Veronica Love, Chapter 6

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Chapter Six

Veronica was staring out into space in her Physics class when she noticed the most beautiful creature. She could not tell whether they were a woman or a man, but they were angelically beautiful.
After class, she approached this person.
“Hello,” she said. “I’m Veronica. What’s your name?”
“My name is Purity,” Purity said.
“Well, Purity,” Veronica said smiling. “I don’t know you very well, but you seem like a kindred spirit. Would you like to join me for coffee and strudel?”
“I’ve never had strudel before,” Purity said.
“If you like apple pie,” Veronica said, “You’ll love strudel.”
She took Purity’s arm in hers and they walked to her flat where they conversed over rich flaky strudel made with apples and raisins and walnuts. They had strong, flavourful hazelnut coffee with lots of cream and sugar.
Veronica learned that Purity was of the third sex. Born a man, he sought to be a woman, but hovered somewhere in between the two. She found his complexity to be beautiful.
“You have something on your face,” she said, wiping a piece of strudel from Purity’s face.
She leaned close, her mouth centimetres from his. She could feel his breath and she whispered “You’re beautiful,” and kissed him gently and lingeringly.
Months later it was nearly his birthday and she had prepared a surprise for him, designed to thrill him and give him everything he had ever longed for but could never have.
She planned a dinner for him; roasted veggies with pad Thai noodles, spring rolls, coconut chicken, and lots and lots of merlot. Before Purity came over for the dinner, she gave him a package and told him to wear what was inside.
Purity arrived at Veronica’s house dressed in the outfit she had given him; a vintage 1950’s housedress complete with pearls and beehive wig. Purity looked very beautiful and Veronica was shocked at what a beautiful woman he made. She invited him in and brought out all the food. They sat in the living room eating when Veronica accidentally on purpose spilled her glass of wine.
“Can you be a dear and scrub that?” she asked. “I’ll go get some sprays so that the stain doesn’t set.”
Once she was certain that Purity was thoroughly distracted with the stain, she left the room. But instead of going to get stain removal sprays, she went into the bathroom to change into a gentlemen’s suit. And underneath the suit, she strapped on her cock.
Veronica tiptoed back into the living room. She stood for a moment in the doorway. The sight of Purity, bent over and still scrubbing diligently, made her nipples harden. Purity had a round, heart shaped behind and his legs were slightly parted beneath his dress. She moaned softly as she felt her pussy get wet, her juices soaking into the fabric of her knickers.
She could stand the suspense no more and leapt upon Purity from behind, flipping im over and pinning him on his back. His eyes widened in fear, then shock. Finally, eyes became hazy with arousal and his lips parted, begging a kiss.
She kissed him meanly, biting his lips. She grasped his wrists in her hands, trapping him beneath her. Purity began to gyrate against her cock from underneath. Veronica could feel his hardness prodding her through his dress. She grasped his wrist harder, digging her nails into his skin and reminding him who was boss.
Finally, she reached down with her free hand and lifted Purity’s dress. She ripped off his knickers and positioned herself between his legs, plunging her dick roughly into his bumhole.
She pounded him mercilessly, always stopping before he could come. He moaned and writhed underneath her, thrusting against her cock, impaling himself on it. He gasped and moaned, his eyes closed in ecstasy and his arms wrapped shyly around her waist, pulling her closer, closer.
She jackhammered into him, bringing him to the very brink of his orgasm and then stopped. He groaned in frustration.
“You’re going to have to beg me for it,” she said.
“Please,” Purity whispered. “Please let me come.”
She began to fuck him again; fucking him hard and fast and deep making him moan loudly and hump frantically.
The pressure of the cock against her clit was giving her so much pleasure all of a sudden. Her pussy juices began to flow even more and the pleasure was rising with every second. She fucked him even harder, thrusting into him like an animal, like a madman, like a creature fulfilling their deepest instincts. The motions of their lovemaking were so frenzied that they knocked over a floor lamp next to the coffee table, breaking the light bulb and the stained glass shade.
Finally she came, gripping his wrists so hard that her nails drew blood. She moaned loudly, continuing to fuck him just so that she could keep up the delicious pressure that was giving her so much joy and ecstasy.
Purity came as well, moaning and gasping softly and allowing her to use his body for her pleasure. He squirted his jism through the fabric of the dress and groaned loudly as she fucked him into a second and third orgasm.
Finally he could take no more and lay motionless and breathless as she continued to fuck him senseless.
Later that day, Purity kissed Veronica’s forehead.
“Thank you,” he said. “It was all I could ever wish for.”

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