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Turn about of fair play

my story is rather brief but true .
It all began many years ago after I married the love of my life.
For years we had engaged in sexual intercourse of various degrees
with me of course I was always being the dominant partner on top as normal in sex,it was after all only natural since I was the dominant individual being the man in spite of our close proximity in size.
For fun and spice in our relationship sometimes we chose to wrestle around rolling about on the floor .I loved to pin her to the floor or in the bed so she could not move to show her who was in charge kissing her it felt great to be dominating
Sometimes I even pulled out my penis and told her I might have her suck on it,although I never did actually do so she would never forgot.
She told me that some day that role would change ,I could only laugh keep in mind I used to wrestle once upon a time
One day a few years later she challenged me to a wrestling match ,I again started to giggle and laugh telling her to forget about it ,also telling her that some things never change and I had no desire to humiliate her.
Boldly she told me again to wrestle her if I wasn’t scared to lose to a female
Once again I declined telling her I had no intention of wrestling her she was mad and I didn’t want to hurt her .
She kept prodding me telling me wrestle her if I wasn’t too scared to be whipped by a female and that she was going to whip my ass
So finally I felt pressured to accept her invitation locking hands ,unlike before I was not able to grab the upper hand immediately trying to over power her with my raw strength
to my suprise she wasn’t giving any ground .
I could tell I had nearly drained my strength with hands locked in grip.
I would need help if i were going to win.
So I decided to resort to the cheap act of tripping her to knock her to the floor so I could again gain an upper hand,but unfortunately, it was I ,that was forced physically to the floor
before I Had a chance to engage in tripping .
She slipped losing her balance giving me a chance to regain the upper hand I chose to seize the opportunity as we were now both facing each other lying on our sides still trying to gain the upper hand
rolling across the floor I was trying with all my might ignoring any thoughts of chivalry I couldn’t believe this was happening to me she was holding her own.
Still straining I was out of breath ,she rolled over on top of me pinning my arms to the floor she had actually defeated me .
All as humiliated as I was I had to endure stairing up at the cleaveage from her 38 d
cups as she smiled down at me in such a sarcastic manner perhaps sensing a touch of fear in my eyes like a conqueror looking down at a defeated enemy
Then she moved my hands together using one of her much more powerful hands and arms to hold both of my arms down to add still yet further insult ,I was powerless to do anything in return as she sat on my mid section besides the fact that she kept me where I could hardly breath
Forcing my hands down so hard on the floor they were both in pain she agreed to ease some of the pressure if I wouldn’t try to get lose which I had to give my word.
then grabbing my lips she said I think you are little more then a girl or a girly boy at best
also telling me after holding me down for an extended period of time she would let me up only if i said she was physically superior to me
At this request I balked holding out for awhile but finally conceded and said it {i was mad very mad and humiliated but it was indeed true she was physically superior to me as had been proved} after getting her kicks tormenting both verbally and physically reaching back and grabbing my balls and sucking on my nipples
telling me I reacted just as girl would ,she called me a girly boy and laughed as she let me up.
When she let me up she said if I tried anything she would really kick my ass .So I didn’t the idea of getting beat up by my wife hardly appealed to me ,after all that had happened I have to admit I was pretty well intimidated
As time went on I found I was to be subject to more humiliation being challenged to arm wrestling as well as regular wrestling and I was always beat by her though sometimes I almost won at arm wresting with my left hand I still lost nevertheless, sometimes i was just taunted in to thinking i would win then she would laugh and force my arm down rather quickly.
one day she came in drunk and wanted to fight which i really wanted no part of i would like to say because i was a gentleman but in reality i didn’t want to explain to others who really beat me up ,we fought against my desire and as had became customery i lost ,i only was able to get one shot at her before i was knocked to the floor just as in wrestling ,only this time it was for real ,she pounded my face and stomch with her fist till i was nearly knocked out cold then she forced me to do what i had joked of making her do several years before lick her pussy , then she ordered me to take off all my clothes after she got up allowing me to get up.as she helped me to my feet
After doing so she then ordered me in to a room to dress up in some of her clothes , telling me I know you like dresses and other womens clothes and have tried some of mine on before .here is a black dress and some pink panties along with a bra i think will fit ,then she said she would put lipstick on me when i was done and said she had a big suprise.

coming back into the room only a few minutes later she seen i had not complied so she physically forced me over her lap and spanked my still bare ass till my ass was red and i cried it hurt so bad .only stopping when i agreed to be cooperative ,then she dried my tears applying lipstick to my lips helping me to get dressed with my new panties , dress, and bra she then walked me to a mirror and said you are my beautiful little bitch i really looked nice i must admit

she then shoved me over the bed holding my hands behind my back fastening hand cuffs on she pulled down my pink panties i was now wearing under my dress she put on her strap on dildo and pumped my ass oh i loved it i was like a girlie lass ,a friend of hers unknown to me and her husband stopped by briefly interupting as my wife took the dildo off and made herself presentable to answer the door ,she brought both visiters in to the room ,my wife then put her strapon dildo back on as did her girl friend
my wife and her girl friend both took turns on me plugging my ass then the friends husband came around to my front pulling his pants and underwear off exposing himself asking my wife if her little bitch sucked too .I could see my wife crack a smile and said of course she does ,as he pressed his dick against my lips i could tell his rock hard 9 inch cock was ready to be taken .
at first i resisted saying i wasn’t that type ,all three individuals laughed my wife said do it
there is nothing wrong with it little girl you will like it trust me.
so i complied barely able to take in his massive cock having little choice i had a woman fucking me in the ass and i was now sucking on a throbbing cock while my wife massaged my balls ,after sucking on that huge cock for what seemed a very short time the man shot a tremendous load in my mouth as he held the back of my head so i couldn’t move forcing me to swallow i couldn’t believe how sweet his cream tasted i sucked him till he was dry and went limp ,if I would have known males cum tasted that good I would have had it long before this day believe me, then he had me lick his balls till his cock was hard again and he shot a second load in my mouth not quite as large as the first but just as tasty ,it was an experience i will never forget especially for the first time still my wife and her friend fucked me in my ass for awhile till they got off their jollys .my wife then milked my 5 inch penis till i was ready to cum then stopped abruptly and unlocked my cuffs and ordered me to jack my self off which i did.
After her friend and her friends husband left my wife had me lay on my back as she picked up my legs over her each of her shoulders with her dildo on and fuck me up the ass once again this was an quite an experience always before I had been on the giving not the receiving end of a fucking but now I started appreciating things from my female side much more

now i have a whole collection of womens clothing i wear exclusively 24/7 to top off having all what few extra body hairs a woman would have no use for removed I have permanently removed and my wife who has assumed many titles in the wake of all this best friend, girl friend, disciplinarian , and dominant partner ,is going to help me get me a set of breast implants i’m so excited I love the female side of me.I only wish I could have had someone help expose this side of me years earlier.and too make things better she encourages me in all aspects,since she considers me another girl now she has never laid a hand on me in anger of course I listen better then i used to and am not as stubborn as I was as a male.

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  1. Anonymous

    i would have loved to been there

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  2. trannie

    same here

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