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Two pairs of eyes looked passionately at each other in a candle-lit hotel room. Instead of returning back to their college dorm room after the Spring Dance, Lilly and Steve were feeling adventurous and rented out a hotel room for two people, with only one bed. Lilly sat on the bed posing like Marilyn Monroe in her short, pink and black, strapless dress. Steve was becoming more and more turned on by the second. He looked at his beautiful looking princess with seducing eyes, wanting to caress every inch of her soft body. Lilly was also feeling very horny at the moment. She knew tonight was going to be different from the rest. She and Steve finally had the freedom they have been asking for.

“So, what did you think of the dance?” Lilly asked, as she switched positions on the bed, and motioned for Steve to sit next to her.

“I had a wonderful time, and you were so hot on the dance floor,” he whispered softly, as he leaned in to kiss her neck.

Shivers charged through Lilly’s body and she turned onto her side. Her eyes met Steve’s as he rested on his side, facing her. Slowly, she focused her attention on the bulge in Steve’s black dress pants, and her imagination started to run wild. Steve got up and moved over to the mini fridge next to the television. He reached for a can of Pepsi, his fifth one of the evening. Neither of them had relieved themselves since before they left for the dance, and Lily only had a couple glasses of water that evening. Surely, Steve would be off to the bathroom very soon.

“Why am I so turned on by this?” Lily asked herself, as she pictured Steve going into the bathroom to relieve himself. Maybe it was the fact that she was so turned on by stroking his penis with her fingers and/or mouth and she wanted to be the one holding him while his warm piss trickled out of him. She shook the thought from her head, and smiled at her man. He met her gaze, and she giggled softly.

“What?” He returned the laugh, but was a little confused.

Lilly’s eyes created a path that ended at the bathroom. “Do you, um, remember what I told you a couple of days ago?”

Steve got the hint. “I know you’re curious, baby. I’m just not used to someone wanting me to do that.”

Lilly’s horny and nervous body tensed up. “I know, and suddenly I feel like this isn’t normal…” her voice trailed off.

Steve sighed. “Of course you’re normal. Many people out there have these bursts of curiosity running through their heads. You know I love it when you squirt you’re warm self all over my chest and balls, but there’s a difference there.”

Lilly nodded slowly. “Yeah, I know.”

Steve held her in his arms and rocked her back and forth. “For you, I can give it a try,” he whispered into her ear.

Lilly let out a short, muffled sigh. “Are you sure?”

Steve kissed her on the forehead. “Yes. But If we’re going to do it, it better be soon,” he stated, finishing off the can of Pepsi.

Lilly grinned and began ripping off her nylons. Steve was right behind her, tearing off his clothes and helping Lilly out of her dress. The two naked bodies ran into the bathroom and jumped into the shower. She set the water to a perfect temperature and began stroking Steve’s large, hard penis. This of course made it difficult for him to pee. Steve moaned, desperate to let go, but Lilly assured him to relax as she squirted all over him. Steve moaned again, instantly turned on by his beautiful, naked girlfriend. She pressed her breasts up against him, and soon after, Steve became a little more relaxed. A slow, steady stream of piss soon emerged from his penis and Lilly moaned with excitement.

“Let go, let go,” she moaned, as she gently grasped his penis in her hands.
A harder stream soon came out and Lilly directed it onto her belly button and soon onto her warm lower region. She squirted again; Steve let out another moan. Both were both enjoying this. The warm water from the shower relaxed their bodies, but the warm golden shower also relieved both of them. Shortly after Steve finished, Lilly felt the urge to pee.

“Steve, Steve, stop for a second. I need to go now,” Lilly panted.

Steve instantly became turned on due to Lilly’s desperation. “Just go, baby, right here; release your warm stream on me.” He positioned his chest under her, leaning his back up against the wall of the shower.

Lilly was nervous at first, but soon eased up and she proceeded to let herself go all over Steve’s body. Both of them moaned and soon grabbed each other tightly and kissed each other hard on the mouth. It instantly turned into a hot make-out session.

Later that night, once both of them were buried beneath the blankets, Lilly soon got up and retrieved a large bottle of water. She downed a couple large gulps of it, but then returned to bed. Steve, who was still partially awake, had a confused look on his face.

“Thirsty?” He questioned.

Lilly smiled, and cuddled up next to Steve. “No, curious.”

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