Trick or Trick

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It was Halloween and my first night all dressed up in mini and black see-through lacy crouch-less bodysuit and red 6 inch heels and blond LADY GAGA wig. The complete slut/whore outfit. I was out on a halloweenie hunt. I was all lubed up and very wet for cock. The word weinie stands out and I all want is some hard weiner. I’ll take two at a time, i’m so turned on, Dressed to make some weiners roast and beg them to use my buns. So I roll into a local gay club that is TV/CD friendly. I rolled up to a table in my wheeelchair. The bartender came over and asked me what I Wanted to drink and I asked him Trick or Treat or should I say trick or eat and smiled, I asked him if I looked hot enough to do somes tricks. Then I told him Ihad a very small tight place to put my hard candy but was sure I could handle all that was offered, I told him I prefer big bars but anything hard that I could rap a pair of my lips around would do. By now I was attracting alot of attention when the bartender brought me a drink that four guys in booth had sent with the message how hot I Looked and asked me to party with them. I said that I’d love to and mention to them that one drink wouldn’t get them in my panties since i don’t wear panties and since i’m handicapped and believe in easy access. do you know any good motels in pasadena? or wherever. I can’t wait for one of you to put your hand up my mini skirt and start banging me with your index finger, then we start tonguing each other then i’m sucking some cock, then if you want we can fuck are brains out. One of them name Joe picked me up out of my wheelchair and sat me on Marks lap, I start kissing him when I feel his huge cock rubbing on my pre-lubed ass, minutes later he’s completely inside me. I’M qwivering and gasping knowing I’m gonna fuck and start slowly sliding up and down on his shaft seconds later hes lifting me up and then pounding his cock into me again and again, by now one of the other guys has his cock on the table where I start sucking him. I told all four of them to fuck me and I wanted them to invite any other guys to gangbang me. I wanted a fresh cock ready to fuck me after each of them had exploded a load into my manpussy. and I wanted to lick each cock that fucked me so i could suck them dry. By closing I had at least 8 different cocks and given them all at least one complete fuck. To me a complete fuck means oral and anal. Several gave me multiple loads and I ended up with two of them with the biggest cocks in a nearby motel. They left me around 4 am when I went out on the street a turned a couple tricks, as I went to sleep around 6am knowing I had whored for a whole night an was planning my next fantasy.

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