The Gardner Plowed Me

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My wife and daughter had left to spend a week with my mother-in-law in Brazil. So it was time to breakout my secret wardrobe. Having two women in the house made it easy to keep a sexy supply of clothes. Add a wig and some makeup, I’ll soon be lookin pretty hot.

I started by shaving my body and taking a long hot bath in some lovely smelling bath oils. Just the thought of dressing up was making me wet. I dried off and went to get dressed. Being in a wheelchair made it take a long time to get dressed. I wasn’t even going out but I wanted to dress up and maybe video chat with some hung studs, at least a nice thick six incher. I started with a waist cincher to perk up my manley big boobs, shaved they looked pretty tasty. I remembered some years ago getting gang banged by a couple huge black guys and having one of them tit fuck me, giving me a big gusher in the face. I was so upset that I didn’t swallow it all, but I love having a faceload of cum. I managed to fill my tummy that night amung other places. Anyway stay focused, I then put on a sexy black lacey crotchless bodysuit. It had spiderweb designs on it and was very sexy. Then I found a nice hot pink mini skirt that really set off my outfit. You could see my hard nipples through the bodystocking, Some nice six inch heels, blond wig and makeup and I was ready to go online.

I went online often but this time I was dressed to please and it didn’t take to long to start getting some interested chatee’s. I had my dildo collection and was ready to tease. I was chatting wit several guys but no one local. It was about this time I heard the doorbell ring. I was surprised when I rolled into the living room and peeked out the window. It was Pedro, my gardner, I had forgot he was coming by to pick up his monthly check. Should I let him think I wasn’t home. He had told me he needed the money, I really should pay him. Then I thought, gosh it was a week from Halloween, I could tell him it was for a costume party.

I crossed my legs, to hide my cock which was rock hard, the thought of him seeing me dressed had me tingling. I opened the door and noticed the shocked look on his face. I smiled and mentioned the party I was going to. He smiled back and said I looked really hot. I asked him in and went to get my wallet. I was taking the money out of my wallet when he said, I should be paying you, you look like one of the whore’s I partyed with last week in TJ. She fucked me and all my friends. We didn’t care if she had a cock, she sure knew how to please us. At that moment, I noticed the huge bulge in his pants. At the same time he knew what I was looking at, and pulled down his pants. Being in my wheelchair, his gigantic cock was 2 feet from me. In one step I grabed it with both hands, it was huge, my fingers couldn’t even go all the way around it, I looked up at him and said, maybe I can practice on your cock, I’d like to win best costume, and I need to practice sucking and then fucking, do you have enough time to practice practice practice, by the way the partys next week. Then I wrapped my lips around the tip, then held it up and licked his balls, then had his balls in my mouth while stroking his huge 12 inch shaft. After sevaral minutes of sucking and eating his balls he pulled me up and said why not get comfortable, I have all afternoon, we went over to the couch, he lifted me out of the chair and sat me on the couch, we started making out wildly as he was on top of me. His hand was playing with my tits as our tongues intermingled, I pushed him up and said I needed to eat his cock and wanted to suck him so badly, he told me not to hurry that his balls were full and he was going to give me all the cock I wanted. By this time I was holding his dick and licking his sweet pre-cum. I hadn’t tasted cum for a long time. I started eating the one eyed monster, taking him deep down my throat, up and down, up and down, faster and faster, he was moaning and telling me to suck it bitch, god you suck so good, eat me bitch, oh god, I hope your hungry, I’m gonna hose you down, all the cum you can eat, god I’M shooting, oh man, I could feel the first gush, deep in my throat, I gagged and pulled back, the second gush filled my mouth, I swallowed, another gush, I swallowed again, pulled back again to take a breath and his next gushed hit me in the face then down on him again and ate his last gushes. As now he’s slowing down, his rock hard cock is starting to feel soft, I’m licking and kissing his balls again, his legs spread open and now I’m eating his balls then underneath his balls and working my tongue into his tight ass. WE’RE now into the classic 69 and Pedro is beginning to suck my cock. I told him to slow down, I don’t want to cum until after you can fuck me. Even soft his cock is still huge to hold, now I’m finished eating his ass out.

By now we’re on the Living Room floor and I ask him if he can help me back into my wheelchair. ‘Of course baby, that one of the hottest blowjobs I’ve ever had”. That’s the best cock I’ve tasted for years, certainly the biggest since a lover before I got married. His name was Paul and he was a friend of my Dad who started fucking me when I was 15. Mom had ran off with another man when I was 13. She was quite a whore herself. She left all her clothes, so Dad would have me dress up for him. I love it. I was around 20, my Dad was playing poker with his friends, when he would drink is when we had the wildest sex. So I was getting all dolled up for him after his friends left, garterbelt, fishnets, tight mini dress, heels, the works. Well this night Dad was pretty drunk and came into my room and carried me to the family room. All the guys we’re whistling and saying some nasty things to me. Dad sat me on the pooltable and said “Honey, TONIGHT your getting all the cock you can handle. The whole weekend I had my first gangbang. Paul was the sixth and last guy to fuck me that night. After the other five, I had no problem taking his monster completely, in fact he fucked me eight times that weekend and several times a week for monthes after. Dad fucked me best after watching Paul and the other guys do me. He love watching Paul’s dick disapear in my ass while I’d suck someone else. Then the usual finale Dad would pound me while I’M eating Paul and the other guys would jackoff in my face. Those days were fun. Then Dad past away, I went away to college and met my wife. Hadn’t had much cock, only here and there. Paul’s out in California, last time with him or anything over 8 inches, was almost 3 years.

Pedro had carried me into the bedroom where we made out for awhile, then I got my dildo’s out and had him work me over with them, meanwhile I’m working on licking new life into his marvelously huge cock. I told him I couldn’t wait for him to be inside me and explode his love juice, but since he was so big he had to be gentle at first. I told him we don’t have a bunch of other guys to break me in so I can handle such a huge cock. He told me he’d call some friends, and i told him that’s ok but couldn’t wait to have him pound me. Paul would rub the tip of his cock into my manpussy, then with all his weight, he’d drill it as deep into me as possible and as fast as possible and fuck then shit out of me. YOUR gonna do the same, then I’ll fuck your friends and be your whore. next to come, Part 2, the Pounding.

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