The Dick-Surprise

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The Dick-Surprise
By: JokerzWilde

During my workout with my favorite client, Mia. I noticed, my dick growing. I had to back up off her. She was sweating and working the ball. None of my clients knew I had a dick, because I was the beautiful woman with a nice set of tits. To their knowledge, I had a cunt. Not many of my friends knew either. For a time in my life, I was embarrassed about it. Now, my life is everything and full. I don’t let it control me. I often have girlfriends and boyfriends. I am a fulfilled woman. “Kelly, what’s up?” I walked back over to her, getting more a sip from my water bottle. I wasn’t thirsty at all I just needed an excuse. “I’m just tired.” She got concerned, “I hope you’re not coming down with anything. I can’t lose you for even one day right now. I have to get ready for this triathlon or I’ll definitely not be able to finish.” I told her, I was fine.

We finished her workout and my dick was so hard, it was certain to me she had seen signs of it. I was in pain just before the workout. I couldn’t stop thinking about taking her and fucking her like a mad man. She normally stays a little after to use the shower, she goes back to work after the workout, so I let her use my guest bathroom. While she was taking a shower. I went to my master and closed the door, waited as long as I could. I tore my clothes off; my dick had grown to an 8″ hard-on. It’d never been like this. I mean, I’ve had an 8″, but never with a client. Something about Mia on that ball this morning was just forcing my mind to go places. It could also be that I hadn’t had sex in a couple weeks. I pulled and jerked on my dick hard. Pulling the skin up and pushing it down. I didn’t think it’d take long for me to cum, but it did.

“Kelly? You in here?” Mia was right out side the door. “Mia.” My voice sounded so rough. “Is everything all right?” Before I could answer, she entered the bathroom. She stopped like a deer in headlights. “Oh my god! You have a dick. And tits.” I was so stuck, I couldn’t stop pumping, but I needed to. “Mia, I can explain.” She walked over and bent down on her knees, “let me help.” She pursed her lips around the tip and engulfed my whole member in her mouth. I pushed her up against the wall. I thought I’d knocked her out I pushed so hard. I told her to lie down on her back. She did as I told her. When her head hit the floor, I knelt down above her and pushed my dick in her mouth. I pumped hard into her. I made her swallow my cum. When I went limp, I quit pumping and pulled out.

“Wow!” Mia was not disappointed. “How’s your head? I’m sorry, I just needed to hurry.” She crawled out from under me and pulled me down onto her body. “I’ll be fine. I like it rough.” It was as if she said the magic word or something, because I started getting hard again. She reached down and felt a little growing dick in her fist. “Horny little bitch aren’t you?” I smiled and told her, “With you always!” She fisted me a few times, and I was back to where we started full 8″ dick. She was so surprised. “I’ve never heard of anyone who has a dick to be able to get a full hard on back in less than 10 minutes.” I smiled and told her “I’m special.”

“You said you liked it rough, how rough?” “How rough can you get?” I pulled her hand off my dick, I didn’t want to cum yet. “I can make you not be able to walk for at least an hour.” She smiled, “I’d like to see that.” I told her to follow me we went to my room. She lay down on my bed; I tied up her legs and arms. “Your word to make me stop is going to be sky. Ok. Because I won’t stop when you say no or stop. If you want me to stop, say sky?” “Fuck me hard.” I put a little lube on my dick, just for extra lubrication. Since she wanted it, I didn’t want to tear her or rub her to hard, but she was definitely going to get it. I climbed on my bed, I stuck my finger in her cunt and finger fucked her. She came exploding in my hand, I huge orgasm hit her. She was panting and screaming. “Is that all you can do bitch?! Use that dick!” Her body shook with the orgasm. I knew I was gonna like this one. I leaned over her and pulled hard on her nipples. She screamed in pain. Telling me to stop. I just smiled at her, “that’s not our word.” She never said our word and I kept going. I rubbed her tits. I grabbed them both in my hands, pulled hard, and squeezed hard. Like squeezing the juice from lemons. I was so rough with them; she kept saying stop and no. I kept smiling. I let them go. She had devilish eyes, “FUCK ME BITCH!!!”

I pulled out my Polaroid from beside my bed, and took a still shot of her pussy. “What’s the pic for?” I opened my drawer; it was full of pix of pussies. “My trophies! I’m mounting my claim!” “Hang me on the wall.”

