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My master told me we had to visit his family in Vermont and I was to dress nicely and not sexy. We drove to their house and I wore a skirt that went down past my knees and zipped up in the back, a nice blouse and a bra of course. I decided to wear panty hose instead of my garter and stocking but I still brought them along just in case. Master told me to call him sir whenever possible but mostly I would have to call him dear or honey but never by his name Jim. After meeting everyone we sat at the dinner table, with master to my left, our hosts sat across from us. As dinner went on and we talked small talk master began to raise my skirt above my knee with his hand being careful no one would know as he did. Soon he got to my panty hose and took his knife and cut threw them carefully pulling my cock out and he started to play with it getting me hard. It looked like no one knew what he was doing and I tried my hardest to keep a straight face. Master continued to play and I was about to explode. I placed my hand on his and glanced over towards him. He smiled and nodded towards me which told me he was going to make me shoot. I put my napkin over my hard cock and it exploded all over master’s hand and my crotch and panty hose. After I exploded master removed his hand and wiped it on his napkin and told our hosts that we should unpack from the long trip.
I went back to our room and changed out of my panty hose now that they had a tear in them. All I had to replace them were the garters and stockings so I put them on. Master told me to go for a walk on this warm day as he would have a visit himself. As I started for my walk one of masters relative said she would go with me. Almost fifteen years younger than me, she was sexually attractive with firm breasts and shapely legs. Janet wore tight shorts and a tee shirt. We started talking about clothing and she always wanted to wear a garter and stockings’, thinking it was sexy to do so. As if she was not shy at all she asked to see mine and then her hands were lifting my skirt to do so. Janet saw I was a man but instead of being shocked or confused she started to play with my cock, making it hard. I begged her to stop but the more I did, the more she wanted me to cum. Her hands jerked my cock and then her mouth was on my cock sucking me until I told her I was about to cum, then she pointed my cock away from us as a blew my load onto the ground. Janet then pulled me into a small patch of grass on the side of the path and removed her tight shorts to show me her nice pink cunt and how wet it was. She asked me to lick her cunt or she would tell on me that I was a man. I had no choice and went down on her. As I was in the middle another man came behind me quietly and before I knew it he had my skirt pulled up onto my back and his finger deep inside my well lubed ass, next came his hard cock, forcing its way in and going deep into my very sole. It seemed they knew what they were doing as Janet neared her climax the man reached around me and started jerking my cock making it hard once again. Janet screamed with delight as she orgasm, then quickly jumped up after doing so and started sucking my cock all over again. I could feel my balls tighten and the feel of a hard cock fucking my ass was too much and I started to cum making Janet swallow the small load. Then the man came shooting deep inside my ass moaning excessively. After they were done with me I started to straighten up and was embarrassed with what had happened. Janet ran after me and introduces her brother Kevin.
‘It’s Ok Jim told us you were a man, in fact Kevin was to get a blow job from you but a good fuck was even better’ Janet said as we started to walk away from the house. ‘Jim told us that you were his slave and would do anything you told him to, besides you have a great cock and it would not be fair not to share it right?’ she said trying to make me feel better. We walked for another hour when Kevin turned to me, ‘ready to cum again?’ he said facing me then reaching around me and unzipping my skirt. I could feel his hard cock pressing against me as my skirt fell to the ground and Janet started to lick my ass as Kevin now pulled my cheeks apart for her to get deeper than ever. ‘Jim told me that you like to be called a whore is that right?’ he asked pinning my arms to both of my sides. ‘I think we need to see for our selves’ he said pulling my ass cheeks even further apart. ‘Let’s just see how much this whore can take’ Master knew if someone starts to call me a whore it turns me on. Why would master do this to me? I thought to myself.
Janet had a very talented tongue and my cock harden as my ass begged to be fucked again. Kevin moved us to a park bench where he kneed on it and made me lean over the back and suck his cock well Janet continued to rim my ass and at the same time she cupped my balls and pumped my cock now and then. Kevin was hard and now stood on the bench force feeding his cock into my mouth. (Although it wasn’t much force needed) ‘What a good whore’ he said as Janet’s tongue darted deeper into my hole making me horny all over again. Kevin soon pulled out his cock from my now more than willing mouth and came around the bench. He propped my leg up onto the back of the bench and shoved his hard cock into my willing and grateful ass. Janet was licking my balls and the entrance to my hole well Kevin fuck me without any care at all.
‘What a fucking whore you are’ Janet said now grasping my hard cock in her hands and licking the tip. ‘I can taste your pre-cum whore’ she said, but I was lost in Kevin’s cock fucking my ass, the feel of it when he pulled out and my cheeks were used to guild him back in. Janet worked my cock hard, jerking it, sucking it then she stood on the bench and they told me to eat her ass out. She was smooth and tasted great as I did as asked of me. Kevin took hold of my cock as he continued to fuck my ass. He leaned over and whispered into my ear. ‘I want you to cum whore, I want you to cum now’ it was too much and I exploded onto the bench. Kevin stood up his cock still inside me. ‘What a good whore, now suck my cock and make me cum whore’ he ordered. I moved down onto my knees and took his hard cock into my willing mouth. I sucked his cock wanting his cum like never before then Janet started sucking my cock. It hurt and I asked her to stop but Kevin told me to pay attention to his cock. As I worked hard sucking Kevin’s cock remarkably I became hard again although my balls cried for mercy. I sucked Kevin’s cock for an hour at least but he never even gave me his pre-cum. Soon Kevin had me lying face up on top of him well Janet worked my cock over. Kevin fucked my ass and Janet sucked my cock. Then without telling anyone what would turn me on even more Kevin somehow knew and reached under my blouse and started pulling on my nipples gently as well as whispering into my ear. ‘You’re so fucking hot. The best whore iv ever fucked. Tell me you’re a whore’ he whispered. I was lost in the moment. ‘Tell me you’re a whore’ he said out loud and pulled hard on my nipples.
