A Wet Day In The Country – Part One

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It was a warm, sunny Sunday in July, and Marie and I caught the bus to Ringinglow, on the outskirts of Sheffield (this was in the days before I passed my driving test). We alighted at a well-known public house, The Norfolk Arms, and went inside. After a couple of drinks we left the pub and crossed the road towards a rough road, The Sheep Track, which wound its way across the moors to Fox House, another pub which was a favoured haunt of walkers and ramblers.

Marie was wearing a patterned white summer frock which buttoned down the front, and I was wearing my usual combination of jeans and ‘T’ shirt, and as we walked I was caressing her bottom, loving the movement of her buttocks as she walked along. The feel of my hand on her rump was turning Marie on, and so I suggested she remove her panties and let me finger her as she walked. Marie was only too eager to agree, and she skimmed her knickers off, giving me a quick flash of her sweet shaven cunt, then handed the garment to me. I sniffed it quickly, the scent of her lovely pussy assailing my nostrils, and put them in my pocket.

We set off walking again, and I put my hand up the back of her dress and caressed her naked buttocks, then slipped my fingertips between her legs from behind to feel the slippery wet folds of her vagina. Her labia opened under my probing fingers, and I slipped two fingers up into her warm, wet cunt. Marie moaned with pleasure as my fingers probed her cunt whilst she walked, and I suggested that maybe she should undo all the buttons down the front of her dress so that the sun could get at her naked body.

She was so excited by now that I didn’t need to suggest it twice, and she quickly undid all her buttons so that she was completely on view if anyone came along. I looked around to be sure that no-one was about, and told her to remove her dress completely,and was delighted when she shrugged her shoulders and the dress fell from her, leaving her naked apart from her shoes, with my fingers deep inside her gushing pussy.

I was carrying her dress, along with the back-pack I usually carried when we took our walks, and I finger-fucked her hard and fast until I could feel her cumming on my hand. I withdrew my fingers and licked them clean, then Marie said that she needed to pee. Excited by the fact that my girlfriend was naked in the open air, I suggested that she do it there, in the middle of the path.

‘But what if someone comes?’ she asked.

I pointed out that it hadn’t stopped her stripping off and being finger-fucked to an al-fresco orgasm, so why worry? Marie had no argument with that, so she crouched down to pee. Quickly I told her I’d like to see her do it clearly, and to stand up, so she stood, somewhat reluctantly, and opened her legs. Her shaven pussy glistened with the evidence of her recent cum as I knelt close by so that I could watch her piss close-up, and then the first drops of urine fell from her naked pussy, followed by more, until a stream of hot, golden liquid was running from her.

‘Open yourself up so that I can see you pissing,’ I said, and Marie hooked her fingers into the lips of her cunt and peeled them back. Her piss now streaked from her in a powerful jet, and I raised my hand to touch the stream, then brought my fingers to my mouth and tasted them. I couldn’t believe how good it was – slightly sweet and salty -and I knew that I was going to have to taste it ‘from the well’ so to speak, but Marie was just finishing, and the last few drops dripped from her labia onto the dusty track. Quickly I shuffled forward, careful not to kneel in the pool of piss in front of her, and licked her clean.

I tongued her fully, bringing her to another orgasm, then I picked up our things and we continued on our way to our ‘fucking-place’, a slight depression in a field off to the right of the track a bit further on, which we had discovered on a previous walk. Already my mind was leaping ahead with thoughts of how to take my new-found love of pissing further……

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