My Fantasy Yet to Be Filled

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My wildest fantasy has yet to occur but I crave it and want it to.
I am alone walking through the forest wearing only a ragged pair of cut off shorts and tennis shoes early in the morning of a warm spring day, just as the sun begins to rise. As I follow along a trail that meanders into the wilderness, I come upon a large flat boulder three feet high and four feet wide placed next to a stream that is less than four feet deep, so I stop to wade.
Kicking my tennis shoes off I slowly walk into the cold mountain stream. Then as I dunk myself repeatedly I arise to find several younger men watching me lazing around the huge stone. I slowly exit and though I am in my mid 40’s I am still trim and defined and most of all a virgin with men. My short dark brown hair and younger appearance fools many who see me and so it was with these horny 20-year-olds.
Two of them are already nude stroking their cocks as I near the rock where my shoes are. Two more have stripped down to their briefs and a fifth one is just now dropping his shorts as I walk up. They smile at me and ask if I am alone, when I say “yes” they take it as a sign and the two naked boys come straight for me while the others circle behind me. The fifth is watching as he strokes his cock and tells me, “You look like you could use a stiff prick to suck, try mine.”
With that the two behind grab me by arms and carry me to him where he pushes my head to his cock and slaps my lips with his eight inch cut cock until I open my mouth and in it goes. Now he moves back and lays upon the boulder, as I am lifted by all four limbs and carried over to continue sucking him. I feel my shorts leave my body and with no underwear on my ass is exposed and quickly spread open as one of the young men exclaims, “Now then lets see if he has had any visitors lately.” I cry out as he enters me and then as he rocks me I begin to suck the boys cock faster and faster. Then as the one in my ass blast his load into me I feel the warm gush of salty sperm fill my mouth and that’s when they start abusing me.
I am flung on my back on the hard rock with a thud. Another boy widens my legs and inserts his stiff seven inch prick in me, as one of the other boy grabs my hair and yanks my head backwards so he can ram his cock into my mouth. Now my small four inch dick is exposed and as they scoff and make fun of it and me, two of the boys start to torture my tits with lit cigarettes while the fifth lashes my stomach with a wet T shirt. The boy I am sucking slaps my face over and over telling me suck harder and softer and to take him deeper. He blast his load into my mouth just as I swallow and take most of it in. Now as he removes his cock the one in my ass shots me full of cum again. Then I thrown from the boulder onto the muddy bank and kicked and pushed into the water and dunked as they tell me they want me fresher.
The fifth boy forces me to my knees in the stream and with the water at my chin he opens my mouth and rams his cock in. Holding my head he fucks me in the mouth with a large force behind his six inch prick. When he finally cum’s in my mouth. I mistakenly think that it is over and start to move to gather up myself to dress and go.
As I exit the water they begin to pelt me with wet T-shirts and socks across my ass and dick and the chest. I stumble to and kneel and try to cover my face as one of the starts to pelt me harder on the ass, and soon all five are whelping me. When they stop I am flung around and held by my arms and legs off the ground while the biggest one of them pisses all over my face and in my mouth. Then I am dropped on my back on the muddy ground and his four friends join in doing the same thing. When they stop I am covered from head to toe in their pee and they are still not finished with me. They ten take turns shitting on my mouth and making me rim out their assholes. While I do this they use limbs from a pine tree to lash me with across the chest and dick and stomach. When one of the boys sits on my mouth for his turn he figures out quickly that playing with my nipples and breast make me weak and easier to control. So he begins to fondle them and as my swishing begins to grow faster and deeper in his asshole, he pushed a turd into my mouth and makes me eat it. That started something soon all of the others are straining to do the same and when the strain to hard they pissed on my mouth to wash it down with.
Then someone noticed had was seeping cum from my dick and jerked off and fed it to me. That made them all start fucking me again, and again. They passed me around for two more turns in my ass and two in my mouth before they tired of me. By this time it was late afternoon and I was sure they were as exhausted as I was, so when I saw three of them dress and leave I though that they were threw with me, that was a bad mistake. The other two lifted me from the ground and walked down to the water and bathed me until I was somewhat cleaner. Then they drug me up to the boulder and told me to lie down and not to move for any reason until they were gone. So did as they said and waited until I could hear no more footsteps and then I stood up to find my shorts were missing along with shoes and most notable were my car keys. Now naked and weary I struggled to walk along the pathway back to my car and as I did I tried to find a way to cover my body. I was halfway there when I heard someone approach, so I stealthily moved behind an oak tree and peeped out to see who it was. As I was peering straight ahead a pair of hands clasped me from behind and when I turned my head to see who it was, there was a Park Ranger smiling at me. He handcuffed me and turned me around and leaned me against the tree as he told me, “Damn man, you are naked as a jay bird. Your ass is bright red and you got marks all over your chest. What the hell you been up to?”
“I was raped by five boys and they abused me,” I said.
He shook his head no and replied, “No it wasn’t five boys, it was ten.”
“Ten. No it was five.” I retorted.
That’s when he spun me to the left and there they were all five of them in the ranger uniforms along with four other men. They carried me back out and down to stream and then all of them took turns on me. They fucked my mouth until it was numb and my ass was throbbing from their pricks. They fucked me as the sun went down and the night grew dark and even after I passed out. When I finally awoke in the middle of the night I was laying naked on the boulder with my body drenched in cum. No one was there and I was tied at the wrist and ankles and staked to the ground so I could not move. They wrote on the side of the boulder with some sort of marker, “Gay Sex Toy. Fuck him anywhere.”
There I stayed all night alone and until midday the following day before an elderly man set me free. The only payment he asked for is trouble was a blow job and my phone number. I willingly agree and when I get to my car it is gone along with everything I have, so the old man feels sorry for me and takes me home to be his sex slave. Telling me, “You can suck off your food and let me fuck you for a bed. If need anything else we can talk about payment.”

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