I watched her breath for a second and when she inhaled, I impaled her. I jammed my dick so hard; she was thrown into the headboard. She screamed so loud I had to put my hand over her mouth. “I’m gonna fuck you! No one can hear you scream. You’re my pincushion. I’m gonna fuck you so hard, you’re gonna wish you can speak to say that word.” She quit screaming and looked scared. I loved making them scared. Being their first fuck was wonderful. Mia was a fuck regular. She had a husband. This was her first fuck with me. I wanted her to remember me. I pushed back into her, hard again. Tears flowing from her eyes. My hand still on her mouth. Loud moans coming from her mouth. “I don’t hear anything.” I laughed and pulled my hand away and stuffed her mouth with a ball gag from the drawer. “Now say our word. Can you say it? Come on bitch, SAY IT!!!! Sky! Sky! Sky! I don’t hear it!” I pulled my video camera out of the drawer, and while grinding into her, I taped tears flowing and then took a few seconds to record the pressure and the force I was shoving into her. “I want this one.” I stood up and put the camera on its tripod facing us on the bed. I climbed back on, slowly pushed back into her cunt. She’d quick tearing up. “Aw. No more tears. Shake your head if you want to stop.” She stayed still. “Good. I probably won’t stop anyways.”

I pushed in and out of her cunt, fast and hard. I pulled the ball gag out of her mouth. “Stop! Please! Please Stop! I don’t want a FUCK! Please don’t!!!” “That ain’t the word. That’s just gonna make me keep going.” I pushed back in and out, and played with her clit in my fingers. I leaned down on her stomach, still pumping in her, my right index finger fingering her clit hard and fast. I had to taste her tits. All puffy, dangerous with me. Tits are treats. I grabbed her nipple in my mouth and pulled with my teeth. Not too hard. She had an extreme orgasm. More pussy juice flowed violently out of her cunt. I didn’t stop, I wanted her in pain. She couldn’t handle no more. I could tell, she was about to scream. I pulled my dick out and rammed it back in. She hit her head on the headboard. I pulled out and said, “Ok. I’m done.” I was licking up her pussy juice with my tongue. “I want your juice.” I stood back up, didn’t untie her yet. She was writhed with pain from her orgasm and my dick. I was so hard still; I swear if it could grow anymore, it would. I was so horny from this fuck. “Are you gonna untie me?” I sat up and leaned over her body, terror filled her eyes, when she seen, I wasn’t done yet. I slammed my fuck pole in her a few more times. She screamed in pain. I laughed. “You can’t go, till I’m done. And I’m far from done.” “Kelly, please.” I laughed again. As I untied her hands, I was still pumping in her cunt. Her arms were free and she pulled me close to her, she sucked my tits. I wasn’t so hard pumping her now. I was getting tired. I hadn’t cum yet. I knew of only one thing to do.

“Roll over! Now!!!” Slowly she rolled over, “have you ever been anal fucked?” She shook her head, “Answer when spoken to! BITCH!” “No. I haven’t.” The red light on the camera still blinking, it still recording, “oh this is gonna be sweet. Anal virgin. Your husband doesn’t know what he’s missing.” I knew it would hurt the first time; I slow
ly slid my dick in her ass. I pumped in
and out. I reached my hands around to her breasts and rubbed them hard. I kissed her shoulder blades. She screamed when I put all 8″ in her ass. I bit her shoulder. She screamed again. She tried rolling over to make me stop, I told her to hold still, I wasn’t done yet. She was trying hard. I fucked her hard, I pushed hard, her little tight ass, was being invaded by the Army of Kelly. She stopped trying to roll over. She cried in pain. “I told you I was gonna mount you.” She screamed “sky!” I told her it’s too late. I was gonna take what I wanted. “The word has changed!” She asked what the word was. I told her it was a secret. She screamed, I pumped hard, harder, harder, and finally, I blew my nuts. I reached around while I let go of my jizz in her ass. I fingered her cunt softly. She came again in my hands. “Aww your pussy wants more?!” She screamed no. I rolled her over and impaled her for thirty more minutes.

When I was finally done. She stood up and fell to the floor. Tears pouring down her face. “Let’s get you in the shower. Come on baby. It’s ok. Your ok.” My dick quickly came back, when I seen her naked little beaten body. She wrapped her hand around my dick, fisted me the whole time in the shower, and licked up every last bit of jizz I had left.

Just before she left, she finally got her legs back and could walk. “Same time tomorrow?” “I’m always looking for a fuck!”


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