A Wet Weekend

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A Wet Weekend
by Emma Pee emmaloveboat@yahoo.co.uk
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She was late, that woman was always late!

I was waiting for Sandy, my best friend and part time lover for some years now. We are both 25 and married now but we first met at school when we were eleven though that was friendship which developed over the years into loveship.

My name is Emma by the way and I was waiting for Tim and Sandy to arrive at our house, Tim though would be leaving straight away with my husband Allan on a golfing weekend.

The boys always left us together when they went on their frequent golf trips – golf widows we called ourselves – but we had fun, far more fun than our husbands did chasing a silly ball around all day.

Sandy and I are about the same height, around 5’6 and whilst she is a slim, lithe blonde I am a slim brunette. She is beautiful and I love her, she is so gorgeous I bet she could bring a corpse back to life with just a look. She tells me I am beautiful and she loves me. Strangely enough we both love our husbands too, though they play little or no part in this story.

Tim and Allan know that Sandy and I are more than bosom buddies, they knew this before we all got married because we all got together one evening and we told them. Quite a turn on they thought and we guessed that they were looking forward to threesomes, possibly foursomes in the future. Kinky fuckers! Well to be truthful this hasn’t occurred as yet but who knows what the future holds? Maybe.

Car tyres on the gravel, a hoot of a horn and Sandy rushed in closely followed by Tim, apologising for the late arrival and blaming Sandy for holding them up yet again

Allan grabbed his bag and he and Tim loaded his clubs into the car.

“Be good now.” said Al, kissing me on the lips,”Shopping tomorrow I guess?”

“Maybe,” I said, “but the forecast is rain, we’ll wait and see.”

With that the boys burned rubber and we waited outside and waved until they were out of sight.

Sandy took my hand as we went inside.

“Sounds like a wet weekend then,” she whispered in my ear, “I’ve been looking forward to a wet weekend for ages.”

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmm yesss darling, me too,” I replied just before we kissed,”I think a drink first don’t you? And then……..Mmmmm”

Though Tim and Al know that we are lovers they seem to be comfortable with it, knowing full well we won’t stray with other men when they are away. What they didn’t know then was that both Sandy and I were and still are complete piss freaks when we are together.

Al and I play water games in the shower or the bath sometimes and it’s great but it’s not quite the same is it? Well not to us it isn’t, we prefer our water from the well, from the fount of all our femininity.

I guess it all started before we became lovers a few years ago before we met our husbands. We were 18 at the time and though we had both admired each other’s bodies and stroked each other’s private parts when we got the chance we weren’t lovers in the real sense. That was just petting, the real stuff came later.

The Pee thing started about then though when I went to stay at Sandy’s house for a weekend and I dared Sandy to sit on the toilet with her panties on and pee in them. Silly me, I should have known never to dare that girl, she will do anything for a bet or a laugh.

“I will if you will,” she said grinning,” but if you want to see me pee wouldn’t it be better if I stood up?”

I agreed it would.

Her parents were shopping so we were alone until mid afternoon thank God! We stripped to our panties and drank glass after glass of cold water until we were both bursting.

“I have to go!!” moaned Sandy as she rushed for the bathroom and climbed into the bath.

I quickly followed with my belly distended from all the liquid I had taken onboard and rather wishing it was my turn to go first as I was about to burst too.

Sandy stood in the bath and parted her legs, pulled her cotton knickers up tight which accentuated the bulge of her gorgeous cunt. She leaned back and put her hands on her bum cheeks, looked at me and smiled.

“Here goes Emm,” she said, and started to pee just as I had got into position kneeling at the bath side and looking up at her cotton covered mons.

The white cotton turned darkly yellow and I smelled her pee for the first of many, many times. I felt excited as the stain darkened further and pee spurted from her panties to splash in the bath at her feet. Pee ran down her thighs from her panty leg holes and puddled at her feet in a warm swirl and I noticed the bath plug was in so all the warm wet stuff accumulated at her feet.

I knelt there transfixed and so very sexually excited at what I was seeing. Emotions I didn’t have before rose to the surface and all seemed to direct their attention to somewhere south of my panties top.

Sandy smiled as I put out a hand and caught some of her wee, brought it to my nose, sniffed and then gave a nervous lick. Mmmm. That action set me for life as a confirmed pee lover.

I must have been dreaming when Sandy said,

“Your turn Emm, I want to see you pee now, you promised.”

Oh my yes, so I did and with a heavy tummy and trembling legs I climbed over the bath side to stand in the same pose that Sandy had stood in before. The difference this time was that she had taken her sodden panties off and was sat in the bath looking up at my young girly cunt covered only by a wisp of cotton cloth.

“You’re going to get wet there Sandy,” I said, trying to hold back so I didn’t pee on her.

