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I used to watch her movements always. Her most attractive parts like boobs and butts. Her boobs are big enough that a sexy cleavage could always visible whenever she bent down. Her butts were real sexy. Waving rhythmically while moving. And her nose was little big and plum. The nostrils would spread wide while smiling and laughing. I was mad after her and used to masturbate thinking of her nose, boobs and butts. I used to kiss and sniff the wooden stool where she used to sit. I could feel the smell of her body and the aroma of her dress on the stool. Years passed and she appreciated well my inner feelings. I told her that I loved her nostrils and like to kiss it. Then after some time told her that I loved to lick and eat the nose juice. I asked her to give me juices from the nose. She giggled and laughed that I was mad. One day when I was alone she came to my room. Immediately I took of my cock and started to stroke it, she was surprised and asked me to be careful since someone might come. She saw my cock and touched it fondly. She sat in front of me. I asked her to spread wide her nose. She did. My cock started to erect, her wide spread nostrils were sexy and I could see inner area of nose and the little tiny hairs. I told her to fold her upper lip and show closer. She folded her lip and the nostrils are oval in shape and nose upturned. I got mad and started to stoke fast. She removed sari top and showed her cleavage. I was getting harder. She came near and took my cock in her hand and started to kiss and then suck it. I was in heaven. I hugged her hip and massaged her butts. After few minutes I inserted my hand inside her blouse and squeezed her boobs. Heavenly it was. Another hand inside her sari and finding the ass hole. I touched it and rubbed the ass hole. I took out my finger and sniffed the asshole smell. It was so good and I was in real erotic pleasure. She was sucking hard my cock. I asked her to give me her pee. She was reluctant and said it was bad. I begged her. Then she went to the toilet and came back with a glass of urine-warm and fresh. I sat down on the floor near her feet and kept her one foot on my cock and asked her to press my cock and started to drink her pee. Another foot on my hand close to my face and I was kissing and licking it. I sipped drop by drop the glass filled pee. After I finished I stood up and went near her with my erected cock. She caught it and placed it near her face. She rolled it all over her face, sniffed and kissed hard. I asked her to call me as dog and order me to lick her feet and drink her urine. Initially she hesitated and said it was not proper since I was her boss. Immediately I fell down to her feet and started to lick it like a hungry dog and begged her to call me as dog. She was so turned on and called me” ok ok you are dog and you have to lick my feet, drink my pee and lick my ass too” Then she stood up and raised her dress up to hip. Wonderful butts were visible. I squeezed the butts and kissed them all over. Spread wide to find her ass hole. It was like a black-reddish bud. I sniffed it. Pungent musky smell and I could feel the shit aroma. I licked it and inserted deep inside. Tried to insert more deep and I could taste the shit aroma inside the ass hole path. Like a maniac I tried to go deep inside. It was heaven. She was very much turned on and called me” Dog lick and taste my shit hole, you are born to lick my shit hole and drink my pee. Lick and eat my ass like a hungry dog” She pressed my head against her ass hole and said to lick fast. Then she asked me get up and she started to suck my cock again. I inserted my finger inside her nose holes and searched for some hard snots. Took some small pieces and showing them to her I ate it. Asked her to spit saliva on my hand. She did so and I licked it and swallowed it like a dirty slave. After that I took banana and placed on her feet. She pressed it by her feet and I licked it from her feet and swallowed all crushed banana and licked her feet to clean it. I was so mad. Again she wanted to pee. I told her to collect it in a cup. She came back from toilet with a cup of urine. I mixed it with a peg of whisky and asked her to spit more saliva in to it. She spit her mouth honey in the whisky and pee mixture. She took a waste cloth and tied my cock with it. She pulled it hard. My cock got reddish and was stretched hard as if it was going to burst. It was pain full but I liked it. She said” slave dog, now watch my nostril holes and the sexy boobs, seeing itself would make you cum, you dog. Now watching my sexy nostrils drink the cocktail of whisky and my urine. Drink it dog, drink half of it and then you can eat my shit. I am ready to shit after you have had half of the urine cocktail. You dirty dog, today you have to eat my shit” saying that she pulled hard my cock and pressed it by her one foot and another foot on my face. I started to drink the cocktail watching her cleavage and nostrils; I was mad and so Horney. Seeing her sexy nostril holes and boobs I finished half of the drink and almost ready to do anything.

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