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Sorry I have been a way for a while, been busy and forget the website name, please give me feedback on all my stories of intrest, dislike, or suggestions, All my stories are written on the spot, so may not have perfect grammar =)
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Johnny always had this urge growing up as he was only seven, to wear girly clothing put never expressed himself, when he found out his best friend was in a play at school and had to wear a dress he was jealous, at home from school his mom, had a catalog with all kinds of stuff, toys, etc laying on the couch for him to pick out as a gift. His dad who he never meet never taught him the ways of a man so, he was a little on the femminie side just him and his mom. So he browesed through the catalog and found some pretty dresses he could not believe how nice they looked, his mom came over to the couch later and asked him what he wanted, and with his head down pointed at the dress. She didn’t say anything, but just looked at him with a questionable look. Neither one of them mentioned it again for 2 months, and then one day when johnny got back from school his mom had a grin on her face and asked johnny to follow her. They went back to his room and laying on the bed was the baby blue velvet dress he wanted so much, he hugged his mom, and thankeed her a whole bunch. “Now wait johnny, before you can try on your present I have some other stuff for you first. She left and came back with a bag and pulled out some shoes and a wig in pigtails, some makeup and some pink panty briefs and some white silk stockings. she helped apply the makeup and lipstick and the wig, she had him put the pink panties on, and then the stockings, which he thought felt so good on his skin, She then grabbed the dress off the bed and slipped it over him, zipping it up in the back, she then put the shoes on which had a cute little blue ribbion on them. Look johnny at yourself in the mirrior. I couldn’t even recognixe myself, “Well you look so adorable and can help me out in the kitchen and if you like you can dress up every weekend and we will get you some more dresses. I didn’t know what to think. She then said when I’m dressed like this my name will be josephine.

To be continued……………………

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