Vacation 4 At the Academy

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Miss Castro began her presentation. “That Major Johnson is quite a guy. He was in the military but wasn’t a major. We call him Major Johnson for other reasons. If you need a further explanation ask to see him privately. She looked at Miss Cox and both women laughed knowingly. You have all met Miss Cox. She is our grooming coordinator in charge of your conditioning, exercise, diet, wardrobe and grooming. My name is Miss Castro. I am called Castro because I am a dictator and I am also in charge of your castration. I am the Castration Manager. Don’t be afraid, sissies. You are NOT going to be surgically altered or mutilated in any way. The castration here is psychological and driven by behavior modification training. But the castration will be total. When you complete our course nobody will believe that you ever were a man. Your masculinity will be only a distant memory. Well, we may as well get started. I want you to remove your gym outfits and take a shower in there. Just follow Miss Cox to the shower room. Once you are all finished I will meet you again in the locker room.” We all got up at left with Miss Cox. .

We entered the showers and for the first time had a chance to talk among ourselves. The guy next to me said, “Isn’t this unbelieveable?” I said, “I don’t know what we have gotten ourselves into.” A third guy said, “I find it kind of exciting.” Then we heard Miss Cox calling us to come out. As each of us exited Miss Cox handed us a pink terricloth bathrobe with the flower logo emblazoned on the breast. She said, “Once you have dried off a bit come join us on the patio by the pool for a cold drink.”
We wandered out to the pool area where we found Miss Cox and two gorgeous waitresses. Miss Cox spoke first, “Please be seated and have a cocktail. Pull up a chaise lounge and get some sun while I prepare your room assignments and check on dinner arrangements. I will return in about ten minutes.” As she left the waitresses served us a tropical cocktail with orange wedge, maraschino cherry, and umbrella, a sweet rum concoction. I laid in the lounge chair sipping my drink, soaking up the sun and feeling fine
in spite of the very uncertain circumstances I found myself in. One of the guys said that the girls were taken to the hotel to be call girls. Another said the guys at the ranch were studs for the women at the hotel. Another said they were gay. I kept silent and enjoyed my drink.
When I awoke, I don’t know how much later, I found myself lying in bed in a pitch black room totally dark. I couldn’t move my hands or feet which were tied somehow to the bed. I lay there about twenty minutes wondering where I was and many other thoughts. Finally I heard some noise outside the door. It was Miss Cox talking to someone saying, “I think you’ll like this one here,” The door opened and Miss Cox entered with Miss Castro.
Miss Castro addressed me, ” If you are wondering… you have been sleeping for about three hours because of the cocktail you drank. Sorry for the trick but we have found that this part of our program runs much more smoothly when the students are sedated. When we turn on the lights and untie you you may look in the mirror to notice the improvements to your grooming done by Miss Cox and her staff” Miss Cox untied my feet and hands and Miss Castro turned on the lights. The first thing I noticed was that my now long fingernails were painted red and when I looked down my toenails were also red and I was wearing a silver anklet. Since I was naked I noticed while looking down that I had no more hair around my cock nor under my arms or on my legs or arms. I hadn’t reached the mirror yet. When I did I was astounded at what I saw. Not only was I wearing diamond earrings but my ears had been pierced to wear them. They had cut my long hair. I now had bangs and a distinctly female haircut. But there was something very different that I couldn’t spot. Miss Cox said, “The different look you see is due to the fact that we thinned and curved your eyebrows to look more sexy.” Miss Castro advised, “You know those earrings are cubic zirconia not real diamonds. If you want real diamonds you’ll have to get a boyfriend to buy them for you.Ha”
She continued, “Miss Cox has chosen your outfit of the day which is here in the closet. You’ll be dressed in 10 minutes and be standing outside your door waiting for further instructions.” They both left.
I walked to the closet where I found a navy blue pencil skirt slit in the back with zipper in the back and matching jacket with an embroidered flower logo on the breast pocket. There was a pair of black leather pumps with a four inch heel and a pair of off-black pantyhose. I dressed and took a look in the mirror and I was satisfied with the classy look and went outside the door to await further instructions. I could see the other girls lined up outside their doors in the hallway.

When we heard the distinctive clicking of high heels coming down the corridor we knew it was Misses Castro and Cox. Miss Castro called out, “Come girls. Follow me.” as she led us down the corridor toward the front door. “We are going to the dining room now. We have it at this time but there is another group before us and after us”. We followed as quickly as our high heels let us. When we arrived we saw the last of the ranch guys leaving. About half of them passed right in front of us among them Chuck. He recognized me but didn’t acknowledge me. We sat down a a big table with Miss Castro at one end and Miss Cox at the other. We were served health salad with some French dressing. For desert was half a peach, light white wine. Miss Cox told us we all needed to lose weight and exercise.
At the end of dinner Miss Castro said she would now take us to the classroom for an orientation lesson for the course and review the schedule and courses.
As we followed Mis Castro out the front door the group of women who had been assigned to the hotel was just arriving for dinner. Jane was with them and spotted me right away. Her mouth was agape looking at me. I put my head down and kept on striding confidently in my spike heels until we all arrived in the class room. “Please be seated girls,” Miss Cox told us.
Miss Castro began, ” You will be taught many things in the next week. These things fall into one of three categories–obedience training, feminization training, on the job training. You will learn to submit to instructions cheerfully and promptly. The essentials of personal care services–shampoo, rinse, leg shaving, manicure, pedicure, table service naturally but also styling, makeup, walking in heels, posture, flirting, and many other skills that every woman needs to know. You’ll be given a list of school rules and if you break a rule you can expect to be punished. When you finish this course, as an alumna of the Sissy Princess Academy everyone in the internation d/s s/m scene will recognize you as a sissy of class and distinction and because they are familiar with our training methods they will immediately know the skills which you will possess. Tomorrow morning you will be awakened and given the outfit for the day and you will report here at 7 am before breakfast.
By the way, I can tell you are all guys and not women because not a single one of you mentioned or even noticed your mark of distinction. Women notice everything, especially on their bodies. Guys, and sissies like you, just don’t notice things.
On the right cheek of each of your bottoms we tattooed the Academy logo. You may have noticed the little flower on everything around here. well, it’s now also on your asses. Ha.” We all strained to look and confirm the tattoos. Yes they were there! Miss Castro then said, “Do any of you girls know what kind of flower that logo is?” Nobody among us knew. She continued, “Well, just like guys! Don’t know about flowers. The logo is a pansy. All women know that. Pansies just like you all are!.Ha ha. So ladies, you can wear your sissy pedigree with pride or you can’t start thinking of an explanation to give women and men as to why you have a pansy tattooed to your ass! Hahaha.
You are now dismissed. Miss Cox will escort you back to your rooms.”

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