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Woman with no family seeks a companion. All expenses paid plus extras. Interview required to determine qualifications. M/F
Ms Deenie didn’t have long to wait before the calls started pouring in. She had already. dismissed several just by the sound of their voices. She is very particular and knows exactly what she wants….or more to the point she will know when she hears it.
Alexandria saw the ad and something just compelled her to call. She wasn’t really looking for this kind of thing and was surprised that she had an interview in a few hours.
After Ms Dee spoke to Alexa she promptly contacted the paper and informed them that the position had been filled.
The cab arrived at its destination. As Alexa walked up to the massive double doors she couldn’t help but think…what have I gotten myself into this time? Just as she reached for the knocker the doors slowly open and an ancient looking gentleman bowed and said…”Do come in Missy” Once inside he said
“Right this way…madame will join you shortly.” With that he bowed again and left Alexa alone in a sitting room. She looked about noticing the rooms decor.Vintage 50’s…she liked it.
“Hello Alexandria…I am Deanne…but everyone calls me Ms Deenie or Dee” She stuck out her hand and kept it there until Alexa snapped to her senses and reached for it.Dee then placed her other hand over it and smiled a most beautiful smile. Alexa still had not uttered a sound for the woman that stood before her was the most seductively beautiful creature she had ever seen. Her touch was sending sparks that ignited her senses…She caught her breath and said…”It’s a pleasure to meet you and please call me Alexa.”
Dee let go of her hand and walked up to her and whispers…”Pleasure indeed” as she grabs ahold of Alexas dick. “Tell me do you like taking it in the ass?”
“Yes I do.”
“Can you suck your own cock?”
“Yes I can.”
“Do you think you can make me cum?”
” Direct aren’t you? Well let’s find out”
Alexa took a step back to catch her breath and to look at this woman standing before her. She’s a beauty and erotic and no doubt quite complex. There is a yearning in her eyes an invitation that Alexa is more than willing to entertain. She approaches Dee as if to kiss her but brazenly rips off her top and grabs a nipple between her teeth darting her tongue on it…it is erect and its arousal signals a flood of desire coursing its way down her stomach and causes her sex to come alive. Alexa takes up the other nipple and adds fuel to the fire. She tears off any other obstacles and guides Dee down to the floor. She stands above her stroking the length of her shaft…she she bends and twists and has her cock her own mouth and as she sucks on it she gazes intently at Dee…her mouth craves to taste this new delight and descends on to her hot box…parting the way…claiming the prize…Dee cries out and as an orgasm begins to explode…Alexa mounts her and strokes the G-spot with the head of her dick…Dee screams as she squirks out her hot juices all over Alexa…now she can no longer hold back…she cums. She hears Dee whisper…”You’re hired!”

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