The Sexual Adventures of TVSynthia

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This story begins with a well planned slow day off…
I thought to myself, what could I do to make this day the most pleasurable… then I realized to do that I would have to have a hard-on all day long!!! Fortunetly I had just recieved my new batch of Viara, so…. I took one early in day day just before my morning shower… I got so Stiff in the shower my cock grew long and hard as I took the time to cleanly shave all pubic area around my cock & balls… I have little hair anyways and I just love the feeling off baby smooth skin down in my sexy spot!! I followed the hot stiff shower by slipping my sexy smooth ass in into some Large plastic Gerbers “Toddler Pants”…!! I can just make it!!! So wet & slippery all day!!
The reason for the plastic panties is that once I’ve got them on, I rub KY Jelly all over my cock & balls and then I slip St. Ives lotion (non-fragrence)in there as well! The KY keeps the Lotion from soaking into my girlie skin as fast and it keeps me moist & slippery in my plastic Panties for HOURS…
Once I’m ready to dress I follow the Gerber treats with my Tights or Pantyhose, then of course I slip into my favorite “Barely There” Panty Girdle.
All I need is a nice tight pair of pants and the right Blouse or Shirt to go over my Vasserette 38C Bra, I love the feeling of having breasts and I try to wear a Bra as often as possible, I like to use Balloons of water wrapped in Pantyhose to make my large breasts, otherwise my foam insert will do !!… I’m all ready for my day! I can go anywhere and no one knows that I’m dressed like a women under my guy wear! As long as my Bra is’nt to obvious I can go just about anywhere…
Thats why Xmas is my favorite time of year for this activity… I can stroll the mall or neighborhoods enjoying the sexy sites of overly dressed young girls and the shopping in all my favorite lingerie depts is allways fun!! This will be the set-up of how I conduct my adventures into the real world, dressed like a girl under my street wear and my COCK as hard as it can be , buried deep in my Toddle Panty’s and sexy Girlie wear!!!

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