TvSynthia's Crossdressing Fantasy part #1

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We had been conversing with each other for months,
he was a Tv like myself and loved to talk about it
on-line. We had agreed to meet at last at a campground
in the Humbolt Redwoods that I knew quite well. We were
to meet each other at the campfire ring at 8pm and talk
for awhile to see if we felt comfortable about continuing
to spend time with each other. We did!
I spent hours preparing for this meeting, it was only my
2nd time with another crossdresser… I carfully did my
make-up and hair and I wore my sexy short blond wig with
my stocking cap over it.
I was wearing my tight size 10 Bill Blass jeans and my
sexy long sleeve angora turtle neck sweater… wow! I had
on underneath my Maidenform 38D Body Briefer with Pantyhose
and Girdle and my large breast forms! Sexy yet, camp’n style!!
We talked for quite awhile, she was very sweet and friendly,
my Breasts were definitly larger than hers… But they were
a perfect 36C!! She was wearing a white button down blouse
and tight capri’s. I could see the outline of her breasts
from the glow of the campfire as we talked for an hour…
Finally I asked, Would you like to go back to my camp for
a night cap?
That sounds wonderful, she said with a relieved smile…
We both walked slowly back up the dark canyon road, holding
hands ocassionally… When we reached my camp I offered her
a seat and a glass of wine… Thank you, she said, you’re
very sweet! I sat next to her on the table bench facing the fire.
You’re very pretty I told her softly, I was thinking the same
about you, she said with a smile. We snuggled alittle closer and
I felt her hand rest on my leg.
We looked at each others eyes and smiled again… she had on a
lovely foundation and lipstick, even her eyes were soft charchol
gray with long lashes… and such pretty red lips!!
Kiss Me, she said… what, Kiss me… I know you’d like to and
I’d love to touch your lips to mine… We were already only inches
apart and getting closer. Our lips met and I could feel the
moistness and the taste of her lipstick! We pressed our lips slowly
together, then began to adventure further, I felt her tounge
dart around in my mouth and my own tounge seeking out hers…
It was delicious… I can still feel her lips against mine today…
My hand drifted over her breasts as I sat even closer to her,
her hands began to explore my Breasts too, squeezing and
rubbing on me… just like what I was doing to her! I unbuttoned
her blouse and slipped my hand in to cup her Lovely little
breasts and get a good feel… She moaned softly as I cupped
her tit and rolled it in my hand… We had gone about as far
as we could go on this bench!
Would you like to see my tent, I asked politly… Yes of course,
I thought you would never ask, she said and laughed. I followed
her inside, watching her as she bent over and got in front of me…
she had a lovely ass…

Shall we get more comfortable, she asked? As she unbuttoned her
capri pants and slipped out of them…. WoW! I could’nt believe it!
I quickly unzipped my jeans too and slipped out of them. We both
had on Pantyhose and girdles, with just the Blouse that she had
on and my sexy angora sweater were all we wore as we laid down
beside each other and relaxed! We snuggled into my double sleeping
bag which was ontop of 6 inch foam pads.. very comphy!
This sweater feels wonderful, she said as she snuggled even closer
into my big breasts… just wonderful… she bit my nipples and
played with them as she gentally squeezed my breasts… I could
feel her Penis getting harder and harder as we played around under
the covers… she would brush it up against me and tease me with it.
Finally she took my hand and led it down her body until she rested
it on her Full Erection, buried underneath her Pantyhose and girdle.
mine was the same by now, and she was touching me down there too.

We kissed again and again and began to slide our girdles and
Pantyhose down over our ass’s until there wqas only the soft
slippery feel of someones hard cock pressing up against your belly!!
We were wet and slippery from the lotion that I wore and we slipped
and slid around on my foam pads like dancers… rolling ontop of
each other and finally into a 69 position with his long penis right
in front of my face!! We both grabbed onto each others big member
and wrapped our mouths around them… I could hear and feel him
slerp’n on me as I ran his cock in and out of my mouth!!! Our hands
were everywhere under the covers, all over my breasts, all over her’s.
we kissed and sucked and wore each other out for over an hour…
I’ve got to CUM now she said, as she sat up in front of me on her
knees… I want to see you get it all, then you can do me… with
that she whipped her cock out and sat on my tummy… I’m going to
cum all over you, she said… again with a smile. I watched her as
she pulled and pulled on her ERECTION waiting for the moment that
it would erupt for me!! I grabbed on to both of my big breasts and
pulled up my Sweater over them… Just then she let go a moan and
a big shot of her Girl Juices all over me…all over my breasts and
even my face… She was very please with herself as she bent over
and licked her cum off of my chest…. Now I want your’s, she said demandingly….
She laid on her back as I sat up and over her… I stood over her
with my Pantygirdle and Pantyhose down to my knees…. my clean
shaven penis ready to give her a taste… I began stroking my cock
as she watched and played with her own… it was hard again!
I watched her play with her tits and finger her tv pussy until I
take it any longer…. Here it cums, I said as i squatted closer over
her and began to drip my girl juices all over her breasts and face
too!! She laughed as I shot some right into her mouth, and came
again herselfwhen she saw me playing with my breasts. We were so wet
together as we snuggled back in deep into my sleeping bag… so wet
and so slippery…
we kissed and held each other as we fell asleep…

Tomarrow is another story.

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  1. exploreme22000

    Loved your story. See my true story about me and my “strict” aunt. Let’s talk. Mark

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  2. tvjudyann

    Great story. I will post a story soon I hope you like it.

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