The date day two

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The Date – Day Two
I woke up still tied to the bed and his soft cock amazingly was still lodged in my ass. It was suppose to be a whole new way of life in a town that was in a new country I had never been before. I was a man who now was a woman.
My hands were tied together and to the top of the bed. As per our agreement we met the night before and by lunch he had to be gone. I looked at the clock it was eight in the morning, we had fucked most of the night, but I wanted to shower and clean up before my next dinner date tonight, and I knew he had one as well. I tried to move but the rope was twisted and it hurt when I tried. ‘So my whore is awake’ he said knowing what was said was a trigger straight to my lust.
‘Yes’ I said meekly. I could feel his cock hardening as it laid in my ass unattended.
‘Before we go our separate ways, I think you will have to fuck me two more times’ he said thrusting his cock deeper into my ass. He grabbed the wig that was glued on tightly onto my head and pulled, making my head snap back in his grasp. He pulled my panties out from beneath the sheets and wiped them across my face. They were still wet with his sperm. ‘Only a good whore would enjoy sucking my cum from her panties’ he offered them to me, knowing all the time I would take them in my mouth one last time. He rolled me onto my back and pushed the panties into my willing mouth. “you are a fucking whore’ he taunted me as he raised my legs over his shoulder and began fucking my as hard and deep. I squealed with each of his thrusts and then he pulled the panties out of my mouth. ‘Tell me you’re a whore’ he ordered, but I said nothing. He reached down under us and spread my ass cheeks apart then pushed his now rock hard cock deeper than ever into my ass. I let out a loud squeal. ‘Say it slut’ he yelled.
‘I’m a whore’ I said in a quiet tone but not a whisper.
‘That’s not good enough. I want the whole fucking hotel to know you’re a whore now yell and tell everyone’ he demanded. But I did not want all to know, but with each thrust of his wonderful cock ate away at my mind and what was sensible. He pulled his cock out of my ass then shoved it hard deep making me squeal again. Then he did what I cannot fight, he took hold of my cock and began jerking it getting me hard as he continued to fuck my ass. ‘Say it’ he said. ‘say it or I will make you swallow your own cum slut’ I was on the brink of Cuming when he quickly pulled out of me and pushed his cock into my face and squirted all over my face a nice big load. I licked some up, and some got into my mouth, then he started jerking me until I shot all over my chest. He moved around and rubbed his cock threw my cum and made me suck his cock full of my cum on it. When he pulled it out of my mouth I said quietly.
‘I’m a whore and I know it and I accept it’ he smiled
‘That will have to do for now’ he said undoing the rope then he left.
I arrived at my lunch table with all the other cross dressers. It seemed we all got lucky last night and we had two weeks here and every day was with someone else. After lunch we all had our makeup done again and we were told that it was slut night and we were to dress appropriately. I returned to my room ready to let my wildest dreams fly. I found a spanking dress in one of the shops and decide to wear it with no underwear. The top to the dress was see threw so I wore no bra either. I did however wear stockings and the heist stilettos I could find six inches high. It was really hard to walk in them but after a while I became accustom to them. I also wore my ‘whore’ collar as it was my favorite one of all of the ones I owned.
I was shown to my table for dinner like the previous night but this time everyone turned their heads and looked at my bare ass. I even got a few slaps and pinches. The man who I was to have dinner with stood and I could see his cock hard before I sat down. ‘You better open the envelope before we continue’ I told him and he tore it open faster that a John on a whore. This time I had changed what I said, it went something like this. “Yes I swallow, Yes I am easy and anything you say master! The man looked up from the card and looked at the waitress.
‘we will be right back’ he said to her and marched me out of the room and back to his place all the time holding the back of my neck in some vice grip. “have you read my card?’ he asked me. I had not and told him so. Once in his room he made me open it. I read out loud.
‘I love whores, I love to be in control and any slut better be ready as I am a nymphomaniac.’ I looked up from the card as he grabbed my dress by the shoulders and tore it exposing my chest. He grabbed my nipples and pulled hard on them making me yelp. ‘Shut up slut and get use to it’ he moved me to his dresser and pulled out an X bar with rings on each end. He tied my hands and ankles to it behind my back. Then he pushed a large dildo up my ass. Then rolled me over onto the dildo and made me straddle the chair which pushed the dildo deep into my ass. Then he pulled out a sucking machine and attached it onto both of my tits then turned it on high. The pain was tremendous as the machine suck my nipples making them stretch out one inch with the surrounding breast sticking out as well. He left the machine on for about an hour as I was getting use to it by then. When he took the suction cups off me, my tits stays erect and he flicked them. He looked through his dresser finding nipple clamps and then attached them onto my nipples.
