You can't go home with a hard on

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I got woken up at four in the morning to be told that my Father had passed away from a massive heartache. I thought that being the oldest would make it easier on me but it was especially difficult because of my ‘condition’. I was born female with a penis.

As time went on, we got over the intial shock and started to live a normal life. I finally went back to school because I promised my Father that I would graduate. Half way through my senior year, our principal got fired for having sex with one of the senior girls. The new principal took a special interest as to why I havn’t taken physical education since I started school. She called me into her office and bluntly asked why I wasn’t taking any physical education classes. I walked over to the door and closed and locked it. I took my shirt off and then pulled my jeans off. Her chin almost hit her desk and she almost passed out. I pulled my jeans back up and grabbed her in a hurry. She asked me how long I had that thing and I said all of my life. Within six weeks, I got a letter in the mail saying that there was no reason for me to return to school. I put on my sexiest dress and hid my dick. I went into the board meeting and made the statement that if I couldn’t go back to school and graduate with my class that I would sue for sexual discrimination. They refused to let me go back so we spent the next two years fighting the board all of the way to the supreme court and won. I was granted my diploma, a chance to have a graduation, and one hundred million dollars. I just wanted my diploma. I was disappointed that I had to leave my hometown because of all of the publicity that the trial had. I was tired of getting all of the hate mail so I moved to another state.

I bought a house and a resturaunt and I was doing very well for myself. I never thought that I would ever run into anyone from my home town but about a year later, I was running kind of late so I left the gym and went straight to the resturaunt. I unlocked the door and went straight into the restromm to change. I was listening to the music in my head so I didn’t hear the door to the front of the resturaunt open. I was having trouble hiding my dick because over the years it had gotten so big. Most ‘chicks with dicks’ penis’ only grow to 5 maybe 6 inches, mine was an amazing 9 inches before it got erect. Damned you get in there. I heard some of the glasses raddle around so I spun around to see Roddy getting a cup of coffee. My mouth just dropped open. I went all of the way through school thinking that he was the sexiest man in the world. His Mother’s company tranferred her to Tiler from Scotland so the accent was still there. I was hoping that he wouldn’t recognize me but I knew that he had. So it is true. You have a dick and I see that it is bigger than mine. I am sorry but what do you want. I didn’t ask you to come here and criticque my cock. If it is too big suck it and we will see just how big it can get. I then stopped trying to stuff it in my pants and he got down on his knees and put both of his hands and the base of my cock. It instantly grew another 1/2 an inch and grew one inch in girth. He looked at it in total amazement. Hearte, you are an amazing woman and I want to fuck your cunt and jack you off at the same time.

I told him that I had to wait till someone showed up for work. About ten minutes later, my day manager showed up. She looked kind of disappointed that I was there so I told her that I was leaving. She smiled at Roddy but walked into the kitchen without saying a word. As I was walking out, she grabbed my arm and hissed between gritted teeth that today was supposed to be the day that she got to see my secret and she expected no less. I pulled my arm free and told her that today was here last day and if she worked it all I would give her a thousand dollar bonus but no one threatens me or the secrets that I hold inside.

I got on my Harley. Roddy got on behind me and we went to my house. Just as we walked into the house Roddy grabbed me and pulled me tight to him and kissed me in a passionate way that I have never fet before. I could not believe that I was getting wet and hard at the same time. I had never had vaginal sex because I had a 9 inch cock and no woman ever touch my cock because I had tits bigget than most. Roddy ran his hands all over my body and took off my clothes as we went to the sitting room. We went down to the floor and he laid on top of me. He kissed my lips, my cheeks, my neck and my breasts. He licked, sucked and nibbled on my pebble hard nipples. I then pushed him onto the floor and slide his dick all of the way down my throat. His rock hard cock was damned near 9 inches . I was slowly starting to feel his balls slide into my mouth too. I was starting to amaze myself because I had never had the chance to see how far a cock would go into my mouth. I was close once. I went to a bar and got drunk enough to ask someone to come home with me. He agreed and came to my house. We were going at it hot and heavy until he reached down my pants and got a handful of 13 inch hard cock. He jumped up yelled freak and beat the hell out of me. I spent the next week in the hospital wondering how I could die and then got my head on straight and went back to being alone.

Roddy told me that he was going to cum so I kept sucking him off till every drop was gone, not noticing that his cock had gotten hard all over again. Amazingly enough, he started to stroke my cock and finger my pussy at the same time. My hips began to buck up and down with his strokes and finger fucking. I told him that I was a vaginal virgin. He smiled a wicked smile that would frighten any normal woman. He lifted my legs up over his shoulders and slowly put his cock head to my pussy opening and rubbed it all over my clit. I don’t need my precum to lube you up I see he said and slowly slid his cock into my cunt. He got stopped by my hymen and shoved it in hard. I felt my cherry pop and felt the blood flow. We began to fuck each other in sync. He wrapped his hand around my cock and started to jerk it expertly. With his other hand, he twisted my nipple. I felt like I had died and gone to heaven. I felt my balls tighten up so I panicked. I had no idea what was going on. Yes, I had masterbated but it felt nothing like this. This was sheer ecstacy. I didn’t care about anything but what was going on. Roddy, fuck me harder I am going to cum! I shouted and wriggled and shook all over. Hearte, this is the best fuck I have ever had. I wanted to fuck you in school but you showed no interest in me. I came out of my cock and pussy at the same time. The muscles in my cunt got so tight around his cock that hefilled me with his seed for what seemed like hours but was only a few seconds.

