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Okay so this is really wild but this how I became a Shemale. I was 22 just out of school and dating a girl, Donna, that was suppose to be 25, but it turns out she was 39 and had three kids and one them Tamara, a hairdresser was 24 and a knock out. I learned this when I went to her home for our fifth date and got the pleasure of staying there all night with her. The next morning I awoke to her and the children arguing about whom was going to get to fuck me. She had two sons Zed 18 and Tyrell 19. She was white as snow but her kids were black as the night. Zed and Tyrell were bisexual and loved white meat as they told me later. Tamara was trisexual and loved anything with a heartbeat. Her best sex toy was their English Bulldog.
I slowly crept into the hallway outside the living room where they were arguing at and that’s when I heard Donna tell the boys, okay you can fucking rape him but I want him when you are through Tamara and I have an idea for this one. I was shocked and was just about to run for my life when Zed peered around the opening and snatched me as I turned to flee.
He flipped my naked ass up with his big arms and began to lick my asshole as his brother announced, “Damn the white boy must of heard us. Zed done getting him ready to be our woman.”
As Zed flipped me into the main opening of the living room his brother grabbed me by my jaws squeezed and as I open in popped his ten-inch dick. He held my face tightly as he slid it in and out. Donna was so surprised that she stood with her mouth open as Zed harden his rod and slammed it into my ass.
I gasped as it hit me hard and deep and I could mot breathe for a moment as he rocked me harder and harder. Tyrell also began to move his dick in and out of my mouth and coached me on how to make his hard prick feel better. I was resistant for about two minutes but that was before Tamara slunk across the floor and slid under us and started to suck me.
The three of them were fucking me and making me so hot that I wanted to stay there. Tyrell on my mouth was shooting his pre-cum in as Donna let her house coat fall and standing naked in front of me looking into my eyes she began to fondle her big tits and finger her pussy. She grabbed Tamara’s foot and slid it in her hole and fucked it while she had Tyrell to twist her nipples.
It was then that Zed burst into my ass with a load, and as he warmed my bowels, Tyrell fed my mouth a load and then some. His dick pulsed in my mouth and for the next five minutes I drained him allowing some to seep out of the corners of my mouth. Then with a massive pop I let my cum flow in Tamara’s mouth, as Donna came on her foot.
Donna took me by the hand and almost drug me through the living room down to the basement where Tamara had her beauty shop. It was still early and the shop was closed as she slammed me into the chair. The boys came with her and as I rested in the seat they opened the blinds and door to let the neighbors see what was going on.
Then Donna fastened my wrist to seat and had the boy’s bind my ankles as Tamara came into the shop. A couple of men walked by and made noises at me. One hollered and told me that I was about to become their he bitch. He was right.
Tamara started to fiddle with my hair and since it was long and blonde down to my shoulders she had something to work with. She leaned the chair back and placed my head in a sink then covered my face with a towel as she started running water over my head, I felt her massage something into my hair and then rinse and repeat it three more times before she raised me and removed the towel.
My back was to the mirrors so I could see as she snipped and toyed with my hair. I heard cutting but it didn’t feel like a lot. I heard and felt the brush then I felt something cold on my head and suddenly after she messaged it in I had a plastic bag on it.
He moved in front of me and set tray full of stuff in front of me. Then she started tweaking my eyebrows and yanking my nose hairs and the started to rub a large bottle of peach liquid on my face. When she finished it she took a pencil and began to draw around my eyes. The got these big brushes and painted something red on my cheeks and face. Then I saw this blue pen go over my eyelids. I was under the desire to let them do whatever they wanted to thinking it was a joke, but soon I would find out it wasn’t.
Donna got a vile of liquid and painted my nails bright red with them. Then she moved to my toes while Tamara began to paint my lips with a crayon. Soon Donna open a jar a took a fat stick and lifted the goo out and coated the front on my legs with it. Then she pulled a towel across it and patted it down. When she smile up at me I noticed that Tamara stopped and moved to cover her ears just as Donna yanked it off my legs, Oh my god did I scream in pain. It was so loud that the three men outside door ran for safety. A fourth man moved into doorway to join the three returning as she untied my left leg and lifted it up and then she repeated the process until both were smooth as silk and I was in utter pain. Then they untied me and me stand up facing the men at the door, who were snickering at me. The two boys held my arms to keep me from running as she coated my ass and lower back. Now I did not have much hair at all in fact I was naturally smooth what she was getting rid of was fuzz but it hurt. When she pulled it from ass and crack I almost fainted. Then they did my arms and chest and like I said that didn’t hurt because there wasn’t anything there to start with. Now my face, well that hurt like hair the fuzz that I had there did not come off after one treatment it took five times and I was begging for mercy after the last. When they finished she made me stand there while Tamara and her rubbed baby oil all over my body then took a razor and shaved my pubic hair off. They used it on my dick and balls and when they finished they oiled it too.
One of the old men watching kept asking if I would let him fuck me when they were done. Tyrell had to tell him to bug off.
It was about thirty minutes later that they reseated me and removed the plastic cap from my head. As Tamara worked a comb and then a brush through my hair, Zed started getting hard just looking at me. Donna sprayed my body with perfume as Tamara spun me towards the mirrors.
What I saw was a bleach blonde female face where mine had been. I looked good, if I had seen someone that looked like I did I would have asked them out.
Tyrell was aching to get me again as Donna told the boys no, we must record our work before anything happens. That’s when Tamara started taking pictures of me. She must have shot fifty before she was done.
Donna told me that she had picked me to become their whore. That I was now their property and that under no circumstances could I leave.
She clamped to cuffs on my wrist and led me back upstairs. To the applause of the men at the door, I was led away. Zed quickly fucked my mouth but only after Tamara had pulled my dick into her hot wet pussy. Donna and Tyrell both fucked my ass, Donna used a strap on to do me after her son filled me up. I was fucked silly all after noon by the four of them and before nightfall I was made up again photographed and fucked so many times and in so many ways and positions I can’t remember. At one point Donna was on my face making me eat her pussy after Zed fucked her while Tyrell fucked me while Tamara fucked him with a strap on.
That was the first time I became Shannon. But it was never the last and after my breast developed from the hormones and pills they gave me and I had some selective surgery on my body I am now a beautiful shemale hottie. They take me out in public and men can’t tell I am not a real woman but then again am I ?

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