‘Now you were supposed to yell out that you are a whore but you didn’t, I am going to change that’ he said pulling slightly on the nipple clamps. He then cut off my dress leaving me wearing only my stockings and stilettos. ‘Iv had been waiting to meet a real whore like you all my life. I even have what you will wear’ he said pulling out a bra with holes in it. He attached it onto me and pulled the nipples threw and attached the clamps. My tits were sticking way out of the bra. He then moved me to the bed and removed the dildo and put in a vibrating plug that attached to the clamps. ‘Now’ he said with an evil smile. ‘You will like this’ he said showing me a remote of some type. He pushed it and a shock went threw me from my ass to my nipples. It somehow directly made my cock hard.
He untied me and gave me a robe to wear as he made me walk back to my room. If I tried to escape he would turn on the vibrator but who wanted to escape! Once back at my place he went through my things pulling out what he wanted me to wear. He chose crotchless panties. (so the clamps could stay connected) then he found a white sheer top that made his black bra stick out like a sore thumb and my nipples even more so. He made me change my stocking to white stocking and red stilettos and a red short skirt finished by a belt I bought for a joke that you could make it say thing by attaching letters to it. He made it say ‘I’m a whore fuck me’. He put bright red lipstick on me, making it thick and tied my hair back.
‘Now you look like a whore’ he said dropping his pants. ‘Let’s see if you suck like one’ shoving his thick hard cock into my mouth. He took hold of a handful of hair and forced me to take his shaft deep into my throat. It seemed he did not care as he force fucked my throat, making me gag but this did not stop him. ‘That’s it whore choke on it’ only after tears filled my eyes and he was satisfied with my attempt to keep him happy, he pulled his large thick cock out. He grabbed my hair and pulled me to my feet. ‘Bend over the bed and spread your cheeks’ he ordered. First he removed the plug that was attached to the nipple clamps.. I knew he had a large cock but I did not think he would be able to get it into my ass. Boy was I wrong! He lubed my ass and forced his hard cock into my tight ass. My ass fought trying not to be stretched out of shape but he won. I was in some pain but the last few days loosened me up enough I could take his large cock. He began fucking my ass slowly at first. ‘Loosen that ass whore, or I will loosen it for you’ he shouted. Then my nipples were hit with an electrical shock waking my cock and opening my ass for his usage. ‘That’s better whore, now let’s find your first customer’ he said pulling his cock out of my ass and making me suck it clean once again.
We walked down the street and it seemed everyone had the same idea as the street looked like a hangout for prostitutes. Guys were just walking around lifting skirts and seeing what was for sale. My guy wanted more so he pushed the plug back into my ass and turned it on. I shook as my hips thrust forwards and backwards and my nipples poked forth I thought they might go thru my blouse. My cock was at attention and I could barely walk as my knees were weak from the sudden jolt of electricity.
‘Tell everyone you’re a whore’ he ordered.
‘I’m a whore’ I said loudly. Then the man I had been with the night before came up to us.
“How much for this whore?’ he asked
‘Blow jobs are free her ass is not’ was the answer. He unzipped his pants and I was on my knees giving him a blow job as the plug and nipple clamps aroused my entire body. He came in my mouth without warning and I had left a red ring around the base of his cock.
‘I like this whore’ he said then walked away. By this time my cock was hard and erect. The guy pulled me by my arm back to my place. He left the electrical thing turned on making it very difficult to walk as it was effecting my sexual arousal turning me on full and in need of major sex.
We arrive back at my place and he lied down on the bed naked then had me jerk off onto his large cock. I shot a big load of warm cum up and down his shaft and even some on his chest. ‘Lick it off my chest whore’ he demanded. I licked it off still very much turned on by this machine. ‘Now suck my cock and when I tell you that I am going to cum you will make it go up your nose and I want you to inhale it deep, so tomorrow you will still small and taste my cum you dumb whore. I began licking and slowly sucking on his cock and then he ordered me to put it up my nose which I did and he shot a load up my nose as I inhaled, making me choke as I did.
He made me once again jerk off on to his cock and then suck him off letting him shoot now up the other side of my nose. I choked and gagged and could taste his sperm. With the electric thing still on I remained hard and he had me jerk off two more times in a small glass cup. He did the same filling the cup. He removed the clamps and the plug and secured my head to the end of the bed then he dipped the tip of his cock into the cup covering it with our sperm then he made me suck him clean. Only after the cup was empty did he untie me as the night was now over.

please tell me how i am doing

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  1. Breeze

    Good story I’ve read all your work and like your style Keep ‘em cummin’ Tanya Martin!

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  2. MasterHank

    You write pretty good stories Almost all of them give me a hard cock Too bad you’re not here to suck on it and take it up your ass

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