Triple Play

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Well the door opened and for a first impression Tom was just what the doctor ordered, 350lb 6’7 hispanic gentleman with shaved head and beard. I asked him if I could changed and did so in the bedroom.Black lacy bodysuit 6inch red heels mini skirt and blonde wig. Tom walked in while I was fixing my makeup he was totally naked. He walked over and placed his 10 inch cock in my mouth, minutes later he was gushing his hot cum down my throat , gagging me several times, but I wasn’t going a drop. I loved his cum, very tasty. But I really knew he was giving me a huge load when I was sucking his monsterous balls, now I couldn’t wait for him to fuck me. We had gone out to the front room couch and were making out when the doorbell rang. It turned out to be the landlord and a friend. They were stopping by to collect the rent. Tom mentioned he didn’t have it til tomorrow and if he could wait that they could stick around and help him fuck me. 5 minutes later TOM is fucking me while I’m sucking off his visitors. later that night I had fucked and sucked all of them several times. I think that night I realized I was a slut and whore and could never limit myself to one cock.

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