The Accidental Touch

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The dinner session of drinks at the local bar with her friends had been fun, Vicky had caught up with the gossip, shared jokes and enjoyed the companianship that she had been missed recently due to a hetic work schedule.

After making arrangements to meet Alice, a close and long time pal later and bidding farewell to the others Vicky started back home (a short but pleasent 15 minute walk)

She set off, the first couple of hundred yards along the main road and then she decided she would take the route through a small but well kept park before crossing a picteresque bridge over the river and turning into the cul-de-sac at the end of which stood her modest home.

As she approached the park enterance Vicky began to feel the need to pee and tried to dismiss the subtle but growing pressure that her bladder was beginning to inflict on her.

She idly contenplated nipping quickly behind a bush or tree but the park was quite full of people enjoying the warm spring afternoon an she did’nt want to run the risk getting caught quite literally with her pants down.

As the weather was warm Vicky carried her light jacket, the threat of rain had never materialized and was now grateful of the distraction the coolness that her white cotton blouse and short skirt offered from her growing need.

Vicky also wondered why there was no Public Toilets in the park. Perhaps the park was not large enough or more likly the local authorities were too tight to spend their budget on such a trival thing.

She was now approaching the bridge and the pressing need to “go” was making itself felt to the point it was now uncomfortable and walking was becoming difficult. Just 5 more minutes Vicky she said to herself and I’ll be home and able to relieve myself.

The pressure increased however and suddenly without warning a small squirt of wee escaped her body and slowly soaked into her white cotton panties leaving a cold damp clingy patch there and stopping Vicky in her tracks. Feeling an embarassed blush deepen her pretty face she glanced quickly around to see if any one was near. There was no one of course and why should she worry anyway? How often had she dripped into panties after going to the bathroom and not worried about it? Besides no one would know, its not like she’s wearing tight jeans or anything.

Well I better quicken my step or I really will have something to be embarassed about she thought, I’ve just got to walk a few hundred feet and I’ll be home.

As she was walking, Vicky could feel that her vagina was wet and warm, it seemed as if it was sloshing with wee and with every step she took it felt as if more of her pee was seeping into her knickers. This then became realtity when she involuntaryly squirted again only this time she could feel her little damp patch had grown considerably and her panties was now sodden.

Oh shit! Vicky said quietly I’m not going to make it, already the tops of her thighs were chaffing slightly with pee and now a little moisture was oozing out at each step. By the time she got to the garden gate of her house the first drops of golden liquid had trickled down the inside of her legs and hit the pavement beneath her leaving a small but noticable pattern. In an instant Vicky was through the gate and
raced down the side of the house to the back door fumbling in her handbag as she went, dropping the keys she sought once and then relocating them again amongst the junk at the bottom.

Halting at the door she desperatly tried to insert the keys in the lock but they refused to slide home. Dammit! she cursed, partly at the refusal of the keys to work and partly because now a steady trickle of wee was coursing through her panties and making its way earthwards down her legs.

Vickly lfted her skirt and watched in fasination at the puddle forming arounf her feet. The steady trickle was becoming a torrent and the feeling was strangly erotic. She was wetting herself and it was starting to turn her on!

After what seemed like a age the flow slowed and shortly afterwards stopped. Vicky stood there looking down at a “lake” of wee around her feet. The key then decided it would fit into the lock and almost automatically through habit Vicky turned it unlocking the door.

After slipping off her shoes Vicky started to make her way to the bathroom but stopped in front of the full lenght hallway mirror to examine the damage. The front of her skirt had a noticable wet patch and when she lifted it Vicky could see her drenched panties, they even had a yellowish hue to them!

Almost instinctively her middle finger slowly caressed the outside of her knickers sending a very delightful shudder through her body. Her panties were getting even wetter, but now it was with her flowing juices which were lubricating her aching quim.

Vicky dropped to her knees, her skirt bunched up around her waist an slid her hand inside her almost transparent briefs before inserting her two middle fingers inside her slippery crack and rubbing her inflamed clitoris rapidly bringing herself to a fabulos climax.

Vicky let out a loud moan, eyes closed tightly and mouth half open as her whole body shook with pure abandon as her orgasim took control of her universe and it was’nt for several minutes before she calmed down and regained control.

WOW! that was fucking fantastic she sighed, I carn’t believe that happened, what a wonderful cum and as Vicky knealt there in the hallway she purposely let the last of her wee dribble out making a nice round large damp patch on the seat of her skirt.
I am definately going to do that again she giggled to herself before finally entering the bathroom.

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    I love your story, it’s very erotic. XXX

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    that was reall kind of dumb

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