‘I’m a whore’ I said in a more quiet voice as Kevin pumped hard into my ass and Janet was getting ready to receive another load from me. I was getting close to shooting as Kevin continued to talk to me. ‘Yell it out whore, tell the world you’re a whore and will do anyone’ he ordered pulling once again on my nipples and thrusts hard into my well loosened ass. ‘I yell out ‘I’m a whore’ as I shoot my load into Janet’s waiting mouth and as I do she moans and takes my hard cock deep into her mouth, playing with my load in her mouth before swallowing it. Kevin pushes hard up into my ass and he too blows his load into my ass. Janet moves away from me licking her lips with a big smile. Kevin roles me off of him then pushes his spent cock into my mouth for cleaning. I suck and lick his cock clean as ordered. I lie on the ground soar from the amouth of cum I was just made to unload. My skirt off and my with my blouse pulled up under my arms exposing my semi formed breasts, my legs stretched out wearing only stocking and my garter belt showing my expose spent cock.
‘I see you met my fellow master and his slut’ Master says I look up exhausted at master.
‘I’m sorry master’ I beg
‘Oh I told them to use you. Now for the real test, you must please me by cumming when I do. Now get up whore you have work to do’ master ordered. My balls hurt like mad and my ass was loose and had seed running down my legs. Master got me to my feet as we walked the other two went another way. You will clean yourself up for me then please your master then I will have you please my father, and remember you’re a whore, nothing more than a willing slut.
We got back to the house and I took a shower and cleaned up. Master said he would leave something on the bed for me to wear. I came out of the shower my balls still aching. On the bed was a very sheer baby-doll a chain necklace with attached nipple clamps. I lubed my ass again even my ass hurt as I did so. I walked out of the room and heard master call me. ‘Whore down here’ he said. I came down the stairs and peeked around the corner or the wall. Master saw me. ‘Are you wearing what I put out for you?’ he asked as I looked at him.
‘Yes master’ I answered
‘Then get in here and start getting to work you dumb whore’ he ordered I walked around the wall to discover that his father and mother were sitting in chairs. I looked at them and master waved me in. ‘Mom, Dad this is my whore’ he said. Masters Mom was knitting still dressed in her dress when we arrived; master’s dad on the other hand was naked. He reached out and grabbed my balls and pulled me towards him.
‘This whore better perform or I will cut these off’ he said referring to my balls. Master had me get down onto my knee and start sucking his cock as his mom and dad watched. Masters Mom said to jerk his cock when I suck him. Master was getting hard then his dad said ‘lets me get some of that whore’ and master pushed me towards him. I started suck his cock and he became hard quickly and I could taste his pre-cum.
Then master made me return to sucking his cock as his dad started feeling my balls and fingering my ass. His hand held my balls as his thumb slipped in and out of my hole. ‘This whore is nice and smooth’ he said to my master.
‘He better be I paid for the long hair on the head and the laser on the body. No hair will grow there ever again dad’ master stated. Surprisingly my cock started to harden. Masters Dad moved into place and pushed his hard cock into my ass, much to my surprise he was much bigger and harder than I thought someone his age could be. Master began pushing his hard cock deep into my throat. ‘See the whore won’t even choke’ master said.
‘Let’s move the whore to the dining room table my knees can’t take this shit’ Dad said
The table was opened up as if we were going to put the leaf in it. My cock put between the two parts, masters Dad fucked my ass while master pushed his cock as deep as he could down my throat. Then the unexpected came when master’s mom started sucking my cock from under the table. ‘This is what a whore should be like serving everyone when told’ Masters dad said. I could see that masters mom was masturbating well she sucked my cock. Then masters dad said ‘hey bitch take this’ I thought he meant me and was going to move when masters mom started sucking master dads cock that he withdrew from my ass. Master dad went back and forth from the ‘slut’ mouth to my ass. She knew where to suck and where to lick making me get hard and horny all over again. Master dad was pumping my ass harder and harder and I did not know if he would shoot in me or into his wife’s mouth. Master was also getting close to exploding as I could feel his cock twitch in my mouth. Then masters dad started to cum in my ass I could feel the strength of his cock when he did. ‘What a great ass for a whore’ he said wiping the last of his seed on my cheeks. ‘Slut makes him cum now’ he yelled at his wife. She stuck her fingers deep into my ass and sucked my cock hard at the same time. Master was pumping his hard cock and was ready to fire everything he had down my throat. Then I started to cum and master started to cum. I could feel master’s mom was not swallowing my load and it must be going onto the floor. After master had cum he stood back and looked at his dad.
“well you like the whore?’ he asked
‘ya a great ass this one has, as long as she keeps performing for you she a keeper. Masters mom got up from under the table holding a small bowl with my cum in it. She placed it on the floor then got on all fours and lapped it up like a cat would. ‘My slut knows that I like to watch her taste every drop’
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