“I know that silly,” she replied,” that’s what I want to happen.”

I wasn’t going to argue as the pressure was too much and nature had to take it’s course and if she wanted me to piss on her then who was I to argue?

It started with a torrent and I had never experienced such a long wee in all my life, rolling down my legs and jetting out of my panties to cover Sandy’s young girly breasts below. My pee ran down her body and a river poured over her cunt and when that happened I saw her fingers rubbing madly at her clit.

By the time my flow had nearly ended she was in the full throes of an orgasm, bucking and jerking, her eyes tightly shut, mouth open and gasping, moaning.

I slid down and sat next to her, and slipping my panties off we both sat naked in a bath of warm pee.

It was then that she kissed me for the first time and electricity shot through my body.

“I need to go again,” she whispered,”it’s all that water we drank.”

She stood and I saw rivulets of still warm pee running from her as she moved position and stood over me, this time holding open her cunt lips with both hands to give me a better look.

Pee dripped from her blonde pubic hairs onto my face. I licked and liked. She pissed again just as I took an open mouthed breath and caught a mouthful of her nectar. I closed my mouth and swallowed as the stream jetted from her to fall on my own breasts and run down my body as it had hers a few moments ago.

The urge to masturbate felt so natural that I just did what she had done until that blissful moment when the sun and the stars and the moon all blended together and I was transported to heaven on an orgasm of about 9 on the Richter scale.

I wet myself again then but quite unconsciously and as we were in a bath full of the stuff it mattered not anyway, but the feeling of peeing at the point of orgasm was so exquisite that I have been a devotee of wet sex ever since.

Sandy kissed me again and this time we lay down in our own body fluids, off white pee mingled with the heavier, stickier feminine orgasmic juices. It seemed like heaven.

We lay and kissed, one on top of the other, rolling round to change places with our ha
ir dripping our mingled pee until it began to cool.

Say what you like but there is nothing sexy about cold piss is there? Sandy lifted the plug and it gurgled away followed by anoth
er little squirt form us both as we laughed uncertainly about what we had just done.

We showered then and soaped each other, rubbed and rubbed so the pee smell wouldn’t stay with us and be noticed by her parents when they came home. I guess just then that we both felt a tad guilty for a while but we talked it over and agreed that we had both been so turned on by the experience that we must repeat it whenever the opportunity arose.

But I digress. Let’s get back to the present shall we?

I was pouring us both a drink when I felt that all familiar warm hand sliding up my skirt from behind, resting on the right cheek of my nice firm bum which was unencumbered by the presence of underwear. Her touch still makes me tremble even after all this time and all the times we have made love, I always stiffen at her first touch and am putty in her hands from then on.

The drink spilled and I muttered something like, “Fukkit,” as the wandering hand sought my newly depilated cunt. She turned me round and we kissed again, our hands roaming knowingly over each other, seeking each other’s fount of love, sex and fun.

It isn’t easy to hold a drink, kiss, fondle and try to strip your lover at the same time is it? The drinks were drunk and glasses replaced on the dresser as we staggered towards the staircase leaving a trail of shoes, skirts, tops and bras which ended at the bathroom door. No panties as we didn’t expect to need them this weekend.

Still joined at the lips we entered the shower stall.

“Darling I’m bursting,” I said as she inserted a slim finger into my hairless pussy and located my pee hole, tickling it with a fingernail and making me want to wee even more. The more she played with my pee hole the more I wanted to wee – she was doing it on purpose of course, and then a dribble escaped me and she gasped.

“Ahh, you’re ready now my love,” she whispered as she slid down my body and positioned her mouth over my juice filled cunt, holding the lips open with her fingers and tonguing me deeply.

Well, what’s a girl to do in a situation like this I wondered? Not a lot, just stand there and enjoy, so that’s just what I did.

If any of you girls out there have ever been brought to orgasm by your lover when you have a burstingly full bladder which you can’t wait to release and which you don’t want to release until you cum then you will understand the painfully pleasurable time I was having just then.

And then: she nibbled my clit and I began to spasm, the spasms forcing the pee out of me in short squirts at first, covering my lover’s face as she slurped greedily at my sopping wet cunt.

It was ecstasy knowing that I was cumming and peeing at the same time and that Sandy was loving every second as much as me. I looked down at one point and noticed her eyes were closed and her body completely under mine so that every last drop of pee would fall on her. It was wonderful knowing that for a short while my Sandy was my own personal toilet, my bidet soon after when she licked me clean, and that very soon I would be the same for her.

We are pee sluts, toilet sluts, bidet sluts, rubber sheet pee sluts and open air pee sluts when the weather is warm enough. We are addicted to pee from a clean source.

As my orgasm lessened in intensity my stream of glistening golden pee began to diminish and at that point I sat down in the shower stall and we kissed, I licked her piss covered face and tasted my own wee which tasted like wine to me.

