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I was a wild individual as a young man about to take a big turn in life.
I had been hanging around the gymn trying to build my small frame up
so I wouldn’t be a whipping boy for every Tom Harry and Dick around.
I was a little bit hesitant about hiring a woman trainer though she was buffed so
It was obvious she was very knowledgeable about what she was doing.
We worked out several times ,though with my puny arms leggs and chest she stuck to me .
Finally one day came we were suppose to work out but the gymn was closed .
Lisa said no worry I have a key to the gymn so we can still work out .
She was very intent on building my body up or so I thought.
As we headed to the weight room to lift weights it was dark and I tripped over
A bag someone had left in the aisle and had bruised my hip though I couldn’t see it I could feel it.
Lisa said I think we need to go into the trainers room so she carried me in with her massive arms , she had me pull my
Gymn shorts down and she sprayed some stuff on the area to numb the pain as she massaged the area as well.
Lisa then said I think its time we check your body weight do you know how much you weigh?
I of course had no idea the last time I had weighed I was a puny 120 pounds but I might have put on some weight since then.
Lisa said you need to strip down to your underwear just like you would at the doctors office.
I did as she requested after all it was the same way I had weighed in my previous time be it that it was a man trainer at that time.
I stood up on the scales they raised me perhaps 4 inches in height I was nearly as tall as my muscular big chested female trainer.
now.I was normally about 5’4″ so I figure she must have been close to 6 feet at least 5’10” ,
and went in the neighborhood of 180 or better in weight but solid as a rock..
I looked at the scales my weight was 125 so I had put on some muscle though my biceps were dwarfed next to Lisa’s.
Then Lisa shocked me ,she said would you like to see my chest muscles I of course said you bet .
So Lisa pulled off her sweat shirt and it exposed her ripped chest muscles and her massive but firm breast.I was in awe
Lisa then said would you like to see what I have below ?And lick on it ?I said without thinking you bet .Lisa turned away from me and pulled off her shorts
exposing her beautiful buttuck I was getting really hard at this point.Lisa said okay you have to close your eyes and get on your knees
And beg if you want to see any thing else.So I did exactly as she said..I felt her come close to me but she demanded I keep my yes closed
So I did then she got down to my height still demanding that I keep my eyes closed as she kissed me so passionately.
And whispered are you ready I nodded so she said okay open your mouth so I did was then and only then that I realized
I had been seduced by a chic with a dick.As Lisa held the back of my head with her powerful hands and forced me to suck her dick
I couldn’t of screamed or attempted it withthe gurgling sound of the cock in my mouth ,but there was no one in the building to hear me anyway.
Lisa was smiling as I looked up at her from my pathetic position as her cock became ever harder pulsating in my mouth
she told me see thats not so bad is it?If you bite you cute little fellow I will turn you over my lap and whip your ass like you have never been beat .
I could have cried I was both humiliated and scared but I must admit it wasn’t that bad finally about the the time I thought Lisa was ready to
explode.Lisa then pulled her hard 8 inch cock from my mouth made me lay on my back,as she held my legs back toward my body
so I was kind of curled up with my knees almost on my chest with my leggs now over her shoulders as she pounded my virgin ass relentlessly in and out
I was completely helpless so I layed back and figured I might as well enjoy it because to fight her I might just get hurt worst especially in the anal area
besides near the end she ordered me me suck on her nipples so to make it worth while,Finally she finished cumming not in my ass but all over my face
Then Lisa ordered me to lick it up before she would let me up so I did as ordered.
After I got dressed I thought about running to the cops but decided against after all who would belive me

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  1. tip top mini top

    ok it’s a story worked out!
    still we have 2 be realistic so…it is not exciting 4 everybody…
    keep “imagining”

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