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Inquisitive Sister


         Family Staying Home For Dinner


         Horny Steve is a 23-year-old male living at home with a younger brother, two sisters and mom and dad. The two sisters are Morgan and Pernila. Morgan is 19 and Pernila turned 18 seven days ago. The family is well off and money is plentiful.

Submissive Steve has many secrets he is keeping secret from his family. He is of a larger build and really has self-esteem issues preventing him from traditional relationships and encounters.

Being a large male, he has been ridiculed and humiliated most of his life. The problem is, although the treatment is cruel, he desires it privately so much he has been going to a place where he can be humiliated and degraded in extreme ways.

Servicing males orally is his greatest desire, except for another desire. Steve had crushes on his two sisters. Now he also has an interest in his younger brother Bill.

         after being caned, stomped on and spit on, Steve came home from his humiliation and degradation session one Saturday and Pernila asked him where he was. He told her just out.

Out where? she asked. “If you don’t tell me where you were, I am going to tell everybody you tried to pull my pants down and lick my asshole.”

This gave Steve and instant erection. Steve said “Well, if you are going to accuse me of it, I may as well do it.”

Pernila was wearing sweatpants and Steve lunged forward and yanked them down to find out she is not wearing any panties. Pernila was shocked and told Steve,

“I will let you lick my asshole if you tell me where you were all day. “

Steve could not resist, and he spread her ass cheeks and first took a big whiff and it smelled like she had been working out all day. This pleased Steve very much and his medium sized penis got rock hard.

Well, he thought it was medium sized.

Steve pulled his penis out and started stroking it while eating his sister’s ass. Pernila looked and started laughing telling him how small his penis is.

“Can you screw anything with that tiny thing?” Pernila said.

Steve Got up and said “well, maybe, but look at my balls.” In an instant Steve took a few exaggerated strokes and shot a load that made it to Pernila’s face from far away, covering her face with cum.

 Just as this happened, mom and dad had walked in with Morgan and Bill, coming home from a shopping trip.

Mom and dad were so shocked, they just froze there watching the cum dripping off Pernila’s face and onto the floor. The mother yelled out “You better lick that cum off the floor right now Steve before it dries up and makes it difficult to clean.

Steve quickly complied. Mom and dad then order Bill to go lick the cum off Pernila’s face. he complied, willingly.

         Mom and dad said, “Both of you will be punished for this.” They tied both on their back on the ground. The father took his pants off and showed his humongous erect penis, straddled Steve and shoved his penis into Steve’s mouth and rammed it all the way in and down his throat.

Little did the father know, Steve is just loving this. The father makes a loud groan shooting his load of hot cum into his mouth and it overflows down the side of Steve’s face. “Now swallow it all”, the father said. Steve gladly swallowed all the cum.

Bill and Morgan were just standing there, and Bill said loudly “I want to fuck Morgan in the ass.” The parents said “What?! You fuck her in the ass, and we will punish you too”.

Bill threw Morgan to the ground, yanked her pants down, whipped out his erect penis and oddly enough, Morgan did not resist. Morgan yelled out “Just ram it in there as hard as you can!”. Bill did just that. Dry and hard.

He came in seconds. “Is that all you got?” Morgan yelled out. Morgan told the parents to tie Bill up on the ground too. The parents did just that. The three of them laying on their back next to each other.

Quenching A Thirst

         Father went into the garage and came back in with three funnels. He stuck a funnel in the mouths of the three on the floor.

The mother squatted over Pernila’s mouth. The father stood over Steve’s mouth and Morgan squatted over Bill’s mouth.

The sound of pee trickling into funnels rang throughout the room.The father yelled out “Better not spill one drop!”. The three on the floor slurped up every drop could not believe what had just happened. Steve looked at Pernila and said, this is what I was doing all day😊

the floor slurped up every drop could not believe what had just happened. Steve looked at Pernila and said, this is what I was doing all day😊

I am bisexual, but with men, I mostly just want to go down all day long. A chick with a dick would be perfect. Women who are not afraid to have a large male like them are the ones I am interested in.

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