Wife buys my underwear and dildos

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Following my last stories, when my wife found me in her underwear, having bought me my own men’s silk undies, I confessed that I still wanted to dress in female undies at home.
When she went shopping she decided that she would surprise me with some sexy undies, in my size. She was in Marks & Sparks, sorting through the lingerie, looking at items that would fit me, when her old school friend came up. She asked what my wife was looking at those large sizes for, as she was a nice 12-14. Initially my wife stuttered and said that she was just looking at styles, and would see if they had her size when she had decided. I don’t think Jenny, her friend believed her. They went to the cafeteria where my wife confessed that the underwear was for me. Jenny asked how long had I been cross-dressing, and was told it was a fairly new habit I had got into. ‘Are you going to sissify him then?’ Jenny said. My wife said that she hadn’t heard of this, and asked Jenny what it entailed. After she was told, my wife said she didn’t think that would be such a good idea, as I only liked to dress up, fuck her whilst wearing ladies undies and masturbating in the clothing. ‘Have you got a dildo for him yet?’ said Jenny. My wife is very na├»ve about such things, and although she had heard of dildos, she couldn’t understand why there should be one for men. Jenny explained that the prostrate gland could be reached through the anus, and this stimulated the male orgasm. She suggested that they both go to the local Pillow Talk to acquire some ‘equipment’.
When my wife came home, she took me to the bedroom and showed me her purchases for that trip. There were a couple of satin night dresses with matching French knickers, bras, panties, thongs, stockings, slips, camisoles and a waspie corset. All these were not just female sexy underwear; they were M&S underwear, in a multitude of gorgeous coloured satin and lace. In another bag she revealed some ‘warm and wet’ lube, a 9″ dildo, a ‘Silver bullet’ with a remote vibration control, and a strap-on dildo in black latex! She helped me to undress and gave me a hand to fit all MY new undies on. She then handed me a pair of latex-silicone filled breast shapes that filled my 38C cup bra perfectly. ‘One more thing’, she said, ‘I want to get dinner ready whilst you help, dressed like this, but, I want you to have this silver bullet in your arse, while I have the controller’. I lay down on the bed, and allowed her to lube up the bullet and my anus, and then insert it into my hole. ‘I’ll just give this a test’, she said, and turned the vibrator on. WOW! The sensation was almost electric. I already had a hard-on, but these feelings made my really stand proud. Grabbing my prick and squirting some of the warming lube around it, she began to give it a good hard rubbing. She stopped just when I thought that I might shoot spunk all over my new undies. ‘Enough!’ she said, and wiping her hand on a towel she went down stairs to start dinner. I lay there a moment longer allowing my erection to die down, and then went to assist.
After dinner, we put on a horny movie on cable television. It features Lesbians in all sorts of positions, some wearing the loveliest satin undies I have ever seen; they must have cost a fortune. Sitting there with my own female clothing on and a silver bullet that kept going off really made me horny, and long before the end of the movie, I turned to my wife and started to kiss her on the neck and stroke her fabulous breasts. I began to undo her blouse and unzip her skirt. She responded by stroking me through the satin, grabbing hold of my engorged prick and kissing me with her tongue halfway down my throat. It wasn’t long after that I carried her up to the bedroom where we lay on our newly satinised bed. After more stroking, and her turning up the vibrations on the bullet, she said she wanted to fuck my arsehole with the new strap-a-dick-to-me. I went to the bathroom, removed the Silver Bullet and using her vaginal douche, I cleared out my back passage, to accommodate the ‘black-devil’. When I went back, she had the dildo fitted around her lovely waist, and the ‘cock’ was protruding through a hole in her new French knickers. ‘How do you want it? Doggy or Missionary?’ ‘Doggy fashion’, I said, and went onto my knees with my head in the new satin pillows. I felt her place the tip of the lube bottle in my arse and squeeze. Suddenly my hole was glowing nice and warm. Then I felt the head of the Black Devil against my sphincter! She gently pushed as I relaxed and the devil was in me. It was tight at first but as I relaxed more and got used to it, it felt great, and I guess it must have been rubbing my prostate gland, and my prick was rock hard and even felt as if it would cum on its own. I reached down and began to stroke my prick with my slip, almost cumming there and then. I just let the great feeling wash over me, feeling so much love for my wife that I wanted to give her a wonderful climax. ‘If you want to sum at all, just do it’. She said, ‘It will make you last longer when we fuck proper’. Just hearing these words made me shoot my load, gripping the Black Devil with my arse muscles tightly. She pulled out of me and we sank next to each other, talking of the sexy thoughts we had. I removed the dildo, rolled her on her back, and gave her cunt a good talking to. By rubbing her clit, I found that I could make her squirt her loves juices over my face as I sucked her out. When she had had two major orgasms, I said it was my turn to fuck her hole now, and that was enough to start her off.
Our lovemaking only got better after this session, and maybe, if I am not too wanked out, I shall tell you how Jenny came into our bed!!!

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