“Your turn now Sandy my sweet,” said, “but I have an idea to make it different.”

Leaping out of the cubicle I made my way downstairs to the fridge leaving pissy wet footprints on the bathroom floor, grabbed a bottle of champagne that was well chilled, two flutes then hurried back up again.

I’ll say one thing for Sandy, she is always up for something new and I hoped my idea would drive her wild.

Fetching a blow up cushion I told her where I wanted her to be and what I was going to do to her to give her the best cum she had had since we last spent a pissy weekend together.

Placing the cushion on the floor I told her to put her neck and head on it and put her bum up against the shower wall in the upside down cycling position. That done I squatted on her face and had a beautiful view of her little puckered anus and a perfect view and access to her gorgeous pinky pussy.

I filled a flute with champagne while my lover tried to force her tongue into my anus. Mmmmm, I love that!!

I tongued her for a while and wet a finger from her juicy cunt until I judged the moment to be right, then deftly opened her cunt as wide as could be with one hand and poured the champagne slowly inside her with the other.

The effect was dramatic! The cold bubbly liquid inside her made her jump and buck under me and as the bubbles burst they tickled her insides.

Time to get back to work I thought. Licking and slurping I sucked on her clitty and inserted a wet finger into her bum just as she began to cum in my face.

A fountain of pee hit me in the face and I swallowed what I could, the rest running down my body and hers, soaking her hair this time as she writhed in ecstasy beneath me.

Her pee went up my nose and made me splutter, she tasted of pee mingled with the aftertaste of champagne as I licked and sucked her darkly pink opening until she cried for me to stop.

I needed another little squirt just then so I positioned over her mouth and let go, just a squirt and a few drops but it was enough to satisfy us both for the time being.

We always say that the best sort of shower is a golden shower but there are times when you need to get clean, like now for instance, so we stood up and I turned on the water, soaped each other, washed our hair and dried with large fluffy warm towels.

There seemed to be a lot of champagne left so rather than let it go flat we drank it whilst lying on our bed onto which I had already spread a waterproof cover. I don’t mind pissing the bed now and then for fun but it’s me that has to do the laundry in this house!

Guess what? We both needed to pee again after that lot, the need for both of us becoming greater as we discussed another way of enjoying the amber liquid.

Like I mentioned before, my husband and I play pee games now and then and one of his favourites apart from having me upside down and pissing into my open cunt is for me to wear rubber incontinence panties and just let go whenever I’m ready. It turns him on when they fill up like balloons and he likes to tease me sometimes by getting a finger inside one of the legs and letting it squirt out bit by bit.

Anyway, as I have a couple of pairs of these rubber panties I suggested that we wear them and have a doze, see what happened when we awoke and Sandy was all to happy to agree as we both felt tired from all the alcohol we had consumed.

It isn’t natural to piss the bed but when you know you can and it won’t make a mess then you do, don’t you? I vaguely remember being half asleep and needing to pee very badly and I was near to getting up when I remember I was wearing rubbers and so I just let it quietly flow, that gentle release which must be such a comfort to anyone who in incontinent, Lol.

However long we stayed like that neither of us remembers but I awoke to dreamily caress my lover’s cunt only to find it encased in a swollen rubber coating filled with her pee. It was obvious that Sandy had let it go during her nap just as I had done.

Sandy awoke and wanted to play. A smile came to her face as she felt her swollen panties and mine and she wondered what sort of pressure there was in there and how far would it squirt. I had no idea but was sure we would find out asap, and in that I was right.

The good thing about tight rubber panties is that your pee stays warm forever, or as long as you keep them on anyway. It is
still tantalisingly warm and perfectly drinkable long after it has been forced from a cunt.

Sandy stood at the far end of the bed an
d slowly lifted a leg so that her inside of her thigh was pointing towards me. Then she pinched the rubber panty at the leg hole and lifted it so that her pee escaped. Well, it didn’t just escape, it jetted across the distance between us and hit my belly with a splash. A thin stream of golden liquid arced across the bed and caught my breasts this time, running down and settling in my belly button. I felt laughter coming on and pissed myself even more then which was more than the rubbers were supposed to hold and pee started to ooze from the legs.

We found that we could apply pressure here and there and it would squirt but we were unable to aim with any degree of accuracy so quite quickly the bed was awash. Praise be for waterproof covers!

Something tells me that this story is over long but there is much, much more to tell about that weekend if you would like to read it.

Please mail me if you like this story.

Emma xxxxx

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    loved the story, I love piss stories

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    I loved your story, and would love to hear more about your weekend.

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    hey, i’m just getting into pissing and i loved your story, i am soaking wet now. pls send me more. email @ ms_carter0929@sbcglobal.net

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