan and Arnold. I told him that I also had on off white thigh-high hose. Stan said that he was wearing pink floral panties and black hose. Stan went on to tell me that once the members arrive, they immediately remove outer clothes and spent the remainder of the time in panties and usually hose. Some members also wear a bra. Stan said that there are times entertainment or lingerie fashion shows are arranged such as one scheduled last month. Other times, the group engages in conversation about our feelings and experiences when wearing panties.

When we arrived at the hotel, we located our suite and it was good to see several members already there and wearing just panties and bras. Stan introduced me and we also changed to just our comfortable lingerie. I was made very welcome and I loved being in the company of several men my age with a lifestyle we all share – our love for lingerie. When all members were there, Stan made the introduction again and I was asked to tell the group about myself – this is the custom of the club for new members. With all members seated, I stood and followed the printed guide for me to follow.

I began by telling the group that I began wearing panties as a teen. Like most, it was my mother’s panties that got me started. On this particular day, I was about to take a shower when I noticed a pair of my Mom’s panties drying on the shower curtain rod. I moved them and the soft smooth feel intrigued me to the point that I put them on. There was an immediate erection and I took them off, being afraid of the sensation. As I was placing the panties on the sink, Mom came in to get her panties and noticed my erection. I became even more afraid and tried to hide my erection but there was no way to do it. My wonderful Mom said, “I apologize for coming in but I wanted to remove my panties before you took your shower.” Before she left, she looked at her panties then at my erection and I am sure she made the connection. She smiled and said that we will talk later. As I was telling my story, I noticed that everyone was very intense and anxious to hear more.

I continued by saying that later that day, my Mom asked me to sit with her. Still being a bit scared, I sat next to her and she asked if there was something about her panties that caused me to get excited. I told her that I tried on her panties and my penis got hard. She then hugged me and assured me that it was OK. I didn’t know what to say but Mom hugged me and said that she knew that some boys and men love panties and that as long as I would keep my habit inside, she would allow me to wear panties. This, I told the group was my beginning and the habit has been with me ever since. I also told the group that it took a lot of nerve but I told my wife about my habit, or fetish, early in our marriage. Because she also had a brother who wears panties, she accepted the practice, is supportive and joins me when I relax in panties. The group applauded and we continued our social for another hour.

As we were driving home, Stan said that he was very happy I joined the club. Stan then said what I was very happy to hear. He said that if Lenora and I were interested, it would be very enjoyable for the four of us to socialize, enjoying our lifestyle. My response caused Stan and me to get a little excited. I said, “Why not start tonight?” Stan immediately called Jane on his cell phone to suggest the idea and from his smile, I knew we would have our first social that night. Stan said, “Jane is so excited by the idea, she will have wine and snacks prepared for us and we will get together at 8:00, at our home.” Stan smiled again and said he could hardly wait. I then called Lenora and the reaction was the same. I passed this on to Stan and he was also excited and anxious.

When we reached my driveway, Stan said that in a few hours Jane and he would be “properly dressed” and waiting for us. He said that he will wear one of his favorite coordinated bra and panty set, a mint floral design. Stan also asked that I wear a bra. He said that Jane loves him in a bra and was sure she will adore me as well. I told Stan that I would definitely wear a bra.

Lenora was at the door waiting as I came in. She said that she could hardly wait to enjoy time with our neighbors. She said again how happy she felt knowing that we have friends with whom we could share our lifestyle. I told Lenora that Stan asked that I wear a bra. She said that I should select one of hers, a pink one that matches a pair of my panties. Lenora glanced at me and noticed that I had an erection. She smiled and said that my “excitement” is showing. I hugged and kissed her then I thanked her again for her acceptance and support of my wearing panties. She said that she liked the idea from the beginning and that she is happy when I am happy.

Promptly at 7:55, we left for our visit with Stan and Jane. Jane answered the door and Lenora and I were totally surprised. We both regarded Jane as the matronly type but she greeted us wearing a very sheer red bra and matching sheer red panties. Her hair was beautifully done in a French braid instead of her usual rather plain style. Jane smiled and invited us in. She realized our surprise at her appearance and said that inside their home, she is not the “granny gal” as most people think of her. Jane suggested that we undress to our bra and panties while we wait for Stan to join us. It was very exciting and fun undressing in front of Jane. She continued explaining that instead of her outside image, she said that she loves the sexy look and it keeps Stan and her very young at heart and keeps the fire burning by continuously exploring sexual enjoyment in various ways. Jane continued by saying that she hopes we are not too inhibited. Lenora said that we also are enjoying an uninhibited lifestyle and is one reason we are excited about our visit and my joining the club. Jane said she was most happy to hear that because Stan and she are looking to have us become close enough to enjoy ourselves together. Jane then said that because Stan felt we would be open to enjoyment, he wants us to meet “Stephanie.” Just as Lenora and I looked at each other, wondering what that statement meant, a very pretty transformed person came into the room; it was Stan. The look was incredibly beautiful and Stephanie really enjoyed being the center of attention. Lenora was first to compliment her and I added mine. Jane also said that the look was especially sexy.

Stephanie explained that Jane and he decided to really open up to us because they felt that the Men’s Club did not offer as much as they wanted. They also took a chance hoping that we would like to expand our enjoyment as well. I said that Lenora and I also love a close and erotic lifestyle, but we thought it best to keep it to ourselves. But now, I added, this could be the event we have been waiting for. Jane said that we could meet as often as we like and the setting could be as we wish. Lenore said that she would love to see me transformed and that we four “ladies” could enjoy ourselves in many ways. With that remark, my erection swelled and everyone noticed. Stephanie said that she and Jane would help with the transformation next weekend.

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