Why I Love Fat Dudes

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Last week I met a Kevin at an after hour party at a local bar. I had agreed to be gangbanged if my friend Bob could get a group to participate. Kevin was the last guy to fuck me that night. He had a nice 8 inch and thick cock and gave me a couple of huge loads. After I had sucked his beautiful penis and his cum gushed out of my mouth cause I could’nt swallow it fast enough, he came back a half hour later and was my last fuck. I was laying on the pool table and was giving another guy a blowjob, I pulled back off his cock to tell someone I still wanted to get fucked again. Most of the party I had been getting it in both holes and loved it. One thing I liked about Kevin besides his huge cock was he was fat, 350-400 lbs. I’m beginning to realize in my promiscuise period, that fat guys seem to always fuck the shit out of me, I went home with him that night and he fucked me two more times before we fell asleep in sweat and cum. He said he really got off watching me suck and fuck other guys. I really love it when a big guy is pounding my ass with all that weight behind him. All that weight driving into my manpussy. Maybe they don’t fuck as often, but if I’m around just have them look at me and I’ll mention them I don’t wear panties cause I like them to have easy access, Kevin even made me a tee shirt that say’s I fuck fat boys. is that to forward.

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