I told him that all of the way through high school, I thought he was the sexiest man in the world. We laid on the floor with his dick still in me. He came but he stayed hard. I made the comment that he was still hard and he laughed and said so are you. I glanced at my cock and it was still hard. I was at full length. I started joking and asked him if I could put my dick in his ass. I didn’t expect him to say yes but he did. He pulled his cock out of my pussy and got onto his hands and knees. I climbed behind him and spread his cheeks apart and licked his asshole. I tongue fucked him for a while. He moaned in pleasure and told me to fuck him fast. I put my dick to the opening of his anus and told him that it was going to hurt. He just said do it fast. I thrust my hips forward and rammed my cock all of the way into is ass. He started crying so I started to pull it out. He reached around and stopped me and said that he just had to get used to the fullness. He started to hump my dick. All I had to do was hold onto his hips so my dick didn’t come out. He was so excellent. I had never had vaginal sex. I had only used my dick once so this was all new to me.

We laid down with my co
ck still stuffed in his ass.
When we laid down, was when I filled his bowels with my cum.

Soaked with sweat, and dripping with cum, I laid on the floor. Drifting off to sleep. I figured he would be gone when I woke up but I woke up in my bed and cleaned up. I heard Scottich folk songs from the kitchen. I pulled my jeans on without zipping or buttoning them and walked into the kitchen. I reached into the fridge and grabbed a soda. I should have remembered that you don’t drink coffee. You used to come to school on a Harley with a can of soda in your hand. I looked so shocked at Roddy. How in the world do you rememebr that, I asked him.

Like I said when we were fucking Hearte, I have been interested in you since your first day of school. You had long black hair, black jeans on and a leather jacket. When you first walked into English you had your helmet on. Eileen, my girlfriend at the time, told me that you looked hot. She told me that the first chance she got, she was going to fuck you, and them you took your helmet off and all of that hair fell out and her eyes got as big as half dollars. I looked at her and smiled because she still had that look of lust in her eyes.

I was so shocked. I remember that the first day of school was hard because I saw Roddy and instantly got a hard on so I spent most of the day sitting or with my notebook infront of me. Then I remember being told where the woman’s locker room was, and when I got there I saw Eileen laying on the bench and Joyce was between her legs eating her pussy. I got so ht that the hard on got worse and there was no hiding it. I pulled Joyce away from Eileen and buried my face into her pussy till she was cumming all over my face. Then I unzipped my pants and pulled my dick out. She said Hearte that is never going to fit in me. I haven’t even had sex.
I pulled Joyce’s head down to my dick and made her suck it. She was humming and moaning like she was totally enjoying it. I shoved her back and slide my dick into Eileen and slowly began to fuck her. I was being gentle and trying not to hurt her. I reached up with oth hands and started to tweak her nipples. I then leaned over and started to lick Joyce’s clit. She pulled my head into her pussy and forced me to lick her harder. She started cumming so hard that it filled my mouth to the point of over flow. Eileen shouted that she was cumming on my cock. Then she screamed that she loved me. I started cumming in her cunt so much that it was running out as I came.

He looked so shocked at me that I felt terrible for telling him but I wanted him to know that he wasn’t my first.

He walked away from the counter astonished by this revolation. He could have sworn that the baby was his. Hearte, did you know that two weeks later, she and I had sex and then a month after that she said that she was pregnant and the baby was mine. I stopped him in mid-sentence. I am sterile. I can’t gt a woman pregnant or have a baby so yes the baby is yours. He sighed a sigh of relief and french kissed me. I returned his kiss search his mouth with my tongue and ended up with both of our dicks hard. He pulled my pants down and sat me down in the chair. He got on his knees on the floor between my legs and slid my cock in his mouth and sucked me off like he had done it before. Roddy, have you done this before? You do it so well. Me and some of the guys used to suck each other off in school and I have lead a second life since I married Eileen. Now that she has divorced me and taken the kids, I came looking for you. Then I shoot a load of cum into his mouth. I had grabbed his head as I started to cum and he gagged.

We ended up going back to the resturaunt and having some food then we went to the local bars to have a few drinks. We were pretty well drunk when we decided to go back to my house. We fucked late into the night.

Roddy woke up the next morning with the worst hang over but I was nowhere to be found. There was a note on the counter with a glass of water and some aspirin. The note read, “Rodman, I have an appointment back home, I will talk to you another time. I really enjoyed my orgasms. I hope we can have many more together. It was signed love Hearte. Next to the note and the aspirin was a key taped to a paper and it said come back in soon.

Roddy panicked because I had to go back to our home town. He took a couple of aspirin, grabbed up the key, called a cab and went back to his car. It took him seven hours to get back home. He went straight to his house and ran into the house. Eileen and His son Henry were walking out of the back bedroom when he came in. Neither one expected him at home so Eileen was in Henry’s T-shirt and Henry was in his boxers.

Definately more to come…

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  1. true teller

    little weird…………….but good

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  2. debbie

    I enjoyed your story, hope you finish it soon….I like stories where men get fucked and women eat pussy. very good read !!!!

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  3. hunterd909

    Good story I liked it alot except the ending the guy and the shemale shouldve hooked up hope you make another one

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